🎵 there’ll be days I lose the battle
Grace says that it doesn’t matter
‘Cause the cross already won the war 🎵
Can’t wait to see MercyMe this summer!

I might be having some ME time. Today was stressful. I learned a lot, some things I wish I could unlearn. I have to keep moving forward. My family has to keep moving forward. In the meantime, i am trying out some new soap in a hot bath with an ice cold beverage! Kudos to hubs! I can hear the kiddos banging on the wall and his deep voice being gentle and firm, and then little boy giggles. Lol, totally his turn. #loveyababe #cheeringyouon #fromanotherroom @hierholzerandsons #perfectlyposh #bedtime #metime #mondayfunday #momlife #boys #vaguebook #rollingrock #beer #beerandabath #bubblebaths #momsoflittleboys #hashtag

✨Fill In The Blank✨ You know what to do! Winners get bragging rights and a fun little shoutout in my Stories. But really, it’s just your chance to be funny on a Sunday.
I’m going to start. The craziest thing I found in a junk drawer (before I ditched Junk Drawers altogether) was a baby spoon. And I didn’t have a baby at the time... 🤔 YOUR TURN! #lbblank

He always wants me to take a picture of him, then laughs like crazy after it takes the shot. #lovethiskid #camerahog #photoedit #momsoflittleboys

I am over the moon that I was blessed to be your mom! Ryder you are the perfect little boy. ❤️ you give me strength when I thought I would break. You will always be mommies little hero! •

#mommyandme #watchrydergrow #mommieslittlehero #utahmom #utahmommas #utahvalleymoms #momsoflittleboys #polynesian #mommyandsontime

Current favorite praise song. One of the many.

Happy Mothers Day to PEC Rookie @boricua_sunnshinee !!!!! We love you!!!! #PECForever #PhoenixMama #MotherhoodIsLife #MomsOfLittleBoys

Happy Mothers Day to PEC Vet and Co-Captain @a.shon.da !!!!! We love you!!!! #PECForever #PhoenixMama #MotherhoodIsLife #MomsOfLittleBoys

Another round of runny nose and watery eyes means mommy and little man are snuggling indoors and resting up on this warm spring Saturday! 💞 #richardvance #10months #dimples #smile #baby #boy #boymom #momsoflittleboys #firsttimemom #momsofig #momsofinstagram #spartanburgmom #spartanburg #sc #travelingrealtormom

Doesn’t she look just like me?! Today we had a Mother’s Day tea party at my son’s school. We watched some beautiful videos, heard silly poems, watched our children perform songs they have been practicing so hard for us, and we shed some tears. Our kids “drew” a portrait of us. Caleb always tells me he loves my long pretty hair, so I knew right away which one was me. ☺️ She looks just like me!

Embrace the Chaos🤪
It’s Gotta Be May
Have fun with it! .
Every year since Teegan was almost 2, we go to the circus. Not sure why we started it, but we have this tradition of going to Ebenezer’s for dinner and then to the circus. This week the circus is in town over a week and weekend when we are slammed. But we made it happen. 🤪
I knew it would be a long day. I knew it would be a long start of the weekend. I knew we would all be wiped. But I also knew that they would notice if we skipped. I knew that the look forward to our monthly family dates that have been few and far between in 2018. And I really know that someday...someday probably not very far away, they won’t want to go to the circus and if they do, they will want to go with their friends. 😢
So despite the crazy week, the late night, the busy weekend ahead, I embraced it...the dinners that went uneaten, the “Mom, I’m hungry!” as soon as we got there, the sticky fingers, the Dip ‘n Dots, Teegan’s shrieks and Holden’s dance moves. Someday I will want it all back! .
So, have fun! Despite the chaos, as you embrace it, have fun. The circus, every concert, play, performance, track meet, game, recital, and school function. Our kiddos look forward to these big events, and even though “it’s gotta be May,” we gotta have some fun with it, cause someday we’re gonna miss this...we’re gonna want this back...we’re gonna wish these days hadn’t gone by so fast...these are the good times...so take a good look around...you’re gonna miss this. 💕

✨Fill In The Blank✨ I look forward to these all week because you guys are hilarious! I love all your fun answers, and as always, I’ll share my faves. 💜 #lbblank

I love going to my work conference every year. Going gives me such a renewed sense of purpose within my position in my office. I feel like God uses it to re-ignite my fire that so easily gets put out.
It’s usually in October, but they switched it up this year due to some conflicts. This past week was finals week + graduation was held this weekend. Watching all of the students rush around between buildings, study on the large grassy knoll outside, and take photos with their friends made me miss college for a hot minute.
I reminisced all of the fun things I did during college and regretted some of the things I didn’t do or get to do because felt like I was held back in the relationship I was in most of my college years. I regret not going to one of the 10 bigger and better schools I was accepted to. I regret not living on campus or joining that sorority. I regret spending my time either working or studying and not “enjoying the college experience.” I regret missing out on law school and the plans I had made for myself to be a hot shot criminal lawyer.
And just when I begin to have a little bit of self pity I remember all of the things I have because I didn’t have those experiences. I reconnected with my first love, we got married, we had our son, and we have a home. I have a job that I enjoy on most days. I have friends that I love dearly. And I don’t think I would be here without those regrets. I am right where He wants me to be. I am still figuring out His purpose for me. But I know this is where I’m meant to be. ❤️

I'm sure you've heard the addage "Opinions are like buttholes, everyone has them." It is true in literally every aspect of our lives...
How we eat.
What clothes we wear.
How we raise our children.
What lifestyle choices we make.
What career we choose {or don't choose}.
Our education, etc. etc.
I could go on for days and days about what criticisms I see or hear on a daily basis.
But I’m here to tell you,
You do you, boo. 💁🏼‍♀️
Eat how you choose if it works for YOU.
Wear what YOU feel comfortable or confident in.
Raise YOUR children with the values you value.
Make your own lifestyle decisions, your own education, and your own career decisions.
But please don’t judge or criticize others for decisions that may be different than yours. Do what’s best for YOU and no one else.

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