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The most amazing and hard working mother and nana who raised me to be the woman I am today 💕 #mamabear #nanabear #family #colewileystickle#modelkls#usarmy #momswithboys #mommyblogger #simplysouthern #vader23

Just me and my little man selfies xox mommy loves you so much baby boy
#mylittleman #myyoungestson #son #mommyandson #momswithboys #iloveyousomuch

This little crazy boy makes my life complete ❤️
#365reasons2smile2018 #momswithboys

you can't make this stuff up, the way Landon falls asleep with his @replayrecycled snack container from @minimono.ca resembles mama with a bottle of vino. this is what it looks like when puffs are life, how did I even mom before I started throwing puffs around at the sign of ANY mischief. highchair, puffs, wiggles, repeat..... 🖤

Checking in with my girls, eating my pre workout meal, about to push play. .
The relationships are already strong. We’re bonding in our struggle and encouraging each other through it ALL. THIS is why I do what I do. I need this accountability and support just as much as they do. 💗👭
There’s always room for you! 😘

Right where I need to be ~ grumpy toddler cuddles turned into a deep sleep (for him) drool and all.. as I sit here with him on my chest, music playing, diffuser cranking thinking of what I should be doing, I’ll just relish in this moment that bit longer and freeze it in a photo (with the use of a Snapchat filter of course) 😝🌟✨

Good thing the sunset distracts you from our awkward family photo 😂😍

Every little guy needs a special Valentine's day shirt! $18 #valentinesday #momswithboys #glorybeeboutique

Being forced to watch.. #peeweeherman.. pray for me.. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 #adventuresofmeandbugs #movie #momswithboys #smdh #wth

1.15.2018| In case you couldn't tell, I'm slightly obsses with these amazing bottles of goodness! They have become our medicine cabinet!!! They have totally changed how we handle stress, lack of sleep, bloat, upset tummy, owies, staying above the wellness line and so much more, (Who doesn't suffer from any of this from time to time?). These oils give me such a peace of mind, as a mommy, knowing I'm helping my family and not harming them. My boys ask for them now! 🙌🙌 I love showing other mommy's how to help their family make healthier choices. What's stopping you from making one of the best decisions you'll ever make for your family? I'm here the whole step of your health journey along with a huge Facebook community! Let's give your medicine cabinet a makeover, shall we?💙
#health #momlife #blessingsinabottle #essentialoils #livingingrace2018

We had two days of fun beach time, sand castles, relaxing, homemade breakfast at the table, Netflix, tub soaking, sleeping in, and board games. It was a wonderful, low key, long weekend away! #happylife #momswithboys

Day 1/80. 💪🏻 That was humbling to say the least. I consider myself strong, but the way I’ve been treating my body the last month- shows. .
That hour workout took an hour and half because of pauses, cleaning up play dough 🙄, fixing my band, etc. At one point I felt so annoyed and even teared up some, but then I remembered: GRACE, BRITTANY. This is a WHOLE NEW journey. .
It’s been a while since I’ve followed a program 100% to the T, and this one is a whole different ball game. So just like I’ve been telling my girls in our group- ALLOW YOURSELF GRACE. .
You’re starting and committing to your health. 👏🏻
You’re getting outside your comfort zone. 👏🏻
You’re doing hard things, and GIRL, you’re gonna crush it. 🤜🏻🤛🏻 #graceoverperfection

When you leave your kid at grandma’s 😂 .
E assim começou a semana do Lucas..na casa da vovó! Diversão garantida para esse aí!

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