On a dull evening at a not so dull place.
Photo - Anuj Budhkar

I had planned to move to Aalo after spending the day at Basar, attending the Mopin festival there. But the journey to Basar made me realize the going isn't going to be easy. It had taken me more than 5.5 hours to reached Basar from its nearest rail head at Silapathar, a distance of around 95 kilometers!

The roads were almost non existent and by the time I got down at Basar, I had had enough for the day. I haven't experienced roads this bad in o over more than a decades or two!
Done with the Mopin celebritions at Basar, when I enquired about commute to Aalo, I came to know there were none. My plan B was to go to Daporizo but sadly there wasn't any way to reach Daporizo from Basar either, save for one. A bus which crosses Basar at around midnight and that too, it doesn't show up everyday.
What was my next bet?
Walk up to a place called BAM, off Basar and on the 'highway'. The problem however was again the same, there was no commute to Bam and we did not exactly know how far it was. Some said 3 kilometers while others said 6.
Unsure about when we (me and a friend I had made on my way to Basar) decided to walk upto Bam.
The walk was beautiful through quaint little villages dotting both sides of the road. Cute faces from elevated tribal houses looked at us whole we walked towards Bam. Oh and did I tell you that the road we were walking on was fantastic roads (ah the irony!!). We had walked for an hour when we realized that there was no way we were reach Bam before it gets really dark. Thankfully, we asked for lift in one of the very few trucks on the road and were promptly welcomed. We reached Bam in another 15 minutes, finally!
But did I manage to reach Daporizo? What do you think?

Lama girl in gidu attire 😁😄 Aalna Yuma Malana... Which means dream sweet dreams in Galo 😊
T3 photography 📷
Dress and aaccessories by @payo_8 😉


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