Morning setup in his little kitchen:
- fresh flowers to arrange in vases
- morning snack to have whenever he desires: oranges and home biscuits with strawberry
- details like his little picture painted in oil by his daddy 💕

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I’m so in love with the boys’ diy kitchen station! I think Weston is too based on his cool song and dance moves. (Ignore Theo’s whining 😉) Thanks @nickav25 for the inspiration! 😊 #diy #montessori #montessorikitchen #happydance

📕🖊Not being able to do so many of the things you clearly see that the tall people are doing makes you angry. The tall people try to distract you by giving you a container with objects in it but what you really want to do is standing up, climbing their legs, feeling the water running from the tap, looking at them working, crawling on the kitchen top and opening cupboards. Today, however, you don’t feel like shouting to them so much. Because today they present to you your own cupboard with some colorful and steel objects in it. You inspect the arrangement carefully. You look as if you like how everything is lined up. You pick up each object and look at it thoroughly. It occupies you for some 5 minutes. Then you proceed to press buttons of the dishwasher...

I peeked around the corner to find Luca sweeping up his lunch mess. My heart was full to see him take charge of his own mess.
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She LOVES to help around the house! We need to get her a dust pan and trash can that is her size, but this works for now. Sometimes she gets everything in the trash can the first time, other times she drops all of it. We just sweep it back up and try again! I love my little self-sufficient girl. .
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It’s finished!

For less than the cost of a “play kitchen” we put together the real deal!

This little area is going to get SO much use!

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Hasta pronto rincón de la cocina!!! Acá Pedro nos ayudo muchísimo y cocinamos juntos muchas cositas ricas!!
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Baking with kids is a dream when you have child sized utensils, aprons and a #learningtower!

One of the many things I love about Montessori is their emphasis on practical life skills. Sofie has been working on helping me sweep, and today we started focusing on washing our hands independently and washing our dishes after meal time! Today we made a little kitchen area just for Sofie, with a hand washing station, her snacks, and her bowls and cups. It is all at her level, so she can begin prepping for meal times and cleaning up afterwards all on her own.
Sofie loved washing and drying her hands ( she always dries her hands independently) but was not too interested yet in washing her plate. No worries, we will keep practicing and learning at her pace!

What practical life skills are your kids mastering? I would love to hear from you!
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Practical life #learning.

I have had a small cupboard in our kitchen set up for PG since she was 10 months.

Traditionally this cupboard is used for baking sheets and cutting boards so it's quite small but works perfectly. In it, it holds PGs plates, cups, mixing bowls, whisks, and dry food stuffs.

Today PG grabbed one of her glass serving bowls and her container of cereal and headed over to her table. She poured her cereal into her bowl, grabbed her drink and she sat down.
#Swoon. 😍

It's so wonderful to watch her #grow and #learn each day.

I love involving my small person in the kitchen. Rather than having to distract her whilst I cook, I left her participate...afterall, she needs to learn sometime! We have a learning tower, so she helps me with age appropriate tasks - today we made pizza and she helped with the toppings and cheese (thought I think she ate more than she put on!) #homecooking #kidsinthekitchen #montessoritoddler #montessorikitchen

Laurent loves the book Les légumes. I’ve been slowly introducing vegetables through either hands-on exploration, food prep or taste.
Today, we tried a matching activity. He definitely prefers food prep activities (and immediately went to his shelf to grab his utensils) so we ended up peeling the onion and washing the potato. Practical life always wins around here!

#montessori #montessoriathome #montessorikitchen

We treated Douglas to a hob he can use at his level. He asked to make eggs. And he made eggs all by himself from start to finish with just a little help from me to crack the second egg because he was busy stirring! Served them up for Albert and himself. Will be able to leave them to fully fend for themselves soon 😆 #independent #kidscooking #kidskitchen #montessoriathome #masterchefjunior #montessori #montessorikitchen #kidswhocook

Our Montessori inspired kitchen work space in our small loft. Bottom two shelves are Laurent’s.
The shopping trolley (folded down is the perfect height for Laurent) and carpet sweeper get heavy use daily.
We’ll be adding a water dispenser very soon but for now he always has a pitcher of water available on his weaning table. 😀

#montessori #montessoriathome #montessorikitchen

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