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TBT I miss my lil baby ! #challenger #mopar4life

My Mack in training & I on our way to celebrate my boi Ant B-Day💯 #SameNiggaSameHood #DaddysBoy #Foe #Mopar4Life

Couldn't pass up the opportunity to take a pic with this sexy thing #mopar4life #moparornocar #dodge #ram #challenger

😏 that low life 💯🔥 @plum_swayze


Texas bound!!! Excited to check out #wearemoparshow next week!!! #moparian #mopar4life #challenger #mopar #lifeontheroad

🎶In school I was so shy, timid/
Two pairs of jean's I'd alternate, bummy clothes, I 'member/
Begging my mom for Kmart MacGregors cause they were new
St. Vincent de Paul, those Pony's were used, and no size fitted/
But I kissed them old days, adios, I did it/
They said I was a gimmick, now I'm the one that those guys mimic/
Now you fuckers don't wanna go starting no argument/
Cause you know I'll win it, name a flow that's more authentic/ and don't front🎶
As I was cleaning out the garage today, I just happened to look up and see the sun setting over my neighbor's house in addition to seeing my "toys" in the drive way and got to thinking how blessed I am. Everything that I have, I've earned. Nothing was handed to me. I inherited nothing. Paid my own way through college. I pay all of my own bills and some of my parents. Blessed to travel the world, when time allows. I love the job I have to the point that I don't mind working some weekends without asking. SOME weekends 😂 I say all this to say this...follow your dreams and passions. Don't chase money or something/someone just bc it's easy or you're scared to fail. Chase what YOU want. No matter how hard and tough the road is. If it's worth it, then it won't be easy but you'll thank yourself later. Also, expect naysayers. Unfortunately, we live in an era where others want to see you fail and not succeed. Don't let that distract you. Like the great American philosopher Rico Richie said, "If you ain't got no haters, you ain't poppin'". Chase what YOU love and you'll never "work" a day in your life. Keep grinding
And that is your inspirational moment for the week brought to you by your Uncle Boogey🙏🏽🙌
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