Sundays are often spent working or sleeping off an event the night before—but on this Sunday, we exhale. Sipping coffee and about to venture out for a walk on Shelter Island. In the pause, the order in nature inspires me today: ranunculus and succulents come with an incredible symmetry, which evokes a feeling of calm, clean beauty. The repetition of shapes and clusters made this architectural backdrop even more serene and chic. | Design: @chandelierevent with @latelierrouge & @jerseystreetproductions | Photo: @clybymatthew | Venue: @oneatlanticeventsac | Event: @theknotpro workshop | #flowerwall #chandelierevent

Summer time 🏖 #newyorksurf 📷 @jtsuhar #newyorkboardriders

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There is always something you can do on vacation, even if it is just some plank series’.

Take a peek at my workout I did in the Florence train station. Simple, yet effective. I was feeling stiff and worn down and a little movement and strength work for my body did wonders.

I kicked it off with a little hip and shoulder opener. The dual rotation Spider-Man is always a staple in my programs. •

I followed that up with some “ab wheel rollouts” with my @away suitcase. Anterior Core work always helps me re-gain control of my thoraco-pelvic canister (ya core!) and make my back feel amazing!

Finished it off with a little goblet style reverse lunge with rotation. Demands on the rotational core while involving a single leg squat pattern proves to be incredibly effective and helps your body hold onto those movement/activation gains you practice in the first 2 exercises!

🌅 Sunset in Montauk tonight. 🌅 #Hamptons #Montauk #MagicHour

Spontaneous trip to catch @karlklingbiel show at @illearts in #Amagansett and hit the stormy beach at #Montauk

Getting lost in the beauty of nature. ❤ #solésummer #bamboo #montauk #beachlife #gratitude #alhamdulillah

#Repost @margasweetness
If you are what you eat, this is my #selfie.

Striped bass caught at the beach...unfortunately we had to throw this little guy back to the sea. @anthony_migliorno #fishing #hitherhills #camping #montauk

Let’s get gorgeous for next weekend?! 😉🛥
👙 One-piece Corey Beach $44.99 👙☀️⚓️ Last One- size Medium
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Shoutout 2 Ben Franklin 4 lighting up “the end of the US.” Classic. #montauk #lighthouse #hamptons #saturday

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These are my steps while in Italy.

Let’s not forget how much vacation can take out of us. Don’t push yourself to the edge or get down if you didn’t make it to the hotel gym when you’re enjoying time off. •

Sometimes fitness shows up while you’re having fun!

Told you guys this set of posts was coming! Check out the first one before you read this! •

Oh let’s not forget about all the yummy drinks. •

So may times we think, ok I am going on vacation. How can I make sure I stick to my diet and pay attention to my nutrition?

What do I think is the best way?

Say screw it. You have worked for these days. You have balanced work, life and health, you deserve to #treatyoself

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