#moonbathe 🌙

The moon 🌙

Indeed - Allaisia Hanan

Cuddled up in my hammock under a fleecy blanket by candlelight late into the night. Attempting to #moonbathe but low cloud coverage. Sat listening to the faint sounds of old show tunes being played by a distant neighbour. It feels as though I am observing my life from afar, as if I am the protagonist in a film, and my present reality isn't quite real... that this is all an illusion, and we are nothing but a dream ⭐️

🌕 in Sag tonight. This moon is a reminder in being relentless in the aim of our 🎯. It's time to illuminate our visions and dreams, lay the foundations and follow our own wisdom. ✨The Colosseum illuminated by the moonlight is a great and humble reminder in buildings our dreams and honoring the journey (including the ruins) as great lessons ✨ 🌕Honor your body and great wisdom within. Enjoy your moon-bathing tonight ✨


With this weeks full moon we amplify our visions and intentions.
Have gratitude for our manifested desires that have come to us or in time, are coming. .
Spend a little time in the full moons glow along with your crystals to cleanse and recharge ✨
If your not to sure how to moon cleanse your collection of crystals follow our simple step by step process we use every full moon !
Wash - rinse your crystals ideally in the ocean or a running stream. (Under a tap will also work well) .
Set - set your washed crystals outside in the moons light on a natural surface if possible. .
Retrieve - bring your crystals inside in the morning . (Don’t leave your crystals out in the sun for to long, lots of crystals are direct light sensitive and can loose color when exposed) .
Charge - charge your crystals with your intentions. .
Always manifest goodness 🌑 📸Pinterest
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🌕 Full Moon Blessings 🌕

Tonight is a great opportunity to sit and write down everything that doesn't serve your highest good anymore, this could be stresses, worries, past situations or people, burdens, hurts, limitations and so on. Next image has my suggestions of essential oils to diffuse or apply topically during this process.
Do not analyse what you write, it doesn't have to make sense and it could be a paragraph or pages, just put your pen to the paper and allow yourself to release.
Once you have finished, and yes it can be completely normal to shed some tears through this process, you are clearing things remember!! I always burn the paper, fire is great for transmuting the energy, and you can burn safely with candle, an open fire place, or placing the lit paper in a fire resistant pot or bucket or a fire pit.
As it burns, I vocalise or focus on in my mind that I am grateful for all of the events and all of the lessons I learnt and am ready to release the old and welcome the new.
I allow the energy of the full moon to release and clear aswell as recharge and balance my mind, body and soul.
✨Tonight is also a great time to place all of crystals out to recharge too✨
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It’s a late night and a great time to #cruise on the porch after a long and productive #busyday. All the affairs are in order. The breeze feels amazing. The #cigar is #lit and the smoke is in the air! Time to #moonbathe and #stargaze. Another day down and one more day to go before the weekend. #findyourbeach #entrepreneurship #entreprenuerlifestyle #norestfortheweary #thankyouGOD #entrepreneur

After an incredible day opening up to our senses with a sound bath and yoga, we’re enjoying a new moon ceremony with a fire under the hawthorn blossom! .
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💫Early morning skydive #sweat & #shootingstars x's ✌🏼#veins #beammeup #sunriserun #moonlight #moonbathe with @swimex37 💘💫

I’ve had this entire stamped image in my head for a while now.
I’m keeping this one since there are a few mistakes but I still love it for my first attempt at stamping in this style.
I got a few naturey stamps and can now do all sorts of cool new things for you guys. I’m still practicing since these are much larger than the stamps I’ve been using. There is a whole learning curve with these but you can expect some really fun new pieces soon!!!!!!

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