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✋❗ HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO SUPERWOMAN ❗❗❗#MOMDUKES When I was younger everybody in my family used To Say she was way to strict and never let her kids do a lot she took me off numerous teams bc I didn't meet her standards or didn't have a good attitude she brought her Army training in the house she made me do extra homework had us in church 4 days a week taught us the importance of personal responsibility the reason I'm a great orator the perfect debate practitioner she is mom and dad we never went without we were proly the only kids in NORTH DURHAM with our own encyclopedias I LOVE the life my mom provided for me she does a lot of things I don't agree with but I wouldn't change the character of woman she is for nothin HAPPY BIRTHDAY LADY #INCOMPARABLE #SUGAR&SPICE #MOMMAmakesMOVES #IMBLESSED #NECESSARYHASHTAGS #MOMSTAKENOTES 3 highschool grads 2 college Men and an AIRFORCE WOMAN #YEAMOMisARMYSTRONG❤💙💜💛

I want to wish my mom a very happy birthday today! Words cannot express what she means to me, and the gratitude I have for everything she has done for me. I honestly know that I have the best mom in the world! Love you mom! :-) #MomsTakeNotes #BeatMomEver #TheQueenOfMyHeart #SoBlessed #Grateful #Beautiful #HappyBirthdayMom

So little monsters this is me getting Lady Starlight's outfit ready for her opening act at the Auckland BTW Ball. Thank u for an amazing 1st night. 2nd show in 3hours. #momstakenotes

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