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Custom attire for the beautiful ladies of @fairytaleeventshawaii. Let your wedding dreams come to life with their magic touch 🌸🌷🌹🌼🌺 #kameadesigns #handmade #madeinhawaii #withlotsoflove #workhard #dreambig #goalminded #momtrepreneur #blessed #thankyoujesus

When building your business you gotta grow fast and spend money slow.

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Much love
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its just how life works (:

Adventure goals 👌🔥
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Are you excited for the solar eclipse?!? 🌘We came up to Wyoming to see the total eclipse! What essential oils will you be using? I plan to use Balance and Elevation.
🌚Balance - this blend is grounding and balancing to the mind and body. It strengthens a connection with the earth and helps you to live in the present moment.
🌚Elevation - this blend is uplifting and contains powerful mood-stabilizing oils that evoke happiness. The warm vibrations of these oils are balancing to the emotions.
#solareclipse #balance #elevation

When dreams come true ♡
I didn't have a big budget to furnish my #mamame space. Almost everything you see is "old", some of the pieces I painted in white and I have to say that I'm really happy with how the room is starting to come together. #workhardplayhard

Who knows how important it is to drink Alkaline Water?🙋🏼 Let me explain why it is, and give you a recipe to make at home.
Acidosis can happen from many different things, like the food you consume, the toxins found all around us, or due to everyday stress. We face a higher risk of digestive issues, weight gain and fatigue if our body is too acidic.
**Beyond a certain level, the acidic elements in our body may turn our normal cells toxic and even cancerous.
Did you know that about 90-95% of all cancers were triggered by an acidic environment? Scary right? Also, it has been proven that cancer can't survive and thrive in an Alkaline Body!
There are a few ways you can detect your body’s acidity:
〰The simplest way is to take a pH paper test with your saliva.
〰Some symptoms are:
*Muscle cramps, Difficulty in air intake, Chronic fatigue, and Running out of breath
The major culprit for acidosis is our diet. We are what we eat, especially when it comes to processed food and over acidic substances. Too much caffeine, sugar or alcohol could lead to chronic acidosis. In addition to making the necessary changes in your diet, you must also drink alkaline water.
It fights acidosis by giving the body the required elements for homeostasis and prevents diseases. Here is how you can make this easily at home with just a few simple igredients.👇
💧Alkaline Water Recipe
〰1 glass jar-large
〰3 Drops Lemon Essential Oil
〰Himalayan salt- 1 teaspoon
〰Purified water- 2 ltr
1. Wash lemon (using EO's check earlier posts) and slice it without taking off the peel.
2. Pour water in the jar.
3. Add Lemon Essential Oil, Sliced Lemon and Himalayan Salt to the jar, cover it.
4. Let it sit untouched for 24 hours (at room temp).
5. Drink 3 glasses of this before breakfast each morning.
This drink can boost your metabolism and increase your energy levels. It makes your brain more active and clears up your skin. Regular consumption works as an additional booster for your system, preventing acidosis and enhancing overall health.
DM or comment👇 below if you want to get Lemon Essential Oil!

When you're hella tired, but thoughts and ideas keep running through your head, so you just decide to focus on the 'simpler' things in life #SelfieMode 😅💆

Hugs are the best from your littles❤👌🙌🏼🙌🏼


Who's with me girls? 💪🤣👍

Today this is what I needed. Be the best version of you. You can't be someone else, be YOU and give it the best 🙏🏻

Happy solar eclipse day! Here is some science humor for you. I hope you all can take a few minutes to safely enjoy the eclipse!

Jungle Safari Filter❗️🌴🐒Message me if this is your party theme or for any other theme!

Hier c'était une très belle journée!!💜💚💙❤️🖤Assister à la formation de MOMtrepreneur/Roxy etait TRÈS intéressant pour développer mon entreprise et aider mes filles à atteindre leur plein potentiel!!! 🙏✍️🔝Mon cerveau est en feu pour l'instant!! 🔥Mais ce qui a remplie mon petit coeur de bonheur cetait de rencontrer mes amies en or Mylaine Grenier et Cybelle Biard !!! 😀👯L'amitié virtuel c'est bien mais se rencontrer cest encore mieux🤷‍♀️ !!! Sans compter les nouvelles filles It Works que j'ai rencontré ✌️!! Toutes aussi sympathiques les unes que les autres !🙂 merci à ma meilleure amie de m'avoir accompagnée pour cette belle journée!👯 En passant si vous ne connaissez pas encore MOMtrepreneur je vous conseil fortement d'aller visiter sa page et de la suivre!✅ #fun #frienship #freedom

My mommy and me 💜 I had to say goodbye today as she headed back to Cape Town, my last piece of home to go and the bit that finally made me cry. It's really going to take some getting used to. The last time I moved I was 13 and it ended up taking years before I actually found myself and my feet. I know this is best for our new little family but leaving my home of 15 years is turning out to be tougher than I thought. Time to start keeping myself busy and building a home here. Change is what we make it.

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Hugs are the best from your littles❤👌🙌🏼🙌🏼

Read an article online discussing skills every #entrepreneur needs in order to be successful. We get so caught up in learning the latest trends but basic skills go a long way.

I'm looking for one person... could it be you?! This person will get a ✨FREE✨ lip color!! Say whaaat?! 😱🎉🙌🏻 . .
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