Weekend full of homemade churros! 😄😬

When our family comes to visit Montreal they always want to come to @labanquise_resto ! We have all had Poutine all over North America; and this place is definitely the best. This one is the Chix - breaded chicken (let's be real chicken nuggets) over Poutine.

Sugar cookies of my favourite bug of all bugs...Coccinellidae 🐞 aka ladybug! 😂😂.

Just saying. #chefseattoo brought back across the pond by my beautiful, smart wife @cynthiajoyce #favpastry #montrealtreat

Red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting and hand made red apple topper made with marzipan, for a very special engagement party. 😍😃☺️

Beaver tail with nutella #montrealtreat

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