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I figured out a way to get my [extremely] picky toddler to eat. Tell him "Ok.. I'm just going to give it to Rowan then" & he KNOWS his baby brother will devour any food that's placed in front of him. So, he thinks about it for a second... realizes that if I give it to Rowan that means no more food for Kai & says "ok mommy... I eat it". #VICTORY #thatonefrontcurlthough

Midweek smoothie dates with mini were made for cozy causl denim and sleek slides a la @somewherelately's #LTKFamily details | Follow @liketoknow.it.family for a daily dose of mommy and me style inspo | http://liketk.it/2ssGZ #liketkit

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What a precious moment! Tag an expecting mom to be. ❤️ via @pregnancy_beyond #newborn #csection #pregnant
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Where's Friday? These past three days have been the busiest. I'm so excited for the next few weeks though. Alabama kicks off football season next weekend @mercedesbenzstadium and we'll be there cheering on our team! My birthday and our anniversary is coming up plus a super fun trip to @waltdisneyworld that I can NOT wait for. 🎉🎉💋❤️ // Sidenote: this dress I'll be sharing on my site soon and you will not believe how much it costs. 😘

Carrying them both on my hip like this is one of my absolute favourite things in the world. It's the most amazing feeling - like I'm super mom and can do anything. Have you read The Last Time poem on Pinterest (author unknown)? It's such a good (but emotionally charged) read. There's this one line that really gets me. "One day you will carry them on your hip, then set them down, and then never pick them up that way again." I often think about this when I'm carrying them both. I can't do it for very long anymore and even the act of picking them up together is becoming harder and harder. There will come a time (sooner rather than later) when I won't be able to pick them up like this anymore. Where I won't feel that feeling of pure bliss I get when I've got both of my babies on my hip. There's another line that gets me as well. "The thing is, you won't even know it's the last time until there are no more times, and even then, it will take you a while to realize." That last time will come and I probably won't hold them for just a minute longer because I won't know it'll be the last time. It really is such a good and necessary (for me) reminder to live these moments fully present because you never know when the last time will be. 😭❤💔
Anyways, sorry for that long (and emotionally charged) post. Motherhood, right?

Vegan lil love bites! We call these snacks for one 😂. Check out @bakeritablog for the recipe. #chocolatemuffin #tarts #gingerbread #raspberry #fudge

Why r u so obsessed w me. (@heckoffsupreme)

The other day she told me that I was her best friend ☺️ #bff4eva 👭It's finally starting to cool down here so we've been wearing our favorite denim from @oldnavy 👌🏻 Get our outfit details here: http://liketk.it/2su6l #liketkit @liketoknow.it #LTKunder50 #LTKunder100 #LTKfamily #LTKkids #ad #oldnavystyle #sayhi


🌺Das habe ich noch nie vorher versucht, also bin ich völlig sicher, dass ich es schaffe. - Pippi Langstrumpf -🌺 Laila on the Gras, the first time in her life. Next time we go without a blanket. In China i don't feel comfortable to lay her on the ground, especially Beijing is really dusty so I didn't tried yet. But maybe on our next Park visit we also try in Beijing. #baby #momsofinstagram #maibaby2017 #mom #mommy #momblog #momlife #momblogger_de #vacation #family #baby #ig_baby

We love transition pieces 🙌 back zipper $36 also available in ivory and grey. Limited quantities. To order comment sold moment sold size and color. #tansitionalstyle #everydayeverywhere #lbd

Meet Elsa. We've been playing Frozen for DAYS and I'm Anna because, you know, obviously 😂 and who else is there? Oscar has been renamed "ice doggy" but we may need to work on his enthusiasm ❄️ #frozen #elsa #bossgirl #sleepychihuahua #thisisthree

My mini explorer💖🌄🐙 #getoutside #naturesplayground #boymom

Olha só mãelherada, sábado é lá no @centervaleshopping

Em comemoração ao Agosto Dourado, que incentiva o Aleitamento materno, estaremos realizando um evento onde uma equipe multidisciplinar realizará uma roda de conversa sobre a importância da amamentação.
Será uma tarde deliciosa e com muitas trocas e aprendizados, lá no fraldário temporário, das 14 as 17hrs!
Hora Dourada - Andréia Hummel (Doula)
Vínculo do Amor - @alinedalacqua (psicóloga)
Leite bom é o da mãe - Adriana Cristina (consultora de Amamentação
Saúde dental e o caso de amor com a amamentação - @greicepaesdealmeida (odontopediatra)

Home from my morning out, kids are busy working on some independent learning activities while I make myself a late breakfast and search the internet for some cheap Mickey stockings. I hope you're all having a lovely morning 🌸 #homesweethome #cleanhome #myhome #homemaker #sahm #momsofinstagram #aussiemum #hygge #hyggehome #simpleliving #slowliving #cozyliving #cornerofmyhome #organisedhome #homeinspo #interior123 #instahome #myhome #organisedhousewife #housewifelife #disneymum #disneyaustralia #mickeymouse #disneychristmas

We are swooning over this perfect little lady on our Blush swaddle😍 We think this one needs to be restocked soon!!
We love seeing all the swaddles used in your newborn photos!!

When you have a 5 hour energy shot for the first time and you bake enough muffins and cookies to feed your entire block and then still have energy to clean the entire house. 💪💁 #thesethingscantbelegal #momsofinstagram

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