My baby had a blast at the #monstertruckshow Saturday with his papaw Dion
He lives for trucks, dirt, and cool stuff lol 😍🤴🏾

Pahrump was a blast for the Monster truck insanity tour show. To experience it all was a hell of a ride! #monstertruckinsanitytour #paddywagon #Pahrump #monstertrucks #monstertruckshow

First time ever seeing Monster Trucks. Think I found a new obsession. 💚❤️🖤

I was sitting in that car! It was great! #monstertruckshow #backseatdriver

Moi quand je me dit: « et si on essayé un truc nouveau 😏!! »
Yo cuando me digo « y si intentamos algo nuevo 😜!! »
#monstertruckshow #monsterstrucks🚙 #gritando #lol #mamaaventurera☝️😎 #prupià #corseaventure #enfamiliaesmejor #familialatina #primerasveces

~ The first step is admitting you have a problem. ~

It started off with just one.
Oh yeah, this would be cool. And one turned in to 3. And we were happy with that.
Until the momentum and interest grew and now it's become a full blown addiction.
We can't help ourselves. We can't just have one, we need them ALL. Every time I go to #Target {so like 5 times a week} I walk by them, flashing their plastic at me. Do we have that one? Oh man, we don't have this one!
Our obsession with Monster Trucks started when Landman was learning to use the potty, and has grown to owning over 45 different models.
Waylon and I admit we have a problem, but we just. can't. stop. Numerous trips to O'Reilly's to see if we can get the "rare" ones. #GraveDigger with purple wheels?! We don't have that?! This Grave Digger glows in the dark? OMG! It just doesn't stop.
If someone you know is also suffering from Monster Truck Addiction, please let them know there is hope. There is others out there just. like. them. You're not alone. We are here for you too ✨

#MonsterTruckMom #MonsterTrucks @hirstway

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