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💫O universo revela os seus segredos a quem ousa seguir o seu coração. ❤️
🌚Hoje é a primeira Lua nova do ano, tempo de ouvir o coração e semear intenções para o novo ano.
💫The universe reveals its secrets to those who dare to follow their hearts.💓
🌚Today is the first New moon of the year, time to listen to your heart and plant seeds of intentions for the New year.
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Mmm... yesterday's New Moon in Capricorn gave me all the right feels! For those of you who don't geek out about the moon - this particular phase created the perfect opportunity to honour and refine your intentions in order to move toward a new path. At the beginning of January some of you may of come to terms with what was no longer serving you (for me this was my career) and what you needed to let go of in order to move forward (for me this was fear. You know that crippling kind which prevents you from expressing and accepting your weird and wacky self). So yesterday (as I thought it was fitting) I left that job that no longer serves me to take on a new venture where I plan to express myself unapologetically.

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😂 Ahahaha!! Who can relate?

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Happy new moon day 🌚 🌙 🌝

Feeling this new moon in Capricorn 🌙✨💛 #intentionsetting

Thanks Little Free Library for this fun treasure. This is the perfect book to read during this month’s cleansing moon cycle.
Read all about this month's moon cycle--it's gentle cleansing energy & how it supports your spiritual growth. Link in bio. .
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Today I’m joining @imperfectbosses and participating in the #thetruthrebellion campaign. Because so often the things we believe to be true about ourselves are other people's programming that's been instilled in us since childhood.⠀

For me, something that I've always struggled with is the feeling that I'm doing things too fast. That I jump into something full speed ahead and gun it. That speed equals recklessness. That I should slow down so that others don't feel left behind.⠀

But recently, I had a lovely reading with @wildsoulhealing and she said something so beautiful. She said that when she dropped in with my guides she saw me running through the woods - going full speed - and that my guides were there supporting me along the way. Almost like a support team for a marathon runner - standing on the sidelines to offer words of encouragement and water.
In that moment it wasn't that I'm going too fast, or even not fast enough, I'm going at just the right speed.

I am enjoying the last few hours of connection with this New Moon energy and focusing with brutal integrity and authenticity on deep compassion for myself and others. This New Moon is calling us to take actions that align with our passions and also our goals, and sometimes surrendering and letting go is the most difficult action to take. The Creator is calling us to our individual mission, and this message showed up multiple times during the New Moon Ceremony at @jivamuktinyc
I am also rejoicing over all the gifts I have recently received, including the honor of doing a profound womb healing on a client who had been carrying deep womb trauma from her maternal grandma, revealing an unknown part of her family's history. Our connection with our feminine lineage goes beyond our biology and the scientific fact that women are born with all their eggs at birth. This means that while our grandmothers were pregnant with our mothers, we were inside of both of them. The energetic imprint of unhealed wounds can pass to us from our ancestors, and this energetic transmission through the family genetic stream is referred to in the shamanic world as the “Red Thread”.
I also healed of a very painful childhood trauma associated with fear and lack of physical protection. The stress experienced at such a young age blocked part of my compassion and trust in my ability to not be harmed. But as I usually say, those are our layers, like on a onion, and each one of them gives us the gift of expanding our hearts so much more.
Many blessings,
📷 @jennkutzy

New Moon Capricorn, I pulled: Two of Worlds ("2 of pentacles"). This card has the power to unite the mind and body, bringing balance to our physical and spiritual existence. This is not a time for sudden moves. Reflection serves you now, so you can effectively make your ascent towards your earthly and spiritual goals.
New moon is at 27 degrees Capricorn (EST), "A mountain pilgrimage.” In the original notes from the Marc Jones class on the symbols, Rudhyar says this is a degree of “necessary linkage of above and below in the seeker’s personal experience,” and “balanced dualism of subjective-objective life.”
Spiritual astrologist Robert Wilkinson continues from above quotation, "the theme of this New Moon shows the Light for the next 4 weeks is illuminating our path to Spiritual realization that are in harmony with the values and ideals of the greater whole. Hold to your “indomitable integrity” and the spiritual course you have chosen that exemplifies an ideal you hold dear. You share this path with many; who are your Brothers and Sisters? Link “the above and the below” in your life, and you will begin to see your life take shape in the spiritual ideal you hold as your own in your heart."
Mother of Pearl symbolizes personal integrity, innocence, charity, and faith. It will help you focus your attention on the things that truly matter. ❤️❤️❤️Blessings❤️❤️❤️
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Most of the time I'm doing readings I won't remember what I said to you a few days later, I might even forget that same night. Be sure to record or take notes when you seek guidance of this sort. A lot of the info rises from the subconscious so it won't make sense right off the bat. Sometimes it's good to go back and reflect on it, then maybe you'll have an ah'haa moment of your own. 📷 by @larakphotos
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Shared a Goddessian Bellydance combo with you all for the New Moon in Capricorn to help us each cultivate and ground the energies forecasted for this cycle. Head to the blog to hear this month’s lunar forecast via the Tarot, and come learn the movement combination I teach you to use throughout the cycle! Keep in mind each of the movements and mudras in this combination can be done together or separately depending on what you intuitively feel connected to. Follow your body’s guidance and allow it to energetically cultivate what it calls to most right now!
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New Moon in Capricorn. 🌚♑️ Finally.. the new boost of energy 2018 has been waiting for! Magical #newmoon blessings to all! ✨🙏🏽
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What you seek is also seeking you, yes. So let go of all the rules, all the conditions, all the expectations that others tell you about. You can have what you want, so long as you don't have tunnel vision and your fixed on a certain outcome. Let it flow, be organic in nature, and it'll come to you faster. It might not be that exact person, it may not be that exact job. But it's not about the achievement, the thing, the possession, it's about the feeling. Focus on the feeling and you'll have what you want. 📷 by @larakphotos
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plant a seed for the universe to tend.🌙✨✨✨

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