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Finishing up this crowd shot then calling it a day. #NightmareProWrestling #WrestlingComics #MonsterComics

The two panels I was the most worried about but I think they turned out pretty good, right??? #NightmareProWrestling #MonsterComics #ProWrestling

Doc Horror from NOCTURNALS: THE SINISTER PATH . Coming in early July - Your LCS may not have it unless you TELL THEM TO ORDER YOURS! APR171366. #pulpfiction #monstercomics #crimefiction

If only I could ink this fast! Starting some digital inking on page 3. #NightmareProWrestling #wrestlingcomics #MonsterComics


While bagging and boarding my Marvel 70's horror books last night I came across this awesome Kirby monster page from the story 'I Dream Of Doom!' Which originally appeared in Strange Tales #96 (May 1962). I don't have the original book, though, as I found the story reprinted in my copy of Dead Of Night #10 (June 1975). It was also reprinted in Fear #7(May 1972). Such a great drawing - love the monster's hand and the use of the light coming from below. Kirby was King! You can read a synopsis of the story here: http://marvel.wikia.com/wiki/Strange_Tales_Vol_1_96

Rebagging and boarding my Marvel 70's horror books. Also going through them to see which need upgrades.

I'll be there in spirit but YOU can be there in person for the release of the latest @mysteryschoolcomicsgroup book at @comicsforthewin in Northern Cali area! Hang with the crew, drink a little ripple and check out some of our artwork/stories!! #mysteryschoolcomicsgroup #mscg #comics #comicart #makingcomics #indycomics #ink #freshink #illustrator #illustration #horror #horrorcomics #monsters #monstercomics #deathrock #booze #ctart #ctartist #ctartists #ctcomics #newengland #doyourjob #caliart #caliartists #calicomics

Comic - ‘Werewolf By Night’ #1 September 1972. “Eye Of The Beholder” Written by Gerry Conway. Art by Mike Ploog and Frank Chiaramonte (listed as Frank Monte). Cover by Ploog.
I only began collecting Werewolf By Night a few years ago. Thankfully, they’re relatively inexpensive, #1 being a mid-tier Bronze age key, only commanding higher prices in hi-grade encapsulated form. Nice raw copies are fairly affordable. His first appearance in Marvel Spotlight #2 is the more sought after and expensive book. I have most of his regular run, though I have yet to get Spotlight #2.(I have #3 and #4). This book was an Ebay pickup a ccouple of years ago. A nice copy, with a tiny 1/2” tear at the very top and a crease in the back upper left corner. Still retains nice cover color and gloss.
Certainly an iconic cover by Mike Ploog who became known for his great work on many of Marvel’s monster and supernatural books of the early 70’s such as Ghost Rider, Man-Thing, The Frankenstein Monster and Planet Of The Apes.
The story in this one is pretty convoluted and again, as with Ghost Rider, picks up from his appearances in Marvel Spotlight.
There’s more of a gothic feel to this story then Ghost Rider, with castles and forests as set pieces. There’s a mutant gorgon with a gaze that will turn people to stone, a lurking monstrosity of a henchmen, with a loyal side, in Strug, a wheelchair bound old man, evil curses and a magical spell book that is at the root of the plot.
For all it’s somewhat serious inclinations this story ends with an almost parody like conclusion that might be better suited for one of Marvel’s humor mags. For those without access to read the book, Marlene Blackgar, the gorgon, attempts to turn Jack Russel, in his Werewolf guise, into stone, but he ducks out of the way and instead her eye beams reflect off of a mirror behind him, turning her and her invalid father to stone instead.
The book ends with Jack’s friend, Buck Cowan, donating the ‘statues’ to the Santa Monica Art Museum. They’re pictured on display with Buck breaking the third wall and ‘winking’ at the reader. Kinda odd. Read more about this book here:

Coming out this Saturday, the latest addition to the @mysteryschoolcomicsgroup library! If you're in the northern Cali area be sure to stop by @comicsforthewin and not only pick up a copy but hang with the crew. Get ready for some crazy stories and some great work form some amazing artists and writers (including myself)! #mysteryschoolcomicsgroup #mscg #comics #comicart #makingcomics #indycomics #ink #freshink #illustrator #illustration #graphicnovel #monstermovies #monstercomics #horror #horrorcomics #deathrock #doyourjob #ctart #ctartist #ctartists #ctcomics #newengland #caliart #caliartist #caliartists #calicomics

A peek into my writing process! Here's a blip of script for an up coming #TalesoftheNightWatchman project I'm embarking on with @artofhobson. Very excited to be working with him on another story!
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Journey Into Mystery #64, January 1961. 'I Dared To Battle RORGG,King Of the Spider Men!!' Cover story by Stan Lee, Art by Jack Kirby and Dick Ayers.

This was an Ebay pick-up from about three years ago, when I began buying some of the early pre-hero Atlas monster books. Many of those old horror and monster comics, which were technically Marvel (or Timely) comics had other publishers names listed in the indicia on the inside front cover, such has Zenith and Vista Publications, Atlas being the most well known. This issue is an Atlas book.
Most of the stories were by Stan Lee and most of the art was by Jack Kirby, Dick Ayers and Steve Ditko (among others.)
In the early 1970's, Marvel began publishing reprints of many of these old stories, from books like Journey Into Mystery, Strange Tales and Tales To Astonish in new titles such as Vault Of Evil, Where Monsters Dwell, Monsters On The Prowl, Weird Wonder Tales and many more. A few titles, such as Chamber of Darkness contained original stories for a few issues, but almost all were reprints, with new covers. I started collecting these reprint issues first, starting off with a number of copies of Where Monsters Dwell that I've had since I was a kid. A few years ago I began collecting them in earnest, and now have an almost complete collection of those titles, only missing 2 or 3 issues. The natural extension after that was to go back to the original books.

In high grade, these comics are cost prohibitive, mainly because they're fairly rare in higher grades. Most of the time they're pretty beat up, but you can find some books that present well.
This is one of my favorite covers - I love the books with the brown/red/orange color schemes. Classic Kirby/Ayers art!

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