Lashes that’s in stock right now 👑💕 order now ladies #moregoodlashdays 👁

💕💕 Hey ladies, I do have lashes in stock as well. It’ll be visible on the website very soon. They’re $10 each pair!! 💕💕 #moregoodlashdays ? ✨ you are right 👑😅 | Check out the Holiday Sale. It’s posted! |

#TGIF!! check out the website today. every Friday it'll be a discount posted because it's an " ADD TO CART " kinda day 😌 #moregoodhairdays #moregoodlashdays only a few lashes left! you better grab them while you can. you can get 5 pairs now for $20 using discount code " LBxlash " (make sure you include 5 pairs in cart) #EveryFridayIsAGoodFriday 👑 #bundles #mink #lashes #qualityhair

#BAE | friend so gorgeous😍🛍 #moregoodlashdays

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