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The #PortraitPage is proud to present this masterpiece!
🏆Photographer: @andrei.via
🏆Make-up: @malena.26
Selected by: @petiamphotos
@ericmarkdo | @tiro_inspired | @petiamphotos
@abel.psd | @stel72 | @lydiagirdan
@tony.bennett | @disyouth | @darkbokeh
Partner: @way2ill_

Frank and Oak's new monthly style plan is out sign up for 30$ off the first month with the link on my profile. #frankandoaknetwork

When you teach one of your models how to shoot... thanks @sharinsoomro 🌴

🎶 Hendy restu - neng

I don't know who's car I'm leaning on 😇
@realflkblues 📸


I just want to give you the creeps mothafucker

was slighty clumsy as a child so now i got a scar that looks like a dimple 🙄 ps i really thought we're done with these jumper weathers !!

Scent is the most powerful memory trigger. Whenever I smell Marlboro Reds it would always remind me of my dad. 😹 @cuhlista 💓

Coba2 preset baru, akhirnya nemu jg yg pas. feed ig jadi acak2an gara2 ganti2 preset.
Selamat Berlibur bagi yg menunaikan 😊👌
jgn lupa bahagia senin masih libur.

"Yasss, slay. Slaaaaaay me Jaclyn!" - Collin 😂 I miss you 😘

I will be quoting what photographers say while shooting - it's actually pretty funny hehe.

In frame : @zhazfr.


"Good photographer knows to scout for new locations to stay creative.
Alexandra Trujillo
@alexandratrujilloartistry .
Pioneer Book
@pioneerbook .

Everything is easy when you put the name of Allah before 😊
Dipotoin mas @mahendra1111 hehe Alhamdulillah
#ArtOfVisuals #livefolk #visualambassadors #jogja

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