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Shoot for the stars (Photo via: @jriiv) #Sudio #SudioSweden #SudioMoments #MondayInspo

¡Buenos días de LUNES! ¿Vuestra semana también es ASÍ? 🤣
Supongo que algunos ya estaréis de vacaciones... ¡levntad la MANO! 🙋🏽🙋🏼‍♂️

Kicking off Monday right with... waffle pops! Freeze dried raspberry and pistachio crumbled atop dark chocolate. Yes please 🙏 recipe in @lumadeline's blog! 🍴

Rings that bite. See our Jade, Aventurine, and Onyx jewels. #ReBe #Rawr #RealGems #mondayinspo ❤️ @eden_a19

Seventeen years ago we undertook a major remodeling project in our home. We redid the entire back half of the first floor which included the kitchen, two bathrooms, the family room, my office and the back porch and patio area. We extended the family room out the back and added a covered porch and brick patio. At one point during the remodel, we got the call. You know the one. And they told us we had something standing in our way (literally.) Can you guess what was here before our remodel? Full story (and more photos) can be found on my blog!

Decided to take a 🏃🏼today. I really dislike running but figured why not. As I was running a guy that hadn't slept, still drinking 😵 asked if I wanted a beer. 🍺I told him if he jogged with me I would drink a beer with him.🍻 So he ran two miles with me. Beer 🍺in hand and cigarette 🚬in the other. We spoke the whole time. He told me I inspired him and I told him he inspired me. He was shocked. It's doesn't matter where you are in the journey , the things that matter is to do something good for yourself, for others or the world. 🌍Cheers to Justin.🍻 I know you won't remember the conversation but I will. 🤝👍#mondayinspiration

if you are always trying to be normal, you will never know how amazing you can be~maya angelou ☀️ amazing @casa_colibri wearing chakra bra top and asana shorts ✨

Stepping into my new week with so much faith and confidence. Things aren't perfect and rosy but I just feel a burst of energy and optimism I've not felt in a long while. Just know deep down in my heart that things are working out. It's a new week, demand what you want from life and get to working on it! Happy New week guys! #newweek #mondaymotivation #mondayinspo #lblogger #qotd


#mondayinspo: The American Copper Building. A new residential tower in Kips Bay & designed by @shoparchitects, the same designers of Brooklyn's @barclayscenter. The American Copper building tops out at 540 feet in the west tower and 470 in the east tower. It has 800 residential units and features an all copper clad exterior. #nyc #architecture #americancopperbuilding #kipsbay #skyline #interiordesign #beautiful

There are 1,440 minutes in a day.
Use at least 30 of them to MOVE! .
Not just for a number on the scale...
but to boost your energy levels, reduce stress levels, improve your mood and for those endorphins of awesomeness that leave you feeling AMAZING when you're done! .
My new virtual wellness group kicks off today!
Join the party and choose from 700 different workouts.
We have something for all ages and fitness levels! 😍💪🏼
#nevermissamonday #healthiswealthfitness #mondayinspo #healthymama

everything's coming up 🌹

Rings that bite. See our Jade, Aventurine, and Onyx jewels. #ReBe #Rawr #RealGems #mondayinspo ❤️ @eden_a19

Today calls for popsicles and coffee. Lots of COLD coffee. I had to turn on the AC before breakfast. Hello, heatwave!! Ok, so it's only going to be like in the mid 80's today but for me that's hot. I've live in a beach town and I have a very sensitive inner thermometer - anything below 72 I need a sweater, anything above 76 I might as well be in Palm Springs. But since I can't spend the day lounging by a pool with a refreshing beverage and a constant barrage of mist, I'll settle for some good old AC and cold treats. Double tap if you'd rather be poolside today ❤️

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