A little Flashback video from when “my trainer” was pushing me to the limit 😂

Our kids learn by what we show them, not by what we tell them.

My apartment is freezing. 10/10 would rather be on a beach in Mexico.

LOL - Yes, it was good 😂 Lorraine with a PR 91 kg jerk from the blocks! #nextgoal91CJ #girlswholift #momswholift #northdallasbarbell @lolaligz.
Join us at the North Dallas Barbell Winter Slam & Jam! 🏋️‍♀️❄️🏋️‍♂️❄️ USAW sanctioned meet on December 15th - register at link in bio!

Who wants to get in on this with me?
Get some extra $ for the holidays!! Motivation, accountability, competition!! Get your body ready for all the holiday goodies and festivities!! Open to anyone using any method or program with a $20 buy in!!! Dm me for details 🤗 ❤Lets get and stay healthy this holiday season ❤

Ok, so I know this whole coach thing seems weird to most of you, and honestly, I thought the same thing for a VERY long time. I never really knew what it all entailed, and of course what we don’t know is often scary to us. BUT I just have to talk about two of my girls real quick. 👭 These girls have recently decided to put their fears aside and do something for themselves. They have both had babies recently, and are not using that as an excuse, but as a motivator. Since they’ve started, they’ve showed up EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. with determination. Seeing the change in @the.bookish.babe’s body over just TWO WEEKS and how excited she is with her results is SO WORTH IT. And how @nadeener3 wakes up chasing her goal every morning makes me push that much harder for mine. I can’t imagine where I - and so many others - would be if it wasn’t for coaching. 🤷🏻‍♀️🤔 .
So yeah, I’m here to help people and I like to do it. If you need help, I’m here 👋

Something I need to learn :::self love::: I need to love every step of this journey and show my kids that self love is so important. Find that one thing you LOVE and do it everday, even just an hour!
Today was legs and I increased weight on every exercise I did 💜
#selflove #mymetime #inspiration

It's amazing what you can achieve when you put your mind and consistent effort to something 💯

Deadlift Day
Worked up to 320 2x1
Beltless Deficit Snatch Grip DL- Worked up to 255x1
Ab wheel 5x10

#deadlift #powerlifting #girlswhopowerlift #momswholift #meetprep #4weeksout #burrittbuilttrainingfacility #burrittbuilt #legs #glutes #abs

Stocked up on my snacks today 🤤 These complete me 💛 Now I have to try not to eat them all at once 😅 #broadbeans

It's been a long few days here but I'm still kicking. Accepting what is, beginning the process all over again of what was and trying to have faith in what will be. Sometimes, we put all our eggs in a basket and it doesn't work out in our favor. I'm letting grief run its course and then I'll pick myself back up. Because that's what I do. Having these beautiful faces to remind me that love is still all around me is what is most important right now. It gives me purpose. Another few miles in the bank today in a gorgeous glow of 60 degree sunshine. T minus 11 days to my next half and attempt at a sub 2 hour PR. 🏃‍♀️❤
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Do you know what joining a group of women all on the same journey, with the same goals, similar dreams, and the heart to help and empower women to live their best lives gives you? ✨ COURAGE ✨

✨ Courage to leave a job where I was incredibly unhappy ✨ Courage seek help to better myself as a mom and wife
✨ Courage to learn how to stop holding grudges
✨ Courage to share my story to inspire others
✨ Courage to embrace the mission of what I do as a coach
✨ Courage to not let my fear hold me back ✨ Courage to meet new people ✨ Courage to be me
✨ Courage to dream big and to chase those dreams!

All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them. ~ Walt Disney

Do you need a dose of courage? I got you! Message me and let’s chat!

In the last post, I talked about why breath work is important and how to retrain your brain to breathe better. Now let's talk about how this applies to exercise. As I discussed, your pelvic floor and diaphragm work as a unit. When you inhale your pelvic floor relaxes and descends. When you exhale, it recoils and lifts. For obvious reasons, we want our pelvic floor UP when we lift things! Am I right??!! So, if you remember nothing else...remember this. EXHALE WITH EXERTION!
When you exercise (or even lift that heavy-ass car seat), you exhale on the exerting part of the movement. Here, I use the deadlift as an example. You inhale when relaxed at the bottom, exhale to stand, lifting pelvic floor and drawing deep abdominals together. This same strategy applies to any exercise. Exhale when you push. Exhale when you pull. Exhale when you stand up from a squat. Exhale when you exert. Exhale when you exert. Exhale. Exert. Did I brain wash you yet?
#getmomstrong #thevaginawhisperer #diastasisrecti #pelvicfloor #breathe #fitmoms #momswholift #postpartumfitness #fitmomsofig

Monday night booty pump has me 💀 Wrapped up week 5 of the @kk_fit_ bulking guide and was so happy to see one of my fav booty burnouts on there!
Hip Abductor machine - Moderate weight
(I did 105 when I usually do 140-150)
30 reps
Drop the weight by 30-40% (I did 75)
30 more reps
Repeat 3x 😌🍑💀

21 day fix complete ✨
Where ever you start, where ever you’re headed, don’t give up. I was so embarrassed to take those pictures on the first day but, they would motivate me and continually gave me a reference point. I can’t wait until my “after” photo turns into my “before” photo! .
Onto the next program. 💪🏼 .
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