And all at once, summer collapsed into fall. 🍂

I have seen some really beautiful shots of moms gazing lovingly at baby in their crib and I wanted to do something like that for myself. Then I thought about it and realized that isn't our reality. The time I am at the crib is typically between 3-4 am trying to get her back to sleep after our night feeding so that's what I should capture to remember. So here is us at 4:15am.

Way back to my first’s first day of preschool. I love her innocence.

Two shades darker after swimming with titas @sofi.marie.heart @sobieong but this boy's collagen didn't budge. Happy weekend, felks. xx

🎂 🎉 Celebrated this guys 11th bday yesterday with a little shopping spree, some jumping , family dinner and a whole lotta love!! Can’t believe I have a pre-teen! .... talk about where did time go 🤪 .... 🙈❤️👀🙌🏽😍 😭#allthefeels #thisis11 #momofthree #birthdayboy

This trip was just two months ago, but looking at this picture of Lu feels like I’m looking at a different child. Babygirl started crawling this week, and I honestly don’t know if that’s late or early or right on time—I try (TRY) not to think too much about it. Lu has always done things on her own schedule—she sat unassisted long before rolling over; she picks up finger foods but has always refused to eat from a spoon. Time with an infant moves at a strange pace. These developmental milestones come much slower than I expected, because these things are already second nature to us. I forget this human started from scratch, and has to learn how to move and think and BE. Time becomes marked by these moments you are waiting to hit, and it’s easy to feel stressed, believing there’s some standard of progress you need to achieve, compared to other kids or even to some abstract timeline according to the internet. But Luna is Luna and she will do as she will do. And we’ll be there watching and waiting, enthralled at how she learns, enamored with the person she’s becoming.

w a i t i n g 4 b a b y 🌿 .
waiting for baby to arrive and still rearranging details in her room 💕

CUTEST! 🖤 Mtoto Wool-Blend Snapback. #jackandwinn #stayhip @melanieward16

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