It’s just you and me babe. 🌛🏕(and the bugs)

FINALLY made the hike up to Leigh Lake today!! Was such an awesome experience 🙏🏻😍 God I love my home ❤️🌲🏔4️⃣0️⃣6️⃣ #HikeDay #LeighLake #Views #MontanaWilderness

Are you a fan of river rafting or have always wanted to experience it?

The two excellent fishing rivers nearby the Blacktail Ranch also offer the best in rafting!

As the snow melts from the higher elevations in early summer, June and early July, the Blackfoot runs high and fast and will get your adrenaline pumping! August and September trips, although still enjoyable, bring a little more leisure to the trip, and you are able to take in the grandeur and beauty of the scenery around you. The Missouri is a gentler float and is great for an easy trip in a few hours time.

If you are out to the movies, are you choosing to buy #popcorn or #candy?

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Backpacking trip to Big Creek Lake in the Bitterroot Mountains
. (Not shown - mosquitoes) .
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Lightplay last night camping on the Boulder River

Fly fishing the alpine has been one of my favorite Montana activities. Those hard to reach lakes that have hardly been touched and the terrain that makes you earn every cast. You don't need to flock to Glacier for clear blue water, you just gotta push yourself further than most are willing to. The end result is solitude and being completely alone amongst giants. #EarnYourView & #LNT
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Are you looking for a Montana getaway with riverside views? We have the perfect cabin for you!

The River Cabin is nestled next to the South Fork of the Dearborn River. It has a separate bedroom with queen size bed, a bathroom with shower, a full living room with a single bed and a compact kitchen including a kitchen table, sink, refrigerator, coffee maker and microwave.

Camping out to my uncles land and yes that is snow... there is still snow in the hills out here 😂 #SnowInJuly #camping #montanawilderness #vacay2018

Are you a tent or a cabin kind of camper?

Beautiful views & great company on Mount Helena today! #montanawilderness #summertime #bitterroots

We love horseback riding and so does this guest! “My daughter and I have visited the Blacktail Ranch for the last twelve years and have always had a great time… Most of all, we enjoy the horseback riding – each ride is unique because of the scenery, each horse’s personality, the weather, tales associated with sites along the way, animals we see and who is on the ride. We have done cattle drives, ridden along the continental divide, seen great sunrises and sunsets, experienced the big sky as well as rain, snow and hail and we have enjoyed it all,” says a Ranch Guest from Cincinnati.

Enjoy three of our signature Dude Ranch meals per day!

The Blacktail Ranch Kitchen is the heart of the ranch. You will soon discover that Blacktail’s dude ranch meals are some of the most memorable parts of your stay. We take pride in serving local and fresh food whenever possible. We use tender, lean grass fed beef from our own herd, locally raised poultry, fresh fish, lots of vegetables (lots from our own gardens!) and fruits, freshly baked bread and deserts of all kinds…all the good food you can eat is included in your all-inclusive vacation.

Bruce and his horses were so much fun to photograph. Check out the story in the #summerissue of @flatheadliving . @backcountryhorsemenflathead

Winding through the forest there was a small sound almost imagined and faintly familiar #gooutside #montanawilderness #montana #trail

Yes or no?

The Blacktail has hosted many prominent private retreats and family reunions, as well scheduled specialty weeks and weekends. Our all-inclusive Montana event venue has a variety of facilities and amenities to offer that are included in our group daily rates.

It was a lovely day for a kayak adventure 🎣🚣‍♀️☀️ #adventuretogether #myhusband #mybestfriend #montanalife #montanawilderness #kayaking #kayakfishing #troutfishing

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