Just was working out and thought all the new bandwagon @joebudden fans that missed the whole time he was dropping CLASSICS!! Do ya research!! #moodmuzik

"If I had a choice, I rather my higher power decide to take me first (why?)
I think the other way around would only make me worse
Rarely was I ever trusted without the suspicions
And very few could ever love me without some conditions (hey!)
Those the ones I care to treasure, ones I wouldn't dare sever
A bunch of my peers efforts been fair weather (if the)
If the deaf got great vision and a blind man could hear better
Figured since I lost all my senses that I would fair better
I'm not the social type, nothin about him socialite
Designed the prototype, how to unlove overnight
Flip side, I die for my niggas, put it the simplest
You give me your all and I'm a send it back with interest
This for my niggas that'll help me before I suggest it
I'm just tryin to send the flowers before you congested
The man in fact that I've become y'all had a hand in that
And I'll give y'all the world but I'm sure that y'all would hand it back" 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾 #inseperable #moodmuzik4 #joebudden #joebuddenislowkeythegoat #hiphop #moodmuzik #introspectivehiphop @joebudden 🙏🏾👌🏾🙇🏾‍♂️ #onloop🎧 #youinthatmoodyet

The year was #2004
🎧 #nowplaying #JoeBudden #MoodMuzik: #TheWorstOfJoeBudden

Foodsic Stats: 3.48 / 22% 🔥
🔥 (5-Star) Tracks: Through The Wire, Last Real Nigga Alive, Rest In Peace, Walk With Me, Calm Down

Notable producers/features: #Fabulous
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o 4.75 = Near Masterpiece

o 4.50 = Instant Classic

o 4.40 = Near Classic

o 4.25 = Outstanding - This album is 🔥 and will be in rotation for years to come

o 4.00 = Solid - Damn good album w/ replay value

o 3.75 = Pretty Good - Most of the tracks I can get into (3's, 4's & a few 5-star 🔥 tracks)

o 3.50 to 3.00 = Good to "Ehhh... Whatever" - The album might have a few 5-star 🔥 tracks and those are most likely the only thing happening here

o 2.99 to 2.25 = Mostly Garbage – If I’m lucky, I’ll find at least one 5-star 🔥 track

o Below 2.00 = Pure Shit. Listening to this was torture.
* Album scores can fluctuate over time as an Album's replay value is tested.
About me: I'm hip-hop. Fall '17 I set out to play every album I possibly could hear throughout hip-hop's history & along the way, update my current album ratings & issue initial ratings for the albums I had either yet to hear or rank. Once I finish covering every year (on 2004 currently), I will be posting all my data, rankings (i.e., Top 100 hip-hop albums each year, Best years in hip-hop, Top 1,000 albums of all-time, Top 100 producers, etc.), scores, charts, etc. to foodsic.com, which should go live by 2020.

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3 years ago today...

3 years ago! Crazy how time flies, very thankful for this one here tho, this album is a masterpiece for me personally, got me through some tough moments in my life, i fucking love it! Thank you, @joebudden for your music, you changed my life. #joebudden #alllovelost #moodmuzik #hiphopjunkie #hiphop #classic #reprezent

@joebudden that ALL OF ME the shit!!!! What y’all know about that #moodmuzik

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