Jumping into fall brings new routines (which I love!) and colds (which I hate!) This is the first time I have both kids in school full time. I'm not quite sure what to do with myself, since I am used to juggling full time mom with full time business owner but multitasking just got easier. Now, if I can just kick this cold!

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It’s finally cooling down here! 75 is feeling ohhh soooo good!
How hot is it where you are?
Is it sweater & soup temperatures yet?
Because.... really those are two of my favorite things really 😍
@thesimplesignco .
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Home sick today. Looks like she’s feeling much better. 💃🏽

Happy Adoption day my sweet trice 💙
You are precious in every single way! You are more than my hopes and dreams! I look at your little face and huge smile and am in awe at Gods goodness, faithfulness and love. I’ve been in the same awe since Ive looked into those sweet eyes. God made me for you and you were made for me my sweet, sweet boy. He reminds me of and teaches me many things about myself. Trice has shown me a deep, strong unshakeable love. Love that is unmeasurable. Happy Adoption day/gotcha day/family day/forever a froning day sweet boy!

Today the kids are off at my parents house and I have the house to myself for a full day of work. I'm busy cutting out the most popular piece from Tuesday's opening, the Petal Blouse in Wisteria!! It feels good to get back into the swing of cutting and sewing, although @little_lady_leia is making me want to curl up in bed for a few minutes. But no time for that now, in my spare moments I'm already researching suppliers and fabrics for spring - shhh!! @preview.app

37 | 52 • Fall is creeping in and soon that summer glow + those freckles will be fading. Until next year... 🙃

Currently swooning over @littlevintagebabes Halloween collection that releases TONIGHT! 🎃 Paired with our Halloween Stripe mini Sailor bow from last year!

On a tous un poète
Au fond de soi
Logé dans la poitrine
Et qui fait rimer
Nos battements de cœur

I feel VERY blessed to have the privilege of staying home and running my photography business + homeschooling! Aiden has such a sweet and curious personality that drives his excitement to learn which makes teaching a breeze on most days.
But you guys, it’s not all rainbows and unicorns over here - yesterday morning was ROUGH! Aiden got frustrated while practicing his handwriting. He wasn’t writing the letter “S” correctly and I told him to trace the letter first on the worksheet to practice and then to write on his own “S”, which led to “you’re not teaching me right mom because you don’t want me to learn.” So I told him, “maybe you need a little bit of a break because that’s not true. I’m trying to help you.” Which of course led to, “you’re the meanest mom in the world” and him being sent to his room. He came out shortly after and apologized and completed his letters beautifully. I told him “I am so proud of you bud. You did an amazing job!” Aiden’s reply, “Mom next time, don’t help me because I do better without your help.” 😑😫
We are trying our best over here to find a balance between “mom” and “teacher” because I know he wouldn’t react that way if it was with someone else. Any mamas have any tips/suggestions to help us through this mom/teacher balance?!
PS. My baby looks so grown up here!😭

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