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Take a close look at the intricate vasculature of this human brain, notice how the larger vessels branch into smaller ones! The smallest things often tend to relate to the bigger picture. Just as the discoveries of cells, bacteria & DNA required magnification, our personal challenges & internal conflicts require our attention to the smallest details of life! The first step to a deeper perspective lies in understanding that our life challenges & internal conflicts are important for us to embrace. The disagreements & the different perspectives that result from these conflicts create a necessary friction which is useful in helping us challenge our own view-points (this concept also applies to our closest relationships). This friction forces us to pay attention to all the things we’ve ignored & also helps us to think deeper about our own perspective (or what we believe to be true). When applied, this process either changes our point of view or sharpens our perspective! Since each of us are designed unique & unrepeatable, our body chemistry, physiology & hormone signaling are as unique to us as our personal perspectives. When we choose to embrace these connections, we activate a potent form of stress relief & inherently nourish our mind, body & spirit! With this perspective in mind, let’s make the intention to constantly strengthen our attitude this week. For strength of attitude can indeed become strength of character! Happy Monday guys! For more, click on the link in our bio & [SUBSCRIBE] to our YouTube channel.

Written by Student Doctor: @medspired Β© 04/24/2017 All Rights Reserved.
Inspired by: @kobebryant
Special Thanks: Jay-Z β€œNobody built like you, you design yourself.”
Video by: @rpaglioli

Eine neue Woche, die du komplett neu gestalten und besser machen kannst, als die vergangene. Übertriff dich selbst und werde Woche zu Woche besser. Und welcher Tag ist da symbolischer für den Neustart als der Montag???
#mondayfunday #mondayvibes #mondayinspo

Much love for this place πŸŒΈπŸ’•. Miss it already . I can't wait to share my Paris blog with you πŸ’•. Happy Friday loves #zhortravels#zhorinparis

Happy Monday everyone! The sun is shining so it's the best kind of Monday possible around here.🌞
Thank you all for weighing in on my piano bench, I ended up painting it white like the piano and I'm happy with the choice.🎹And, I'm still so happy with these curvy, gorgeous lamps from @lampsplus.✨
Sweet Grace has her first piano recital this Thursday and my heart just wells up to see her here working so hard. Life is sweet.❀️
Happy evening sweet friends! xxoo

"I can make a dress out of a feed bag and I can make a man out of you, cause I'm a WOMAN" #mondayinspo #getitcherandraquel Those dresses 😍 #queening #beautyguru #andthatsall

There is an adorable Finnish redhead named @jerianie and she bakes beautiful things with coconut sugar. That's all you need to know. #mondayinspo #baking

"You miss 100% of the shots you don't take. - Wayne Gretzky" - Michael Scott #mondayinspo

A little #mondayinspo... "I am so incredibly humbled to have been chosen as an Atlanta Humane Society Hero and more than appreciative to those who helped me raise over $10,000 to saving the lives of animals in Georgia!!" -Natalie de Guardiola, Senior #pupsforacause πŸΆπŸ’•


Much love for this place πŸŒΈπŸ’•. Miss it already . I can't wait to share my Paris blog with you πŸ’•. Happy Friday loves #zhortravels#zhorinparis

Rain, rain, go away please. We can't wait for summer 🍦

Today's accessories 🌸✨ http://liketk.it/2r9fl #liketkit @liketoknow.it

#MoonMantraMonday time (2nd one to make up for not posting last week πŸ™πŸ½):
I know tomorrow is not promised
Humans are funny. We KNOW that we are not immortal. It is impossible to be so, yet we live our lives like we are. Tomorrow is not guaranteed. You can never have another today. And if tomorrow does come, it won’t be the same as today. And how do you get what you want? Not by wishing, wanting or waiting - but by DOING. It’s such a blessing to be alive. To have all five senses. To be able to breathe. To not be sick. To be able to walk and talk and express ourselves. Anyone, anywhere can do whatever they want. You need to believe in yourself enough to go do it, even and especially when it seems no one else believes in you. The future doesn’t exist, because it hasn’t happened yet. This sentence is in the past as I am typing it. The only moment that matters is NOW. This very second. Don’t waste it. πŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’“

When I feel like I'm in heaven β˜οΈβœˆοΈβ€’ Next level work thang #jemtravels

Dear #beachbodyperformanceenergize.... you magical yellow drink!! Thank you for helping start my week with a bang. For giving me the energy to kick Monday's @$& and the vision to rock another week of this blessed life. ...
P.S. I had to put you in a Shakeology cup because I don't have a Performance cup and .... well, you know Shakeology is my boo 😜

#MoonMantraMonday time:
I am boundless
The very nature of being a human means that there is some unstoppable drive within us to go farther, wider and higher. Growing up, we constantly learn about boundaries, but really, we are all BOUNDLESS. If you start at a new job, it’s human nature to want to constantly be learning new skills, sharpening those, learning more new skills, moving up in rank or position as the time passes. If you are learning how to play piano, after you learn the notes, you will want to learn how to play a song. After you learn how to play a song, you will want to learn 3 new songs. There’s no rhyme or reason to WHY humans innately want to be boundless, but we DO. Staying in the same place in any context makes us feel mentally and emotionally stuck. Whatever you want to do, go do it - don’t stop to think. Just DO. πŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’“

Hope you all had an amazing Monday and that you're ready to own the rest of this week! I've been visualizing my goals a lot lately and feel more ready than ever to work my booty off to achieve them. Whatever you're working towards and wherever you're at in your journey is exactly where you're supposed to be in this moment. We've got this babes!🌷


Yay!! Just started a new program today called Piyo, (it's basically a mix of yoga and Pilates) and just the fundamentals kicked my booty! Haha! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜œπŸ‘Œ
I have been feeling soooo tense and tight everywhere -- all my muscles -- and I need to loosen up! This is the perfect combo for this mom to be! and because my top priority is staying healthy for baby girl and taking it easier in the last weeks here, I'm so excited for this program!
Day 1 done! This belly just gets in the way all the time now and I can't see my feet! Haha πŸ˜‚πŸ€°πŸ’πŸΌ
#31weekspregnant 😍😍 .
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#Repost from @dyanirobarge. β˜€

Sharing an old post for #moveitupmonday hosted by @smalltowngirllife. I love this milk glass basket. It was a wedding gift many years ago. Right now it's holding my bananas and oranges but it looks alot prettier holding my fake veggies...or should I say faux? Faux just sounds so much better than fakeπŸ˜‰. Anyway if you missed my post this morning and are interested in a great website for home remedies and natural cures for the whole family including your pets go back and take a lookπŸ‘. #mydecormonday

Mondays aren't so bad when you're in a killer outfit, isn't that right @thebrowncloset?! #stlbloggers #stlblog #stl #ootd #lotd #ootdsubmit #midwestbloggers #mondayinspo

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