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Kegiatan di dapur hari ini, what’s for lunch today? 😉

Hurry over now!! 🛍 Link in bio or www.mycolorstreet.com/westcoastsparkle 💎 #becolorstreet #westcoastsparkle #colorstreet

Alright guys! My website is up and my very first blog post is now available. I will be posting frequently so much more content will be filling those pages very soon! It’s safe to say Stripes & Strollers is still “under construction.” But what the heck, you gotta start somewhere, right? *Link in bio! (I’ve always wanted to say that...lol)
I’m curious, what are you guys thinking of doing this year? A new hobby perhaps? Take a class and learn something new? Pursue a passion that you’ve left on the back burner?

Trained chest and shoulders today but can’t resist a booty pic👌🏻 #booty #chest #shoulders #training

Can we not do this?
Fine... I'll Give you whatever you want. Just go to bed.
RP @mommywinetime
#workingmom #tiredaf #goodnight

My pride and joy. My every bit of happiness, my reason I try hard, and the love of my life. Love being her mama. 📷
#mom #daughter #momsofinstagram #motherdaughter #leaves #winter #plaid #blackandwhitephoto #Natalia #babygirl #toddler #baby #mylife

When I see things like this , I always wonder if I interrupted a cartoon mice party. They have to be cartoon mice. Real mice freak me TF out. #Random. #MyBrainIsScarierThanYourBrain #MomThoughts #TomAndJerry #JerryLovedToParty #MomsOfInstagram

My little Odie Podie. She just HATES the sight of blood, hence ABHORS wiggling and losing teeth. 😒
She's had 4 loose teeth for the past 2 weeks, but hasn't worked much on loosening them up. Then last week, she was eating pizza 🍕, looked down to take a bite, noticed blood on her pizza 🍕, felt her teeth...and her bottom canine was GONE!!! She'd accidentally swallowed it!!! 😮
Then last night, at basketball 🏀 practice, she got hit in the face with the basketball 🏀...and her TOP canine got knocked out!!! They couldn't find it. It was possibly ALSO swallowed!!! 😮
NOW she's a happy camper, but boy, WHAT a WAY to lose your teeth!!! 🙄
What was the most memorable way YOU lost a tooth when you were little...? 🤔

I was emailing with a sweet customer today who said she doesn’t even know how I’m filling orders right now. I told her that it’s hard to separate personal life from business. But in the end, I still need to keep my customers coming back and I can't let them down. Life has been so uprooted and sad here in Santa Barbara County. And I just wanna say that my customers are the most amazing women and men and I’m so thankful for you. U are understanding, supportive, and so loving. I’m back in my shop and I’m ROCKING your patient orders and I’m thankful for the limitless opportunities u bring to my family and I. Love u and I love my SB community. Photo by @shannonjaynephoto #mothersunandthecaptain #Mamacita

#schooladmission 'Hello January' , which means one thing: preschool application time! We've been on the look out and @safarikidgurugram was our first stop.
For parents who want a balanced approach to educating their child in mind, body, and spirit, Safari Kids cultivates critical thinking,creativity and perseverance in a healthy, joyful, and media-free environment.

With over 16000 sq ft of safe and secure play area at DLF Phase IV , Gurgaon - there is tons to do here - an art studio, swimming pool, sand pits, indoor play zone, a creative lab for music,dance and drama, reading corners and lots more. Use of wooden and advance play equipments encourage sensory,motor and skill development sans - technology!
They offer programs for children 6 months to 6 years of age. With outstanding teachers, a close-knit and caring community, and benefit from a curriculum that is customised and in tune with each child's learning pace - Safari kids is a place where each child is seen,known and loved.

Wish we could be kids again! @kawangujral
#admission #motherandchild
#guideforparents #gurgaon #wishwecouldgoback #wishwecouldbekidsagain #nursery #skilldevelopment #motorskills #learning #growingyears #development #toddler #kids #IndianMothers #IndianParentGuide #delhimoms #gurgaondiaries #momsofinstagram #schoolguide

Me. When school closures fall on my off days. #MomOfTheYear #MomsOfInstagram #LoveMyChildren #NeedMySanity #GoOutsideAndPlay

This photograph perfectly sums up my experiences thus far.
Absolutely magical ✨

If there’s one thing I’ve continuously struggled with in life, it is the ability to slow down 🙌🏽 and smell the roses.🌹 I often get so excited and passionate about all the amazing people I meet and the ideas we form together, that I race ahead one million miles an hour and forget to celebrate each and every victory. 🥂
It has only been 11 days... but my time so far in the Phillipines has been such an amazing combination of much needed down-time, professional development, and social impact creation.
Be present, laugh with friends, and enjoy each and every individual moment. 🙏🏽

What an amazing FIVE day weekend. We spent it exploring, cooking, painting, reading, playing in snow and potty training (still not there yet 🙄). We needed this time together ❤️❤️
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