Somepeople ask me “why“ I choose to wear my hair in dreads . It’s a sign of acceptance , because I don’t believe in judging others if you can help it. I don’t believe I have a place in this world to judge you. I can only hope and pray for the same in return.. be accepting , be tolerant , be open and receptive to difference without judgement . One love , More love #onelove #morelove #dreadlockprincess #dreadlockspincess #dreads #acceptance #namaste

Good night beautiful people. #morelove

Day 11-13 mind cleanse.
I release any beliefs about not being lovable.
I can choose to openly express and receive love!
I have been getting extra doses of love over the past few days and wow there is no more powerful healing medicine than pure, unconditional love.
I want to give a big shout out to my cosmic journey partner, healer and treasure, @trevorcape
He continually amazes me with his capacity to hold space for my healing, vulnerability and development. He accepts and loves the totality of me, giving me permission to do the same.

He is a beacon of light, my sun, always playfully pulling me back from the dark side of the moon. He keeps us steady on path, a fierce defender of our mission to make our world a better place. To live with joy, light hearted and flying in the upper realms of the astral light. He reminds me how to keep the snakes of distraction at bay.

He has the sweetest and most generous heart. He wakes me with kisses and warm drinks, “rescues” my laundry, constantly plays music for me, writes songs about me, insists it’s his man duty to take out the garbage and rushes ahead of me into roadside bathrooms to clean them for me. He’s a true gentleman and conscious creator of a divine reality.
He has shown me the healing power of daily orgasms, massages, at least a thousand laughs and a hilarious dance of the day. He is never shy to express his love and devotion.
He is a wizard of the kitchen and really “gives a fuck” about what we eat, insisting on delicious vegan, organic food.

He’s been my most influential teacher of the unseen worlds, music, and good vibes. He is a peace keeper and master at the art of forgivenesses. He’s an incredible father, coach and community leader. I love watching him share his wisdom.
My captain, my king, my wild and wacky free spirit.
Thank you, I love you. *~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ Let’s all make a little more love! Tell me about your special person! Gush about them. Let them know you receive their love! Let’s inspire each other with new creative ways to serve each other!
Don’t have a love? Let’s manifest! Tell me what you’d like them to be like!

“We’re all working together; that’s the secret.” - Sam Walton

Sun, solitude, and a damn-solid good friend. @korakia #realign

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