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LEFT: NUTELLA EVERY DAY & RANDOM PINTEREST WORKOUTS😒😞|| MIDDLE: COUNTING MACROS & WEIGHTS + CARDIO 5-6x/week😖🤪|| RIGHT: INTUITIVE EATING & WEIGHTS + CARDIO 2-4x/week😊😌 I will forever be grateful that I chose to hire a fitness coach, who was prepping me to compete. It taught me just how much work and dedication it takes to get super lean and fit, and the gist of how to balance eating with exercise, but after 4 months I ran out of steam💨...physically & emotionally. It just wasn’t right for me at the time. I worried I’d regret taking a step back, but in all honesty, I have no regrets. My house is cleaner, my kids are happier & I feel a lot more energy & balance in my life. I don’t judge people who can hack it. But I’m not ashamed for changing my course. The way I eat and exercise now is easy to maintain. Am I as lean as I used to be? Nope. But with the help of my @warriorfuel_supps HERS #preworkout {Code: jessicafit} I take almost every day whether I workout or not, I am able to stay fairly lean and still maintain my sense of peace & sanity. There is a season & time for everything. Do what works best for YOU! I’d love to get to the gym strictly 5 days a week, and I hope to be able to maintain that schedule, but if it doesn’t happen? I’m OVER the guilt & feelings of failure! There’s so much more to life than a chiseled body! Happy weekend lovelies! 😘♥️

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Друзья мои, я уже давно знакома с такой мотивашкой - молодой и спортивной мамой😻💪Викторией! @vikatihonya .
И сегодня хочу вам порекомендовать ее лично! 🔥
Особое уважение к таким людям, кто после родов не только сохраняют фигуру, но и улучшают ее! .
А ведь знаете что?🤗
Вика тренируется только дома👍,сочетая все это с воспитанием сына и семьёй!👪 Пока кто-то оправдывает себя отсутствием возможности или времени🤔,Викуля не сидит на попе ровно,а качает свой орех🌰🌰🌰🤘!😻 .
Я считаю результат её трудов достоин уважения 👌👊 ОБРАТИТЕ ВНИМАНИЕ НА РАСТЯЖКУ! Это не гимнастка 😻Вика этого добилась сама! 🔥
В дополнение ко всему, у нее вы найдете полезную информацию и различные вкусные рецептики 🍰@vikatihonya 💋😋👉👉👉@vikatihonya
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Happy Thanksgiving from our crazy family to yours 😘
Today has been a whirlwind of food, family, and gratitude ❤️
I woke up celebrating huge business success with my team and then disconnected and spent the day with my boys!
I never in my life pictured us attempting to have Thanksgiving in France but this adventure is one we will never forget!
So cheers to you and your family, big adventures you never saw coming, and appreciating all the little moments that make life so big 💕

Get it girl 💪🏻😜
(About a 40 pound difference between photos)

#HappyThanksgiving from the Heidelberger family! This year we are especially grateful that we all still like and love each other.

Abs & Legs- So your going to Aunt Berthas for Thanksgiving & you won't have any workout equipment? I bet she has tupperware 😜🤣.You can use a paper plate,Tupperware lid or a towel on hard wood. Weights are helpful but optional! You can do this workout right at the foot of your bed if you need to even ! Super simple and totally different than most workouts. You will have abs on fire for your T-day dinner ! 5 rounds & 15 reps or what you have time for . And hat from @gnarlynutrition (they have a great Bcaa too) -----------------------------------------------------------If your would like info on becoming an online client click on the link in my bio @deliciouslyfitnhealthy and to see more before and afters (I just started this account a little over a month ago) check on @dfh.training.pics I still have lots to add there but am working on getting all the old ones hope and then posting one ones steadily



The one who is watching ... The one who wants to start working out ... The one who wants to feel amazing ... The one who is finally done making excuses ... but perhaps is a little hesitant to reach out for help ... I want YOU to join my post Turkey Day Group where we will get back on track after the feast was had🦃

Im super excited!! This is a 7-day group where you will get 4 brand new workouts, 7 packets of shakes, a brand new simple meal plan and ... one kick ass Coach ... The kick ass Coach is me BTW 😏

This 7-Day Group is just what we will ALL need to get back on track after Thanksgiving. I’m looking to personally work 1:1 with 10 women. This group will cap off as I️ want to be able to devote my time and energy into helping everyone get the best experience & results!
If you: •Want to start a healthy lifestyle
•Are willing to follow the meal plan and workouts
•Drink a shake a day
•Actively particulate in our private accountability group •Have fun and lose some weight
•Give me 7 of your days ... Then message me TODAY.
First come, first serve ... I'm only accepting 5 more busy ladies into this group. 💬COMMENT, 💌MESSAGE ME, or 👍🏼LIKE this post to secure YOUR spot 💕 ✌🏼Open to anyone in the 🇺🇸🇨🇦🇬🇧

Happy Thanksgiving! Although we missed my side of the family's celebration, today was fantastic. No rushing, naps, good food and great company. This is what the holidays are made of. That~ and, dogs in the way, super expressive CHEESES and ponytails that only these blondes can rock! 😂😍😂
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Grateful for the good, the bad, everything that got time to where I am today. ❤️ #blessed #grateful #happythanksgiving

We had the most perfect Thanksgiving ❤️❤️ Thank you to @lo_pringle and @beardedluke for hosting 😍 This is our first Thanksgiving since our Dad has passed so we are missing him extra right now. All I can hope is that he is here with us enjoying every second of our perfect family 🖤

You know what I love about having starting this wellness journey? Not only do I have support from my own coach, I actually have support from over 400 women and men on our team! On top of that I get support from my own challengers which means that even on my toughest days, there will be someone there to cheer me on.
The only thing better than this is that I get to support each and every one of these people right back 💪 We are stronger when we help each other. We are stronger when we tell each other that it's okay to feel that way! That we've been there, too.

These women and men who have become like family are the reason I push play some days and I couldn't be more grateful! 💖
#supporteachother #bekindtooneanother
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I can honestly say I'm thankful for my struggle because it had helped me learn to appreciate things I used to take for granted... and even rejoice in some things I never thought I wanted. ❤

Take a look around Instagram...20 something year olds...working out and taking half naked booty pics! That is not the reality for most of us!!! Most of us...will never look like that! I am 44 years old...I have had two kids...I have to work my ass off to be where I am...and I have a long way to go! But the reality is, that IS the reality for most of us! I know that I will never look like most of the chicks on social media....and I am fucken ok with that! I’m going to keep doing me! #pushyourself #44andbadass #fitness #beabetteryou #dontcompare #momsofinstagram #fitnessmom #keepgoing #keepitreal #thanksgiving #grateful #thisisme #reallife #smile #justbeyou #ageisjustanumber #40what #camoass #camo #shortshorts #sockgame #insane #newbalance #underarmour #momswithmuscles #stronger #ieatdonuts #idrinkwine #lotsofit #beyourownmotivation

Tip #5: Do more of the things that leave you in awe and wonder.
May be you are traveling over the river and through the woods to see Grandma. Maybe you're doing the tour du familia, driving all over the country. Or maybe you're just staying local with the holiday happenings...no matter WHERE this season takes you, make time to do the things that fill you with child-like wonder.
Why? Because those moments will help feed your soul and inspire creativity.
That's right, "healthy holidays" include the mental and spiritual too!

So go outside and count the stars. Get up early and watch the sunrise. Explore the beauty of a national park. Go hold babies in the NICU (if that's allowed in your hospital, of course.) Find your moments of wonder and let them lift your spirit and set your soul on fire. ❤


I think my wife may be a secret body builder. #momswithmuscles @coachmarykelley

The mind is just like a muscle - the more you exercise it, the stronger it gets and the more it can expand

#HappyThanksgiving from the Heidelberger family! This year we are especially grateful that we all still like and love each other.

Thankful for my girls 👯‍♀️🧜🏻‍♀️👩‍👧‍👧🌸

Get it girl 💪🏻😜
(About a 40 pound difference between photos)

Day 4/60 ✅
Our Thanksgiving workout is in the bag! Steve and I use holidays as a reason TO WORKOUT and not an excuse to not workout! 💪🏻
I am SO PROUD of Steve for increasing his max out time with Tabata Power by almost 8 minutes today! He maxed out at 19:07! 😱
I increased my max out time today too! On Tuesday I maxed out at 9:13 and today I maxed out at 9:40! Progress is progress! 🙌🏻
We’re ready to have an awesome Thanksgiving dinner now and not feel guilty about it! Feeling strong, healthy and BLESSED today.... so many things to be thankful for 💖

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