When you get a new camera to start a YouTube channel and you JUST CAN’T CONTAIN THE EXCITEMENT 😍😍😍
I had plenty of excuses to not get the camera and begin my channel. “I can’t afford it. I’m bad with technology. I don’t know how to edit videos. What would I even talk about? I don’t have the time.” You’ve all heard these thoughts before!! But if I’ve realized anything lately, it’s that NOTHING will get done if you let that voice take over. Instead, use that voice as guidance that you’re on the right path. I had SO much internal resistance to starting a channel, but that was a signal that I needed a good challenge. So here we go! Videos coming soon! .
Carpe freaking diem y’all 🤣 What’s one thing you’re hesitating to start?

Regrann from @thewomanofworthnetwork - It the first time we're officially having a male facilitator at the vault.
I say 'Officially' because when you have a spouse who supports your purpose and makes sure to attend and give a helping hand at every of your event, then you'll understand what I'm talking about. 😀😀😀😀😀
Shout out to the hubs @okimbf
After the last hangout, the next thing on my mind was to address issues as regards our finances as Women of Worth.
The idea of the vault is to have women come together as we learn and share treasured secrets of becoming a Woman of Worth and we definitely can't achieve that if we don't address issues on different areas of our lives.
While having a chat with @moneypatternz he offered to come facilitate the CashFlow101 board game with us even without me telling him about the theme for the next hangout.

I knew in my spirit this was the confirmation I needed.
I played the game and it changed my money mindset. I talked about in previous post.
Olawale Oladimeji @moneypatternz is an experienced Financial Education Strategist and Facilitator of the Cashflow 101 Board Game.
He is passionate about helping people understand their money patterns to improve their financial intelligence and we are excited to have him on board next week Saturday.
Still not sure why you should attend?
Send me a dm let's talk about it... #TheVault #MoneyConversations #FinancialFreedom #Hangouts #MoneyMindset #MindsetShift #CashFlow101 - #regrann

🖤 You cannot get it wrong but you can be more conscious, more aware, and more present with each step you take. It means taking your power back and redirecting 🖤 Feliz Lunesito 🤓 espero que tengan un muy lindo dia y disfruten de el solecito 💛

Stop using your ‘small’ audience as an excuse to not sell.
Size isn’t everything, its what you do with it that counts ;)
You’re better off having a few hundred dedicated, interactive and loyal fans who love your work than millions who aren’t connected to your story, your words or your offers.
Its your energy that sells, your belief in the power of your work, the results you get in your clients, you recognising how powerful you really are, owing your own unique process.
Don’t keep making excuses! .
I help my clients raise their prices of their 1:1 coaching packages and charge what they REALLY want, by getting them to see their real worth and superpowers. The next 2 spaces to work with me privately will remain at this price and then it doubles! Now is the time, click the bio link for more information and to book a call with me
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Transformation through the years

Don't be scared to make mistakes. If you send out a duplicate email or if you forget you had a scheduled webinar to do, shit happens so let it!

of undisputed origin; genuine."the letter is now accepted as an authentic document"
Synonyms: genuine, real, bona fide, true .
Who are you? Do you know? Do you like you? Do you love you? Can you make you happy? Can you spend time with yourself? .
It’s much easier to be someone else. Try being yourself...I promise you, YOU are DOPE.

Our emotions are powerful - would you agree?

One exercise that I challenge myself to implement each day is to be hyper-aware of my emotional state. Often our emotions seem to creep into our life and take control of our experiences, but please realize that you are more powerful than any emotion…


The chaos (or lack of chaos) in your environment will dictate your ability to create an EPIC year.

I have always believed that the way we organize our outer world is a direct representation of how we feel about ourselves internally.

Take pride in your environment - all of your “stuff” should have a place - and get organized!

I will help you to release tension, ease anxiety and prepare for the week ahead with my Sunday sessions. Have a look at my latest IGTV for a sneak preview 💫❤️
Message me or comment below and I shall send you the link ❤️
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FREE DOWNLOAD!! #RichLifeTip for overcoming your #MoneyBlocks

See ABi Coaching Lead a Rich Life YouTube Channel for full video related to this link. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fP16EQWBzrs&t=2sr

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Experiential spending has been on my mind lately a lot and how money invested in great experiences has never been regrettable while some consumer purchases have left me with some remorse; especially if the spending was driven by stress, discomfort or pain. When we think of money as energy, it becomes more about where we want to invest our energy in our lives. Personally, meaningful experiences, a small amount of intentionally made items that connect me back to individuals and investing in myself personally and professionally rate higher than almost anything else. If you changed the word money to energy, how would it shift your own spending and money mindset? | Brownstone "If You Love Me" |

Denkst Du ARM oder REICH? Dein Money Mindset entscheidet über Deinen Kontostand, nicht nur auf dem Konto, denn Du kannst auch emotional pleite sein. Link dazu in Bio.
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happy Monday! new week, new goals📝

Even if you don’t drink coffee ☕️, at least be awesome. Make ir a great week!

Want more for yourself.
Your desires are given to you by the Universe to fulfill your purpose.
Don’t settle for anything less than what you want.
Don’t settle for anybody less than what you want.
크게 생각하세요.
우리가 이룰 수 없는 일은 우주가 꿈꾸게 하지도 않아요.
꿈을 포기하고 현실에 안주하지 마세요.
타협하지 말고, 원하는 사람과의 만남을 포기하지 마세요.

If you want to be cool, be kind.
친절하고 따뜻한 사람이 멋있는 사람.

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