A day and a week until the Full Moon Lunar eclipse.
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am pleased to announce another course in basic witchcraft. Covering an overview this course gives you insight an direction to explore witchcraft. I will cover books and basic items, scrying and divination, making items and natural works, protection and empowerment, how to balance your works, phases of the moon, sun and moon magic, alter, magic circles, tarot, runes and more. Please contact me as I have a few spaces left. This course is in Surrey and over two days. Blessings #witchcraft #course#learning #enlightenment#witchesofinstagram#pagansofinstagram #tarotreader

We made magic here last night. “Mom, make a GIANT bubble!” “Wow, that is humongous!”
“Mom, it’s a star! And there’s the moon!” I let go of my cares, and I was just WITH her.
If you grab these moments, you become a child again.
Innocent. Sweet. Able to experience the world all over again.
And this time it is even more exquisite.
Because this time you know the depths of pain this life will bring.
The sweetness is even more savored and cherished because you’ve had the sour.
The beauty is more earth shattering because you’ve seen the ugly.
But these tiny moments start to heal those wounds. To let them go. To forgive.
Motherhood is our chance to become whole again.
As we watch our children grow, we feel the hurts that came to us at that age. Our memories long repressed come to the surface.
So as we help them navigate their stage of life, they are in turn helping us navigate our own psyche.
Together we raise each other.
This is what it means to rise in motherhood.


Catch us underneath the Libra Moon this Saturday, July 21st at the @makemanifestbk Summer Night Market from 7pm-12am 🌔 376 & 382 Tompkins Avenue, Brooklyn. I’ll be among other beautiful black makers & businesses, including my sister @seleniabeauty 💃🏽💃🏽 Come on over after #curlfest, have some homemade herbal iced tea & take home some plant medicine for you and your loved ones 🌕🍃✨💛

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Tonight’s moon with the 600 plus the 2x converter, no tripod so lots of shots I’m not happy with, this was the best, so far😉
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First Quarter July Journal Prompt How have I taken action? Was it in line with my intentions? Why or why not? How can I work to strengthen alignment? Set a timer for 3-7 minutes, and see what flows. Don’t forget to date your pages.
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Did you know that our Full Moon spray doubles as both an aromatherapy body spray as well as a sweet-dream-inducing pillow spray? Our relaxing blend of organic essential oils include lavender, ylang ylang and palo santo, making this the perfect spray to help you wind down after a long day!
Stock up on your full moon spray this week so you’ll be sure to have it by the next full moon which will be on Friday, July 27th!

Some neutrals moons have been listed today!🌙 #moonmagic #moonearrings #wearableart

Quarter Moon in Libra, Cardinal Air
You know that feeling when someone asks you "What's wrong?" and how obnoxious it is, like you want to lash out or hide?
Why? Because something is wrong, but to speak it would be to unleash the emotional energy that is bubbling inside of you. Instead of outpouring the truth, it becomes internalized and all what gets uttered is "Nothing (aka everything)".
But what if you let yourself give way to emotional energy that seeks to escape you? What if you talked how you were feeling out, whether it was to yourself or to another?
What if we allowed ourselves the space and setting to pour out our troubles. There are times for reflecting and there are times for expelling. This is the lesson of the Moon in Libra square the Sun in Cancer. Sometimes it's okay to speak your emotional truth and to allow that vulnerability to come into your light for emotional cleansing of the Spirit and Soul.
Today echoes the New Moon in Libra that was on October 19 of last year. What was going on for you that day, and the day before and after? The energetic intention was seeded then, so how has your journey through emotional communicative expression been since then? What lessons can you glean from this quarter moon and how can you grow over the next couple of months, supporting your emotional articulation?
Also, how does it feel for you to be emotionally expressive? If you know your moon's mode, it's a great place to start! My own moon is in Scorpio, so it's fixed. Being emotionally expressive and open has certainly been a big learning for me! The ‘nothing’ response was certainly one I've had to unlearn ;) Would love to hear from you! xx

We are in search of the following:
-Unique Canadian Vendors + Makers
-Blog Post Contributors
-Bewitching Promoters
If one of these applies to you, and you'd like to be a part of the Hag Swag family coven, please DM us or email hagswagbox@gmail.com with what you are offering.

#WitchyJuly Day 19 - I thought instead of a picture of the phases, I'd post the meanings. My favorite phase is the #fullmoon #moon #moonphases #lunarbeauty #lunar #moonmagic #lunarmagic

To those who got in on the “get a job” service, the work is done. Now it’s time to do your part! Godspeed! #grannywitch #occult

After months and months of working on a project that was once just an idea, it is a mere 5 days away form hitting the Amazon “shelves”.
There were times when I felt like just giving up on it because of all the new things I had to learn in order to create this journal. But, I proved to myself that if I want something bad enough I CAN and I WILL make it happen. .
My heart, my love, and the intention of helping you create your own transformation through the power of writing went into this. I am beyond proud of myself because as I said to my coach this morning I usually start things and never finish. But I did it, and I cannot wait for a piece of my heart to be in your hands! .
A quick thanks to my amazing coach Maddie @thriving.lifestyle for helping to become Danielle the doer 😘 and my 7 year old niece Camryn @camcatcreative for the beautiful artwork that is the word love. .
If you want a copy of the With Love From Me Journal you can comment below with Your favourite emoji or send me a message so I can send you the link as soon as it’s ready!!

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