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Take me 🔙 to that special place #Madrid #mondaydepression 🇪🇸♥️

Where I'd rather be on a Monday✈️☀️👫 #mondaydepression #missingthetravelling

Lit off birthday month, sexy Canadians/sexy aunts, nachos, and friends. #mondaydepression

I really miss that 🔫‼️#mondaydepression #crew 👊🏼 #tb

Take me back to the weekend👙🌊 #onlinebikinishop #beachbum #mondaydepression


Die Tage fliegen an mir vorbei, die Jahre fliegen an mir vorbei. Alles ändert sich und doch ändert sich nichts. Und immer die Frage ob es das jetzt war? Das ist mein Leben? Erwachsensein? Wo sind meine Träume die ich hatte als ich jung war?
Ich weiß man sollte jeden Augenblick genießen und auskosten, aber mal ehrlich, manchmal muss man einfach seine Rechnungen bezahlen. So ist das Leben. Desillusion.
Wo will ich hin? Natürlich passiert jedes Jahr unglaublich viel und ich bin weit gereist und habe mich entwickelt, trotzdem bleibt der kleine Schmerz im Kopf, dass da mehr sein muss, mehr sein wird.
Suche nach Bedeutung. Irgendwie.
#mondaymood #mondaydepression #montagsdepressionen #idontlikemondays #tiiierischgenervt #carselfie #izzda #👌 #langeweile #piercedgirls #pierced #ashleypiercing #inkedgirls #inked #instaink #instaselfie #selfie #technogirl #ravegirls #hardcoreladies #redhairdontcare #longhairdontcare #instadaily #instablog #instajunkie

Take me 🔙 to that special place #Madrid #mondaydepression 🇪🇸♥️

《Thought of the day: what's the point?》 《Feeling defeated. I had a good stretch there and now I'm back down..low!》 《Communicating with people is not something I'm very interested in right now, and I find when I do communicate lately I am not getting along with people.》 《I'm back to constantly thinking, what's the point to living? When you have multiple mental illnesses you fight for ANYTHING to be enjoyable and 99% of the time NOTHING is. I don't do much because of my mental illnesses and because I don't want to spend any money. But if you're constantly anxious/paranoid/don't want to spend money it brings me back to... what's the point? I just wish I didn't have to exist...》 《I have had these problems for a very long time, I remember being very young in my bedroom at my parents house trying to suffocate myself with a plastic bag because life was too much... I was a YOUNG CHILD with amazing parents and an amazing sister.... there was/ is no reason for me to be this way! & I feel that's the way a lot of people must think from the outside looking in so people probably think "what do you have to be sad/upset about?" I WISH I could answer that. 》 《When I was younger the craziest thing used to happen to me (and yes, I know this makes no sense) but it was almost like I was outside of myself watching my body live... it was the strangest thing and there was nothing I could do to bring myself back to reality other then wait. That hadn't happened in a very long time and a week or so ago it began to happen again. I explained this to my counselor and she explained it's my minds way of coping with things when I am just so overwhelmed and my thoughts are racing.》 《I'm pushing people out of my life because it's too difficult to deal with my mind and people at the same time.》 I know that was a lot of all over the place rambling, however, that is how my mind is working today & I find myself filled with anger. 💥💣🖤💊💉

#Throwback to those days that I was trying to get a tan and had purple hair.

#Latergram d'une super aprem de vacances dans les Landes 🏄🏼. Malheureusement retour à la réalité les vacances sont finies et on est lundi 😭!#mondaydepression #dentistrystudent #studentlife #onetaitmieuxenvacances #vivementvendredi 🙊

Ohhh no! It is monday again!!! 😱😱😱😭😭😭 #cantwaitfortheweekend #mondaydepression

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