No bajan ni la tapa del Water, y me van a bajar la luna, así que vine y me la baje sola! 😂 #sensacionunica #moon

Even though it's not much to look at sometimes you have to make art out of something people deem "uninteresting". #art #thoughts #moon

Summer nights!!! 😎👌🏼 #friends #bourbon #hammock #moon #relax #unwind #nightlife

I see the moon
Oh, when you're looking at the sun

Después de un día patriota como debe ser: Laburando! Con amor! Poniendo lo mejor que podemos hacer para salir adelante... Sale pollito a la mostaza. Mientras una birra bien fría de los amigos de @pianipizza Música de fondo @heartagramteam
Sahumerio de la Tienda Esoterica y Luna en Libra...ella sólo quiere placeres y armonía.
Ah por ello!
Buen finde! !
#him #moon #libra #beer #piani #cook #happyworkingday

Rainbow and early evening moon from my backyard. First time I’ve seen this combo. #rainbow #moon #sky #clouds

“The moon you've felt, it has no side
That's dark like hell, or safe from light
Just blown apart, by wind from stars
With white dust tides to pull on ours”
#moon #themoonatomic #angelsandairwaves 🌖

#Repost from @refugees with @regram.app ... “I have a poor memory so I don’t really remember much of our journey to Switzerland but I do remember my first day in school here. Everyone spoke French and the only thing I knew how to say was: ‘Bonjour’. I was really lucky because there was another Kurdish girl in my class so I had someone I could speak with. Now I speak French and I have made a lot of other friends but she remains my best friend. Last Friday we had to elect a class president. I am not sure what a class president does but a lot of kids voted for me. That makes me really proud. I wonder what I will have to do when I am president but I hope the other kids will listen to me. When I am not in school I play with my sisters. We play this game where all three of us are secret agents. Then we wake up our grandmother and we hide behind the curtains. She is really smart because she always finds us. When I am alone in my room my favourite thing to do is dancing. I also love dancing with my sisters and friends. When we are grumpy or sad we dance. It lifts our spirits.”
Roussel is a refugee from Syria who is now living in Switzerland. Since arriving, she has learned French and was elected class president. Outside of school, she loves dancing with her sisters and friends. .
This photo is part of ‘The Dream Diaries’ series, a project illustrating the hopes and dreams of children from around the world who have found refuge in Europe. The Dream Diaries was developed in collaboration with @fetching_tigerss and @humansofamsterdam. Click the link on our bio to learn more. .
📸: Humans of Amsterdam and Fetching_Tigerss with some edits using a photo by Image Source Trading Ltd/Shutterstock.com 📝 Story by @humansofamsterdam #WithRefugees #Photography #Children #Child #Dreams #Europe #Future #Hope #Collaboration #InstaPhoto #DreamDiaries #Moon #Dreams #Dance

Trop sérieuse ! 😄

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