Today Was Definitely A Success!!! My Baby Enjoyed & So Did The Kids !!! #MoneyWellSpent #SpidermanTheme #MommasBoy #AnythingForMyKid

The moment you realize that you thought you were seeing the Saturday @punchbrothers show at the @theryman and the door gal informs you that your 5 tickets ($250 spent) were for the night before. What do you do?!? Buy five flipping more!!!!!!! Because it’s @christhile and you MUST see him and the guys! Love you enough to invest $500 on one show Chris! From Nickle Creek to now and forever more. #punchbrothers #calendarfail #moneywellspent #nashville #christhile #mandolin #bluegrass

This little girl loves her pool 💛 #MoneyWellSpent

Greetings from Coney Island! This was a bad beverage choice, but lookit, it lights up! #moneywellspent #TakingBackSunday #CoheedAndCambria

Zagreb, Croatia! 🔴
Amazing photo by @Saaggo

The best or its nothing at all. Picked up the @dyson V7 for only $90, coz I'm good like that 🤟😎
--- #shotoniphone #saturdayshopping #sunnysaturday #moneywellspent #qualityoverquantity #alaskaIG #IGdaily #selfsufficient #lovetoclean #OCD #consumer #earnednotgiven #workedhard

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Getting ready to create a summer and fall budget bucket list that I can print and post on my wall.

But I need inspiration. What should I include on this list?

Only requirement- it must be pretty budget friendly. 🤓

So far I have:
▫️ Stay in a lookout tower
▫️ Take a road trip
▫️ Camping trip
▫️ Pick lavender from a field

“Money talks, and bulls*** walks.” 💲

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She’ll be two next month and there’s no way that’s actually comfortable #babyavesandnappingadventures #averyandthiscarseat #moneywellspent

My brother just bought our cat a new bed that she can use to sleep. Glad to see he didnt waste his money
#catsofinstagram #cats #moneywellspent

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