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Ohmygosh I love you so much mom ❤ #MomsOutThere #WeOutThere


We are still under the magical spell of @disneylandparis who is celebrating its extraordinary 25 years.

Despite the weather yesterday, we found ourselves enjoying the soft rain droplets and chilly climate as we walked along the decorated parks.

I personally find the parades and shows the most enchanting as if it were my very first time.
But after all, that is the secret of #disney. Isn't it?

Let’s make this week amazing ....
What A Journey🔥🔥🔥🔥

Life is full of adventures!! Laughs, tears and sorrow!!! Make this week your goal week!!! #goals #exams #science #medicine #faith #momsoutthere #santorni #oia #fira #redbeach #paradise #atv #windy #thejourneyislong #notfortheweakhearted

I see a smile peeking through 😩💞 Today we went walking through a cute little town and enjoyed this beautiful fall weather. Honestly I am kind of sad that it doesn’t last longer. Like when winter comes around what do you guys do with your littles?

Thank you all for coming, and in making this event another successful experience.
More pictures will be posted soon on my social media accounts.
Stay tuned.

Happy Monday everyone !! 😘😘 #momsoutthere #fitmom #mondaymotivation

Keep that in mind super mommies, you all rock!

Morning coffee with Katy Holmes @forevermumdxb. Join us to try some of the amazing products of "Forever Living", and to get the chance of learning how you can work flexibly as a stay at home mom!

Date: Tuesday, October 17, 2017
Time: 10:00 am
Where: Leopold's of London @nationtowers
Egg cheese and tomato croissants
Yogurt and fruits
A choice of three different types of coffee and a juice.
Cost: 65 AED

Registration and payment to be made BEFORE  October 15 in order to guarantee your spot as places are limited.
And of course lots of prizes await you.
Contact thehelicoptermommy on: raniahussant@gmail.com

Upcoming event soon!
Where: @leopoldsoflondon
Who: Forever Living @forevermumdxb
When: 17/10/2017
Stay tuned for more details.

You do not want to miss it.

Thank you @mumzynotebook for the blog content planner which I find very practical.

Up on the blog today; 'My Third Blogiversary'
How far I have come and what has been achieved?
Check it out.

Photo credit @nad_naddoun
Venue @atelierblanc.ae

Last but not least the amazing mummy @chirineajouz who tells all about her career experience as a mom of three!

Thank you again my dearest ladies for making this initiative a big success. Your words and tips have inspired a lot of moms out there. Couldn't have done it without you.
@yasmina.audi @mumsinbeirut @mamazou85 @working_mother_of_2 @chirineajouz @petites_choses @maman_chocolat @mammas_garden @mumzynotebook @dxbmommysjourney @dahliaphotography_ @rachahallakphotography @raniamerchak

Meet Khushboo mother of a cute little girl and read how she manages her life as a working mom.
Link in bio

A Lizzie é uma inspiração para mim.. Mãe de 2 meninas com menos de 3 anos e olhem só o Resultados dela!
Somos Treinadores Herbalife e muito orgulhosos com os resultados que esta Nutrição nos permite ter!
Junta-te a nós 📧tapasfitcouple24@gmail.com


Meet Yasmine, lovely mother of three and read how she manages her busy life as a working mom.
Link in bio

Do not miss it!

A question to all moms out there, what did you do to get your flat tummy back after having kids? Surgery? Dieting? Exercising?

I wonder how I would look like after having 2 kids. I heard it was hard to get in shape and now I KNOW how hard it is because no matter what I do it feels like once I went through that belly stretch and growing the babies there the tummy is never getting flat again 😭. (Not true, it's flat in the morning when I just get up and then I drink water and it's baaaaack)

What I am working on now is to ALWAYS keep it sucked in (which is not easy at all, have to be focused). I have compliments from people who met me a year ago and they say the tummy is definitely gone by now but when I don't suck it in, it's like on the picture.
Hey, don't think it bothers me too much and keeps me up at #, not at all, I'm so thankful to my body for getting into a BETTER shape than I used to be even before I had kids. I just want to see what else I can do because there is always room for improvement.
#flatabs, #aquestiontoallthemoms,
#afterhavingkids, #whenyoudontsuckitin, #yourstomach, #atthebeach, #sothankful, #stillworkingonit, #flatstomach, #relaxed, #yourtips, #momsoutthere

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