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I know you wanna see me naked.
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"I told her I dont do hotels unless I'm a checking a trap
I got 5bedrooms one just fo the stacks"
"Condo downtown u see the views when I rap, porshe right outside they think I play with lebron "
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Here's small story that may interest you. 4 years back I registered my own company thinking that the game was going to be a walk in the park. I knew the ins & outs of the local medicalπŸ₯ devices industry (Literally introduced a state of the art ENT workstation at a major hospital in the country. Which was an industry disruptive project considering the size of the company I was employed in at the time). So I thought to myself if I am so well connected, and since I'd been in the industry for over four years, then why work for someone else? So I quit my job as I was hungry to be successful on my own terms. Next, I got a product line of UK manufactured intraocular lenses on board for registration at the cosmetic drugs & devices authority. Within a few weeks I was able to pull a few strings at the ministry of health and get those lenses signed off by some big names in the ophthalmic healthcare segment of the market. My investment in the business was around US $ 5000 cause I had to bring a batch of products down for initial tests. I also had to partner with an industry professional to use my lenses in his surgeries. So I called up this consultant ophthalmologist I knew and I told him the fact I would need him to help me out and that he'd be awarded royalties when the business surpassed breakeven. Now, usually breaking even in the medical devices industry isn't so hard. The margins are pretty healthy at around 40% with NP at around 25%++. Anyways bringing in that particular individual into the business mechanics is something I shouldn't have done. I trusted people that I shouldn't have trusted and got my fingers burned a little. It's as if erbody wants to f*ck you over even if they had a good deal. Greed isn't a good thing and Lord help me if I ever get into that mindset! I was so angry at myself for being played out I just left that industry all together. I vowed to myself that one day I'd come back even strongerπŸ’ͺ than I was at 25. I'm now more invested in the business of brokering real estate but I still have that itch to start another hustle with med devices someday! So here's hoping the universe conspiresπŸ’― to help me just like Paulo Coelho penned it down.πŸŒŒπŸ”œ

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