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Monday got me like....😜
📷: @dawn439

The minds at @studio_o_interiors have a lovely balance of textures going on in this space --- grasscloth, faux fur thanks to our Tavi Mongolian Faux Fur Stool, seeded glass, and smooth white wainscoting 🙌🏻 Perfect eye candy to fight the #mondayblues ! #brightwhite #interiordesign #mypotterybarn

When it's barely half way through the day and you're already ready to go home 😑🏠

"Tu te meri akhiyan di neend churayi" by madam Noorjahan ji🙂 this Monday..!!
This song is in my fav Raag purya dhanashree.
Singing with blocked nose(mid zyada khula hua hai😬) hope you like it 🤘🏼 #attempt #pakistani #song #favsong #punjabi #mondayblues #rashmeetkaur #musician #classical #musicislife

selamat malam semua 😊#Repost @raja_aidzal with @repostapp
Sometime you have to try not to care,
no matter how much you do,
because sometimes you can means nothing to someone who means so much to you.
Its not PRIDE... Its SELF RESPECT.... #mondayblues

An instant cure to your case of the #mondayblues? How about a chance to win your #weddinggown? Click the link in bio to find out how! @allurebridals #wwxallurebridals {Photo: @annamarie_akins}


Ramai dah guna dan ramai yang tak puas, tapi puas hati. -

Jom pakai DeXandra weh! Kualiti dan bau setanding original perfume. Harga pun lagi jimat.

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Gerenti jimat! Kualiti dan bau setanding original. -

Jom guna DeXandra weh. Fenomena dah sekarang ni. -

EDP - wangi (of course!) - tahan lama - boleh dibawa solat.

Sebotol RM65, amek lebih, save RM10.

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one of the most breathtaking arrangement I had ever seen😱😱😱😱
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A very lovely kind of office blue🦋
#alalunedefleur #alalune ----------------------------
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Too much? The Trinket necklace, beautiful Neptune and the sparkling Jennifer worn long#bling #fashioninspiration #freebling

Here's part of @matchboxkitchen circuit today which consisted of:
A1) Landmine squats 10x
A2) Chest supported db rows 10x
A3) KB RDL 10x
A4) Push ups 5x
Repeated 5x
For more scenes from our workout, check out my STORY today!

I've said it before... but wow do I ever feel thankful when I get to reconnect with previous colleagues who put their trust in me to take their health and physique to the next level!
You know who you are!! 😉

Can't wait for you to get started!

Monday's 7-8 PM lesson. DJ blues dance from 8-10PM cost: $5 #bluesdance #mondayblues #ghent #learntodance

So last Monday I woke up to the worst pain in my mouth ever. According to the dentist, my bottom jaw was inflamed and my wisdom tooth was trying to cut through. But little ole me didn't have enough room in my mouth for it to come in! So my top teeth were just digging into my inflamed bottom jaw. I couldn't eat, sleep, talk, or smile. Well my hero, aka the dentist, numbed me yesterday and ripped that fucker out! The left is me 24 hours ago and the right is me now! WHAT A DIFFERENCE! I am still in so much pain but it's hopeful pain. The kind I know is gonna get better. Thanks for everyone who checked in on me and made me laugh (even though it hurts to smile still), you guys are amazing and it's nice to know I am loved and cared for!!!!! Xoxo #mondayblues #pain #dentist #wisdomtooth #24hours #better #icaneatagain #laugh #smile #friends #family #iloveyouall

Nothing like #golf to beat the #mondayblues

Sun's Out ☀️ Tongue's Out 👅🐶


If you want to work just about every muscle in your body, Deadlifts are the way to do it! Your arms, shoulders, traps, back, abs, and legs are all involved.
It is a slightly complicated movement and I would recommend working with a trainer or coach a few times to learn the technique but here a few tips to keep in mind
1️⃣ Keep you back straight and you head in line with your spine. This is probably the most important. DO NOT round your spine or you will hurt your back.
2️⃣ Feet are hip width apart and keep the weight in your heels
3️⃣ Keep contact between the bar and your legs. Think of dragging the bar up your shins and quads
4️⃣ Bring your whole body up together. A common mistake is to lift your hips up first.
5️⃣ Start with a super light weight until you are comfortable with the movement and then slowly work your way up -

Email or DM me with any questions 😃

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