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This is how you do maternity pics, y'all — On a Ural, riding on an island in the PNW, with the ultimate riding buddy @jennylinquist . Wasn't a planned shoot or anything, just Jenny being Jenny and capturing regular everyday shenanigans, but making them look suuuuper cool. 😎 PS I can't wait to be 7-months-pregnant-size again (as I was in this pic). Being 9 months is a beeeech, you guys! But, also super cool and exciting 😍 #momthis #safetythird #startemyoung #3moreweeksuntilthisthingpops #openthemommyjuice 👶🏼🍷👶🏼🍷👶🏼🍷

Made my daughter a blanket fort. ...she didn't care.
#parentinghacks #whenyoumomthishard #tearinmybeermoment #dammititried #momthis

#shapegoals #gezundheit #momthis #justbreathe 💁💪❤❤👏👏

In 29 years this is the first time I will not be able to be with my Mom on her birthday. She is light, she is a warrior, she is dedicated and very professional. She is an extraordinary mother and fierce like a lioness. Today we celebrate her life. Gracias mamá. Felicidades. ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

The slower the better. The last couple of days I have been thinking deeply on the subject of intellect. I have been trying to see how i can slow things down to make Better sense of the situations i have been experiencing. I have slowed down the way I am practicing yoga. I have so much inspiration and motivation; so much spice for life! I am trying to channel it to the point where I have the ability to manifest this all into action and production. I want to help other people not just get into fancy yoga poses but to dig deep into the self and unlock boundaries, expectation, and lack of self worth. It is so important to me to wake up every morning and start a day fresh. I want to wake up every morning and try again, try harder. Slowly piece by piece habits change and commitment as well as discipline are turning into a way of life. Commitment and discipline are very important to me. I definitely am someone that needs those two components in my life to stay on track. Having a child has changed things and put a couple of ideas on hold. #momThis does not mean it cannot be accomplished, although I guess I am contemplating how to achieve things with her hooked by my side. I want her to look up to me. I want to inspire her to inspire others and see how it can affect the people you have in life surrounding you. It is very fascinating that we really really do attract people that are going through similar things or individuals that lead similar lifestyles. The #search continues... for #peaceofmind #simplicity #balance & #focus

Просто сказка ❤❄

The picture on the left was taken 7 months ago. I felt uncomfortable in my body and the last thing I wanted to do was take a picture. I wore a tankini that day to cover myself up because I was embarrassed, and I strategically placed my legs and arm in front of my stomach so you couldn't see my belly rolls.
The picture on the right was taken yesterday and it's almost like I'm a different person. You can see my confidence shine right through! Now, don't get me wrong, I still have tons of work to do, but for the first time in a REALLY long time, I felt confident and comfortable enough to wear that type of bathing suit. I wasn't covering up, I was/am freaking proud of the progress I've made, both physically and with my self esteem.

On April 10th and 17th, I will be opening up two virtual fitness groups and combining them. I'm looking to help 20 women who feel the way I felt in the picture on the left. I want to help you overcome all of your insecurities the way I did and am still currently doing. I want to show that just because we are moms doesn't mean we have to put ourselves last all the time. Most of all, I want you to feel confident in your own skin. So that when someone goes to take a picture of you and your family, you can stand tall and proud!
This group is NOT free... but includes:
- Workouts for an entire year OR a 30 day commitment to start
- 7 color coded portion control containers
- Complete custom meal plan
- Shakeology to help kill all your cravings and boost your energy
- Shaker cup you can take anywhere
- ME as your personal coach
- Access to my private, VIP LIFETIME support group after your first 30 days - A free T-shirt when you finish and send in your results!

If you're ready to commit, if you're ready to feel confident, please message me tonight so I can help you get started!
First come, first in! Let’s do this!


Made my daughter a blanket fort. ...she didn't care.
#parentinghacks #whenyoumomthishard #tearinmybeermoment #dammititried #momthis

Coffee dates with my little man! ☕️🍪 (those lashes!!!!!!😍)

Such a BIG word!! Not only is it my mothers name- but it also exemplifies her quite well. In time of need, you will find her quietly walk away and i know exactly where she is going!! Her Faith is amazing.... i know it has carried me and my siblings thru many trying times! I have always said- if I could be have the woman she was- Iʻd be in good shape- honestly, her shoes are hard to fill! #alwaystotherescue #momhasmeanfaith #grammi this #grammithat #momthis #momthat #justarandomshoutout #forthebestmō

Heart-to-Heart #Mother #Daughter Packages. Heart to Heart Mother/Daughter Mini Package $240 for Mother & Daughter (up to 15 years old) includes: Mini Pedicure & Polish Change, Spa Shampoo & Blow Dry and Full Makeup for Mom & Lip Gloss & Blush for Daughter ❤️ ❤️Heart to Heart Mother/Daughter Package $300 for Mother & Daughter (16 years or older) includes: 1 Hour Massage with Hot Stones, Escape Facial and Signature Manicure & Pedicure ❤️❤️ spa #spoilmom #life #family #smile #beautiful #momlife #momthis #mother #beauty #germantownspa #memphisspa #massage #facial #massagespecial #manicure #pedicure #spaspecials #mothersdayspecials #mom

It’s All About #mom on #mothersday 💐 Relax Mom | Spa Manicure & Spa Pedicure, Blow Dry with a Complimentary Kerastase Masque $125 💐 Pamper Mom | “Relax Mom” Package Plus Escape Facial 30 Minute Massage $260 💐 Spoil Mom| “Relax Mom & Pamper Mom” Plus Upgrade 30 Minute Massage to 1 Hour Massage with Hot Stones and receive a free gift $275 💐 #gds901 #spa #spoilmom #life #family #smile #beautiful #momlife #momthis #mother #beauty #germantownspa #memphisspa #massage #facial #massagespecial #manicure #pedicure #spaspecials #mothersdayspecials

Seriously though, could you be any more of a 10! 🙄We are hopeless at catch ups but man i feel lucky our little men brought us together! ❤️ @tiarncampbell

You will always be my baby sis, even if you aren't little anymore! 😍❤️

Over a decade of friendship, you've seen me at my absolute worst and I'm so glad to still have you by my side! 😘

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