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😘 love you #bff #memorialdayweekend #momsoftwo 👙🌴☀️🌈 @vcfeder

2 weeks in & @domelicae is down 6 whole pounds 😱

With the Herbalife products & her meal plan she has been able to drop some baby weight, but it doesn't stop here 😁 we keep going

Remember my coaching includes
- Meal plan
- Grocery list
- Fitness guide
- Team Motivation
Contact to get started

Stoked for our Vegas takeover next month 👯🥂 (p.s can you believe this perfect thing birthed 2 kids?) #hotmamaclub #momsoftwo

Погуляли сегодня отлично! Ноги отваливаются! Дети довольны,родители тоже! Люблю такие насыщенные дни)))#momsoftwo #маркиматвей

Mamas in da house!!🔥🔥🔥#дочки #momsoftwo#hot#happy#kidsparty

secret tunnels, guava fights, pasteles&fried bananas, uncle mikeys, crown and pineapple backs, 99 BANANAS🍌, tahitian dancing, truck stealing, first 💗 loves and heartaches, mission impossible nights how we survived is still a mystery👯 #hilodaswhy #countrygirls #mybungie #fitsisters #momsoftwo

I feel bless💫💜#momsoftwo

Kangaroos ... Family - Freedom - Friends #🌺 #🌲 #☀️ #momsoftwo with many things in common ! @natalieratabesi


She wouldn't eat her lunch but she sure chows down on the hummus and chips... followed by grapes 🍇 , watermelon 🍉 and red peppers 🌶 with hummus. 😋

#latelunch #lebaneseforsure

Sweaty mess express 🚂 coming through!! 📢

After a weekend of living on cheeseburgers 🍔 and pasta salad ➕ no workouts 😕 (we literally cooked out two nights in a row), I guess it was time to get back at it today 😬. I have no regrets though! We had a fun weekend with friends and family and it's ok to overindulge from time to time!
I'm only human and yes my eating isn't always super healthy. However, I make sure that for as much of the not so healthy stuff that I eat, I try to balance it out with 4 times as much of the good stuff! 👍🏻 chicken salads prepped for the whole week ahead 🥗🙌🏻 Add a daily 30 minute workout in and voila! 💫 you have the recipe for success! Fitness is not just about being fit, it's about being better overall. Better than you were yesterday and stronger on the inside than you ever thought possible.
So get up and smack Monday in the face! Get back on track and show it what's up! That's what I plan to do today! 😁

Movie 🎥 Night! Love Sunday nights! 💕

After 2 days straight of Pirate Bay and Visitors, these 2 are beat! 😴

From holding to beers to babies...and still beers ha. 🍻👯‍♂️👯👶🏼👶🏼👶🏼 #ateam #aubs #atown #adison #friendsfordecades #momsoftwo #famsoffour

✨Everything comes from the core of who you are.✨ ~SHAUN T
We have to laugh through the tough times. It reminds me that we are LIVING! No matter what life throws at you , just KEEP GOING! Fight through the pain. Take chances. We are not perfect. My sister and I don't have the perfect relationship but when it comes to fitness & health we get to bond! Fight for it! Sweat for it! And forget it! You will SUCCEED! .
#HappyWednesday #wednesdays #wcw #crushiteveryday #thishappenedonsaturday #latergram #fitness #curvylatinas #momsoftwo #boysandgirls #sister #coachcarla11 #Anabanana #coachlife #egypt #ethan #halo #xander #wedoitforthekids #wedoitforus #weightloss #goals #gains #muscles #repeat #fitmoms @lioness_257 Kicking ass last Saturday!

These ✌🏻 crazies!! After a full week, TGIF!! 🙌🏻

My upline coach and I had an amazing morning with Kevin Shaw from Beachbody corporate!! 😁

We had an opportunity to chat with him and do a business brainstorming session which was absolutely awesome!! To be able to get a different perspective from someone who has so much knowledge of this industry was truly appreciated today. ☺️ It was also a great reminder of why I do what I do. Kevin asked us both why we got into this business in the first place.
I had several answers to that :

1. To build a business from home- something that I can call my own - while being able to raise my kids and not miss out on anything.
2. To have something to fill my cup and give me a purpose besides SAHM
3. To have work life balance!! 🙏🏻For the first time in my life I finally have work life balance after leaving the corporate world 🌎
4. To simply help others!! My background is social work, so it's my natural instinct to help others! Except in this business, I'm helping people who TRULY want my help which wasn't always the case in my former job. Sure there were patients who wanted my help but I've also dealt with a good amount of people who did NOT want my help. I've been spit on, threatened, cursed out, and even smacked across the face 😳When I was working in healthcare.
5. To help other women (my coaches) realize that they too can build a business from home and have that gift of time to be with their kids and be able to pursue their own interests while still bringing in an income and having something to call their own.
6. Because Health and fitness have been a passion 💓of mine for many years and now I get to "work" in a field that I am passionate about. I get to help others feel good about themselves again while being surrounded by a positive community of other people trying to do the same thing!
7. And finally because after 12 years working in healthcare, I'm so tired of seeing people come in to an establishment like a dialysis center when it's simply too late to make a change. Instead, I get to help people take control of their health and add years to their lives so they can possibly avoid chronic illness and live their best lives yet! 💕

Siblings love
Kakak Khalif with Neng Kiandra

Menjadi ibu dr 2 anak dgn beda umur 15 bulan g dipungkiri repotnya, ditambah saya adalah seorang working moms...
Tapi kalau banyak orang berpikir ini adalah beban terberat saya, saya pastikan dya tdk tau rasa nikmatnya punya 2 anak menggemaskan ini 😘.
Memang bukan rencana kami (saya Dan suami) untuk pny anak yg beda umurnya cm 15 bln. Tapi, alhamdulillah Alloh kasih kami rejeki secepat ini menghadirkan kiandra untuk melengkapi keluarga kecil kami. Alloh kasih amanah ini, saya percaya lengkap dgn segala kecukupan Dan kemampuan saya untuk membesarkan amanah dr Alloh ini.

Kadang yg bikin down adalah penilaian orang2 saat tau perbedaan umur anak saya, berasa aja dinyinyirin, berasa di 'wekdor'in (aah bahasa apakah ini 😂) sama orang2.
Padahal kite kan gak ngerepotin situ iyeeiiy (gkgkgkgkk 😅) Ah,udah lah yaaa...
Kebahagiaan itu kita yg ciptain dan org lain yg nyinyirin... .
#emakbaper #emaksensi #curcol #emakemaklyfe #momsoftwo #proudmoms #happymoms

Friday!! 🙌🏻 Finally! Get that workout checked off your list early today! ✔️✔️✔️ 6:30am and mine was done 😁

Had a rough night of sleep with one sick dog 💩
Yep! It was that kind of night 😆 but I still got
My butt up and did it. It's always going to be something (with 2 kids and 2 dogs 👉🏻they all take turns over here!!), so just get over yourself and the excuses and get moving!! 🏃🏻‍♀️ Happy Friday friends!! 😊

💁🏻Sometimes you just need to get your booty🍑 kicked by a trainer and this girl certainly kicked mine tonight!! I will be feeling that tomorrow!! 😬I found out the hard way what the Jacob's Ladder machine is... 😆

It was nice to get out of my element of my home workouts and push myself even harder today with some fun weight training 🏋🏻‍♀️ Definitely need that challenge every now and then! It helped me put my own workouts into perspective and ask myself if I'm really giving it my all when I'm doing my workouts at home. 🤔 after tonight, I'm thinking I may need to dig a little deeper! 🤗 👉🏻 If you are local to the area, Tuesday nights are ladies night 💄💅🏻💃🏻 @oldschoolironcle in Brookpark. Come check out the gym and ask for Chelsea! She is an amazing trainer! 💕 Thank you @messyponytailclub!! 😘

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