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i’m wearing moonlight! which of ariana’s fragrances is your favorite? ♡🏹💭🦋 #arianagrande #moonlightbyarianagrande #aribyarianagrande #sweetlikecandybyarianagrande #frankiebyarianagrande #thelightiscoming #notearslefttocry

Moonlight by Ariana grande 💁🏼‍♀️💁🏼‍♀️ swipe to see the actual bottle haha, this was inspired by a friend of mine who loves Ariana grande and wanted me to draw this for her 💕
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It’s been one year since the attack in Manchester 🐝 my love for everyone out there! Rest In Peace twenty-two beautiful Angels....we love and miss you soooo indescribably much!!! We will NEVER forget you! You will be forever in our hearts! I know how hard it is for the families and friends of the victims... I wish you soo Infiniti strength and love!! Please stay strong and keep loving!! Love is louder and harder than hate!! Love always wins in the end!! Don’t forget this. You are never alone! Thank you for everything! I‘m so freaking proud of every singel one of you! And thank you SO much to @arianagrande who showed nothing but bravery and love and selflessness preceding this terror, and I’m so proud of you! YOU are such a light and the biggest inspiration 💡 thank you for showing the world that love can drive out darkness, and hate can never! Thank you for returning to Manchester and putting together an entire show within two weeks and for visiting victims who were injured at the hospital and for personally meeting with all the families of the loved angels we lost. I’m sending everyone love today no matter where in the world we may be. I’m thinking everyday and every night and every hour and every minute and every second of our beautiful 22 Angels... I’m thinking ALWAYS of them! And in this moment I have tears in my eyes! Every time when I talk or think of them I stared to cry... I miss and love our 22 Angels soooo indescribably much! Words can’t describe ! ~ thank you in love Amina ♡♡♡ (btw this video broke my whole heart & I stared to crying SO HARD when I saw this the first time)

Such a lil cutie💛💛
What are your predictions on sweetener⭐️
/// there will be more personal songs on the album/// << hoping😁

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I can’t be your only one...🥀

The Light is coming to give back everything the darkness stole ☁️💡🐝 - @arianagrande I feel this is so necessary right now, I’ve grown so strong ever since Manchester of last year, knowing everything is going to be alright and keeping my head held, things get better if you stick with love 😌 @arianagrande (ily so much) PLEASE REPOST AND TAG HER 💡🌧 #TheLightIsComing My hero ♡

Moonlight by Ariana Grande.
This is not my best edit. You don’t actually see that it’s moonlight, it still looks like Slc. But here you are. Please give credit if you take it 💓

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