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Sometimes I feel like I could go for days without posting a picture here because it isn’t ‘perfect’🙄 well being a parenting blogger life isn’t always perfect, and they do say never work with dogs and kids! So here is a simple picture I snapped of the small lady who is sat right beside the wild Atlantic on a cold day in November, and she is as snug as a bug in a rug, she may not even be wearing trousers! I always get asked about the buggy blankets I use for Lucy, usually it’s the one from @nod_pod_baby which is fabulous but in the winter and with all the walking we do to and from school (and around the house to get her to sleep sometimes, needs must!) I needed something cosier. This more beautiful cover and blanket is from @fluffyfields.ie and it is cleverly designed, it is incredibly useful and it is just beautiful ❤️ I also got this hand muff which is great for a mother who could never lay her hands on a pair of gloves no matter how many ‘pairs’ I may own! 🙄 #gifted #snugasabug #wildatlanticway #whyisshesogrumpy #whoknows

There is nothing in this world like the magic of Christmas in the eyes of your kids, wouldn’t you agree ??

My boys 💙 One who gave in to my request to hang up our Christmas lights and went full on Clark Griswold. And the other who has one entire week off of school. It’s getting all holiday-ish up in here! #thankful {📷 @jenniferspencerphotography}

We all know being a mom is hard. And while I'm outrageously blessed to have my mom, my mother-in-law, and my 4 rockstar sister-in-laws (who are all awesome moms) to give me lots of advice, being over 2000 miles away from them means I often feel like I'm stranded on an island, left to google what's normal and what milestones my kiddo should have hit, and wonder if he should be playing violin yet (just kidding...sort of?) Anyway, a girlfriend of mine just introduced me to the @peanut app, and I've found it SO encouraging. It's basically like tinder for moms. You can set up playdates, ask for advice, and just meet other great, like minded moms in your area. So for all you mommas out there, away from your families and just needing some serious super mom encouragement, check out this incredible app! It's a game changer. #GirlPower #MomsRock

shoutout to my mom for taking this pic & waking up at 4:30 am to take me on a college visit #momsrock

Today was my first day back at work, one week after Paloma Mae was born. I work for the Buell Foundation, which focuses on helping children from birth to age five access resources and supports so that they have an opportunity to arrive at elementary school Kindergarten ready. We also fund parenting education and teen pregnancy prevention work across Colorado. My work world and real world have collided with Paloma's birth.
Luckily for us, @sylviancl2 has 8 weeks of paid leave, and I'll have approximately 8 weeks, too. But, it's maddening that the US is one of only three countries to not guarantee any paid leave for new mothers. Oman and Papa New Guinea are the other two. In fact, about 25% of new moms go back to work within 10 days of giving birth. WTF. #momsrock #kidsdeserveit 1/2


Such a fun time photographing this beautiful momma and her kiddos! Being a mom is hard work and this woman right here is doing an amazing job at raising 2 smart, funny, and kind humans. Double tap if you know and love a hard working mom too! We all could use a little extra love today and everyday! XO #familyphotography #lasvegasfamilyphoto #momsrock

Bluebells stand for humility and gratitude, in the language of flowers popularized by the Victorians. Gratitude is a very helpful attitude (just ask any American gearing up for Thanksgiving this week.) What about humility? How is it helpful to recognize our limits as parents? Here are some ways humility can help. It can remind us to turn to others and ask them to join our team, including teachers, relatives, speech-language pathologists, doctors, even social workers. Humility can remind us to take time to rest and recuperate. Humility can help us see that we are collaborating with our children in this process, and their needs can be balanced with ours. Humility doesn’t have to mean embarrassment or self-criticism. It just reminds us that we are all in this together #bluebells #allinthistogether #humilityiskey #watercolourflowers #momgoals #selfkindness #attitudeofgratitude #behaviourartist #happyfamilies

"70% of women with children under 18 participate in the labor force"- US Department of Labor

Let's take a second during this time of gratitude to thank all the moms out there who #makeworkworkforthem 💕💕💕💕💕

Today we’re celebrating Nova’s “UN-BIRTHDAY” because #Motherhood is 95% being able to adjust to everything.
Motherhood is having your 5-year olds birthday interrupted by a 4 hour ER visit because her little brother fell and busted his mouth open.

Motherhood is being exhausted but rushing home to salvage some birthday joy to throw together her birthday cake and a late birthday dinner of choice, (with now understandably clingy 2 year old attached to your hip). Motherhood is being so willing to go to the moon when they ask you to, but thanking God Almighty that when asked what she wanted for her birthday dinner, that she excitedly asked for “Whole Foods hotdogs and red peppers!” (🙏🏽🙌🏽). #Parenthood is being heart present even when obligations keep you from physically being there. It is jumping off a flight straight from filming, rushing home to your bday girl who is already sleeping, and taking her on a “Papa Daughter midnight birthday breakfast”. 😘😘 @omarihardwickofficial
And lastly, parenthood is knowing #coffee is your bff after being up all night with one kid and getting up to make the other feel special.
Soooo when our Super Nova the Super big sister, asks for y’all to have purple hair for her #UnBirthday...you give the girl what she wants.
Sending a big shout out to all the parents who make it all work while smiling...and being hopped up on #caffeine of course. 😉

#Twinsies #PurpleHair #HappyUnBirthday #MomsRock #BlessedLife #RollWithThePunches #Yawning #ThankGodForCoffee #MomLife #Kids #ToddlerMom #MomOfABoy

This January will be a year with this thing on. I do confess I didn't wear it much in the summer 😑 I'm nursing more then one issue hoping they will both be resolved by the end of the year. Oxygen therapy starts Monday 🕴🕴🕴#gratitude #mylifeismyown #healing #singlemoms #momsofboys #footloose #fancyfree #workingmoms #reallife #momsrock #luckyme #guidance #financialfreedom #bluehouse #lovemyson #lovemylife #thanksgivingiseveryday #manifest #iamopentoreceiving #itall #loveandlight #freedom #happiness #peaceandlove

PERSONAL POST || Have you ever just had one of those days or maybe a few where you just feel completely exhausted and wonder if you are even doing a good job as a mom? I mean I can’t even remember the last time I made a really “hearty” meal for my family. Trying to juggle being a mom of 2, running a business to be the best you want it to be, always feeling like you breastfeeding on the go (I literally breastfed Ava while conducting an interview last week), running from appointment to appointment, and all the millions of responsibilities in between feels like a bit much sometimes. “Am I doing what I should be? Am I juggling too much? Why does it feel like Ava is growing up way faster than Jaxon? Am I doing a good job? Am I giving my kids enough? I haven’t cooked dinner again.” These are just a few of the millions of thoughts that run through my mind sometimes and I’m sure it’s the same for you other mamas too!
But photos like these 🙌🏻 I LOVE being a mom!!! A friend of mine (you know you are) once told me “if you wonder if you’re doing it right and if you are a good mom, then it already means you are one!” Love this saying! ❤️ Well done to ALL mamas! You ALL rock & and doing an AMAZING job!! 🙌🏻👏🏻👏🏻

Be the mother out here living her best life!

Hairstylist Bryan Tarka
Crafted Hair Studio
...Highs and lows, beige tone for Momma Tarka ❤️✨...
@wellahair @wellahair
November 2017

¤ Movement ¤

There is something inherently beautiful about capturing it's moment in time. .....
When you open yourself to the possibilities, even simple wonders can shine through. 💫
..... The moment of NOW.

What do you see 👀 or feel 💨 that inspires you - fills you up, makes you sing 🎤? #breatheintothemoment #motivation #todayisamazing #motionlover #experiencenow #leadwithlove #momsrock
#seebeautyeverywhere #mompower #joyfulandmighty #joyfulmamas #unfiltered #sunset #lakelife #constructionlife #picturesfromtheworktruck #constructiongoddess

Guess what guys- I have a Black Friday Burfday!! #mimiturns10
Thank you all for your kind words of love and support during this time. Mom's been working a little because the service will be next week.
My mom sez grandpa is her daddy. I sure love my daddy. ❤💜💚💛
Happy Thanksgiving guys! We love you...
#thanksgiving2017 #mimiturns10 #rossassyseniors #seniorlady #stillgotsomespunk #ilovemydaddy #momsrock #daddysgirl #dadsarespecial #bestdadever #grumpaw #bewell #instafuriends #instafamily #love #englishbulldogs

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