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Let the cut begin....😐 I get paid to cut weight - I fight for fun 😊
On point and ready to go.
#moorefitness #moorenutrition

Our Men's Fitness Physique Clinic is off to the PERFECT start.
We are lucky to be working with these guys - they're all on point with their effort and enthusiasm and as a coach - you can't ask for much more.
Always a pleasure to work alongside Coach Jo while coaches Danny and Karen took a PT client and a Group Personal Training session upstairs.
More of the same excellence tomorrow! 😊
I love this game! ☺️ #moorefitness #moorenutrition #hardwork #dedication

I talk about the need of making healthy food enjoyable - for the simple reason of getting great results AND keeping them!
Many people restrict too many foods, convincing themselves they enjoy their diet.
I make a conscious effort, no matter how busy I am, to enjoy each and every meal.
However, I have been juicing for the past two weeks to try get in nutrients that I don't take in regularly. Here I have organic spinach, Carrott, ginger, beetroot, lemon, lime and asparagus.
Was it nice???.. Fuck NO!!!!
BUT I have 3 meals I genuinely look forward to eating today that are always tasty, always varied and get me results.
#moorefitness #moorenutrition #healthy #sustainable

Cross Training tonight at 630pm and 830pm ☺️
We've also got a FFL Clinic and KickBox Fit (upstairs), both at 730pm.
Is going to be above cracker or a night in the gym.
One thing for sure is we won't be running this evening β˜”
#moorefitness #moorenutrition #hardwork #dedication

Aristotle knew his shit πŸ€”

Work hard. Stay dedicated. Keep consistent.
With this, success is inevitable. #moorefitness #moorenutrition #hardwork #dedication #consistencyisthekey

I had the absolute pleasure of working with this particular client the last few months. One of the most impressive transformations making her the leanest female client we've had. She's one of the most enthusiast and hard working - but more importantly imo, one of the most inspiring to other members in the gym, including myself.
In her time we've not just been able to help her surpass her goals, but found a way to make her results sustainable. Each session with each client we try and pass on our knowledge of nutrition so they can make smart choices. Because of this, eventhough she finishes up today, her results will be continuous... Like we always say, it's easy to get a client from A to B. But C, D, E etc is just as important.
Think sustainable.
PS. thank you very much for these awesome goodies 😊 hope the rest of my clients can see this post πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ #moorefitness #MooreNutrition #wexford #ireland #transformation #RESULTS #fitspo #fitsporate #dedication #consistencyisthekey #sustainable #thinksustainability #awesomeclients


Last Kettlebell competition with the 24kg Kettlebells and Shane Roche's graduation with @pad.boyce. Even though I'm sitting here hooked up to a drip in Wexford General Hospital I can still recognise the hard work and dedication that I put in to get to the weight I was in the picture with Patrick versus the weight I was.

On the mend finally officially in Wexford General Hospital can't wait to take some much needed time off a get better from this bad spell in my life, onwards and upwards from here

I guess me using this @therock quote speaks volumes for anyone that knows me. I was always one to do my own thing in life. Whether it was loving art instead of the GAA or taking part in @crossfit I always liked to be a little different. Don't be a sheep in life, lead your own life.

OH Squats at 70kg.
I couldn't sit still being injured so focused a lot on structural imbalances and mobility.
Looking forward to seeing these numbers grow.
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When @samanthafurlong123 gives your cod the seal of approval, you got to put it on @instagram

Stress in life is inevitable -
everyone experiences it...
One things I ask my clients is "how do you deal with it?"... Answers have varied over the years to meditation, alcohol, eating, working out, walking etc but the most common answer is doing nothing.
Ignoring it never works... Here are my favorite ways that I find very effective:
1. Breathing exercises (I use the Prana app in Play Store)
2. Listening to music. Either classical or Spotify's 'Feeling Good' playlist (Soul Music)
3. Exercise - in particular boxing πŸ₯Š
4. My favourite: Switching phone to Airplane mode and going somewhere scenic with good company 😊
Missie and I did #4 this morning at 0730am. Couldn't think of a better way to start the day 😊

Find a HEALTHY way that works for you. There are many and like most things is often the simplest methods are most effective.
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