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A little local #Brampton band that 14 year old Alex fell in love with, that grew into so much more. Thank YOU for continuing to put on some of the most memorable shows I've ever attended. @dotmoneendot ♥️
@aof_official was a pretty rad surprise too... #Moneen #RedTreeAnniversary #LeesPalace #SingForLove

My reaction when it's 2017 and I'm going to see #moneen and #thefullblast


All I need is a Jetpack and roller skates. #TFB #moneen #theredtree

Moneen at Lee's Palace.
Night 4 of 4.
Photo by: @larvalungs
#moneen #leespalace #toronto #theredtree

The surprise @aof_official set at Lee's Palace was pretty nuts. #Moneen #theredtree10year


29. a band you discovered opening

Moneen | “Are We Really Happy with Who We Are Right Now?” [2003]

Red with black blob
Limited edition
First press

In highschool, when I was first getting into louder, heavier music, one band I loved and was able to see pretty often was Alexisonfire. Via relentless touring and frequent stops in Ottawa, two bands they introduced me to early on were the Full Blast and Moneen. At the time, I was more for fast, high tempo punk or hardcore, making the Full Blast more my cup of tea. Moneen’s early sound focused more on melody and had alotta longer, slower instrumental bridges. I didn't ‘get it’ at the time. But it was actually a Full Blast tune I loved that convinced me to give Moneen serious listen, with a song appropriately titled, “It's Cool, But Moneen Already Did It”. So, I dove into their most recent release at the time – this one, during a long drive to a hockey tournament. Pretty sure I listened to it twice back to back. I still remember being blown away the first time I heard the title track to open the record, and then being floored by follow-up, “Start Angry...End Mad”. That gentle piano intro, them pounding drums and dueling guitars, culminating in an big, angsty, triumphant “screw you and die! I hope you burnnnn!”. Still gives me chills. This record is teeming with energy, but also at times it's so serene, tender, and vulnerable - sometimes all within the same one song. There are so many changes within these 10 tracks. All but 2 songs are over 4 minutes in length, so it can be a lot to absorb on first listen. It's another one of those records that grows on you with repeat spins as you get accustomed to everything going on; the great guitar licks, hooks, gang chants, and little nuances throughout. When Dine Alone announced they were pressing this album for the first time two years ago in a bundle that includes a first and only press of Alexisonfire’s final show Live at Copps for their farewell tour ((a tour I caught) w Moneen as support) over 4xLPs as well as The Switcheroo EP in a new colour to boot! A no brainer


Girl of my dreams helped me fulfill a dream meeting the man himself, Dallas Green! Is this life a dream?! Stoked.

#thankyoubaby #cityandcolour #dreamingincolour #moneen #dinealonerecords #secretshow #pinchme

Fri-yay! 💙 (The impromptu performance by Dallas green and Moneen at failtes may have had something to do with it) .
#welcomehome #bc #canada #travel #missyou #love #theseguys #dallasgreen #throwback #moneen #failte

"Are we really happy with who we are right now?" ~ Moneen
#moneen #emo #scene #punk #blueeyes #longhair

How many other girls in the world are there anyway?#family #cutie #toronto #thegoodlife #familyfirst #416 #queensquay #harbourfront #moneen #love

Friday's listening to scene days #longhairdontcare #moneen #gayboy

I'm still on an @aof_official high after seeing them in Montebello. I probably won't ever come back down from that high, but I'm okay with that.. @dinealonerecords #moneen #switcheroo #alexisonfire #vinyl #vinylcollection #recordcollecting #recordcollection #nowspinning #posthardcore

Hum along, find the worst
No there's nothing you can do
I feel I'm full of lies
Distractions warm the mood
I fooled myself again
Our taste has changed just for the day,
Fate turns and looks to me to say
"wait and trouble will find you"
#moneen #thefrighteningrealityofthefactweallhavetosettledownoneday

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