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Kagi and I have nothing to offer you, Monday! #mondayssuck

Weekend got a little crazy 🥂🍕 #mondayssuck

I’ll just wait here.... you have fun at work 🤪 #doyouhavetowork #bedhog #chilling #mondayssuck

Wishing it was still Saturday 💭👫 #mondayssuck

Tell Mondays it’s not working out, it’s not them it’s me 😴

The end of another weekend. 🤓 #weekend #end #citystreets #sunset #mondayssuck

Productive tanning today and starting to feel lean 🙏🏼😊 #sundayfunday #mondayssuck

Dear Monday, go step on a Lego 👅✨
In diesem Sinne: #happymonday ihr Lieben & may your coffee be extra strong today ☕️😴 #mondays #newweek #longtimenoselfie


When someone else feels your pain that you have to go back to work today after a weeks holidays!! #needtowinthelotto #mondayssuck #cutedog

The weekends go by too fast😞#mondayssuck

Δύο πράγματα δεν μου άρεσαν από μικρή, να με ξυπνάνε κι οι Δευτέρες...

This is a bagel. More precisely half a bagel. The reason this half of the bagel is not in my tummy is because I thought I'd have my breakfast in the bath. 'How delightful!' I hear you exclaim in manner of every mother who's ever wanted to have their breakfast whilst lolling the the bath on a Monday morning.
Yes, indeed it was delightful until I dropped the effing thing in the lovely lush bath giving it a lovely tinge of soggy glittery, sparkly, oiliness which is not conducive to happy bagel eating.
Lessons to learn here: don't be clever. Don't try to have your breakfast in the bath. You are not winning at life. And Mondays suck for a reason.
#bathbagel #mondayssuck #imstillexpectedtoadultthough

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