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Goodnight ❀️
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YOU Are the Heroes! .

To all of you who care passionately about a child, whether you birthed them, adopted them, took them in, raised them, inspired, encouraged, lifted them up, fought for, and stood by them
You are heroes for the difference you have made. Let's just acknowledge and honor that
πŸ“Έ: @jenkhawkins πŸ’• Congrats on expanding your family BeyoncΓ© style by 2 .
. .
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Styling #makeup, hair and accessories is getting more enjoyable day-by-day. Once you had to match your #lipstick with the manicure, today the look gets a shake-up: makeup becomes an accessory and is enhanced by the right hairstyling and other extras. First of all, the eyewear. Whatever they are sunnies or prescription glasses I definitely think that they play a key role in the whole look. What do you think?
To all my friend in the Varese/Lugano/Milano area don't miss the opening of #fielmannvarese Tomorrow, they will sell a lot of designer eyewear at only 9,50€ 😱😱😱!!!! @fielmannitalia #fielmannitalia #fielmann

LAST DAY OF SCHOOL// Mi Goridlonsito, Bello, Precioso, Apestoso - looking at your beautiful angel face trying to think of all the right words, and all I got is I love you more than I ever thought possible. One day you'll have your very own minis to watch grow up, and only then will you be able to look back at this picture and understand the depth of my love for you. Needless to say I'm going to be an emotional wreck tonight - I can't keep calm my baby is graduating pre-k ya'll!!!!!!! Proud of you today - Proud of you everyday. Big kid school here my bello comes!!!! πŸŽ“ πŸ“š ✏️ β €β €β €β €β €β €β €β € β €β €β €β €β €β €β €β € β €β €
"You're off to great places. Today is your day. Your mountain is waiting so get on your way. -Dr Seuss" #vamonos

Sweet Mac and I have officially made it to #41weekspregnant today (πŸ˜πŸŽ‰πŸ™πŸ») and while we wait for the arrival story God has already written to unfold, I've been so humbled, especially these last two weeks. Challenged by my faith to not see this waiting as something bad. And to not listen to all the "make her come" advice or when others say "you must have a stubborn/lazy/comfy baby in there!". She has as little control over this waiting as I do-- it's not a reflection on us-- and it's a waiting that I know to be grateful for. Because there are others today feeling hopeless, waiting to take yet another pregnancy test. Others waiting to see if their premature labor will stop or waiting and desperate to just take their baby home from the NICU. That kind of waiting is hard. That kind of waiting seems unfair. But the waiting of a healthy mom and baby getting to meet? That waiting is part of becoming a parent, and no date the world puts on it matters.
If J and I have learned anything on our teen parenting journey with K it's been about waiting and now I can see, even though it has been painstaking for me at moments and still is some days, that God knew we could walk this unique path into parenthood, but only if we let ourselves fully need Him. So here we are, thankful despite natural anxiety and unknown, and so excited because we know the stories He writes are good. And so much better than what we can come up with on our own, even when wrought with storylines we would have selfishly left out had He given us the pen πŸ‘ˆπŸ»Truth for all of us today, friends! πŸ’• #messyheartmusings πŸ“· @sarah_and_ben

thank you @glamourmag for allowing me to add my two cents on juggling career and motherhood in the May issue! Every mama knows, it's not always easy but kids make it all worth it (and hopefully they return the favor when we get old and fragile 🀞🏽😜) πŸ’•... #momlife #momoftwo #glamourmagazine

Definitely the hardest part of living away is not having my Mom 😩. One plus though is that she can romanticize what a responsible adult/parent I am since she has no idea what my everyday life looks like 😜. Shop our looks @lulubellaboutique online! Use SIMPLYSUZY15 for 15% off through May.

(Swipe Left πŸ‘ˆπŸ½). Yesterday was truly an amazing day. In 2009 I received my first Masters Degree from The Johns Hopkins University. In 2016, I became the first black woman to receive a PhD in my field from Rutgers University. Who would have thought that in just seven years, I would be named the 2017 recipient of the Outstanding Recent Graduate Award from Johns Hopkins University!! Thank you to my Alma Mater, an institution that taught me to be both an agent of change and a purveyor of excellence, for bestowing upon me this award. I am forever grateful for this honor and truly blessed and humbled to join the ranks of notable alumni.
Special shout out to my doctoral students who graduated yesterday as well. Receiving this award in front of you all made the recognition much more sweet. Thank you!! #ProudAlum #Trophies #ProfessorOSpeaksπŸ’‹#WCW


One of the main problems that people come to me with is the issue of a lack of interaction on their Instagram. They have interesting pictures, fun copy, and a strong sense of brand... so what's missing? Well, questions are. Think of this as a date. You can't just show up looking good but talking only about yourself, can you? So ask your followers questions, give them a reason to join in a conversation. Let them talk about their lives a bit and you will learn even more about your target audience (which will make for even better content!) Let me know what kinds of questions you like to ask, or answer, in the comments! And as always- shout out if you need some help. πŸ’–
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Super shout out to my research and evaluations comadre, Dr. Josephine Serrata, for representing in San Antonio, Texas! You rock! Thank you to the amazing Dr. Lisa Aponte-Soto for getting us together for this timely panel: "Donde estΓ‘n los Latinos: Models for diversifying Latino leadership in research and evaluation". When women support each other, nothing but greatness can happen!
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These photos say so much - and here is Pam's story that she shared ~
"Getting real and getting personal now. Growing up in Miami, Fl, I was constantly outdoors basking in the sun without sunscreen protection. The result of not taking proper care of my skin over the years is evident in the first top left photo below.
I noticed 3 red spots on my forehead, 1 on my cheek and 1 on my nose that never went away. So, my dermatologist brother said put this topical cream on and if it's pre-cancerous it will eat away your face, if not, it won't do anything.
As you see, I had a LOT of bad pre-cancerous areas. So much, I actually had to apply the treatment twice and it's super powerful prescription meds. The 2nd top photo is the red scarring left from the treatment. It faded a little over time but not much.
Skip 6 months ahead to when I teamed up with R+F. Bottom left photo is 1 month of the Reverse Brightening Regimen and my red spots are already fading! Added Redefine eye cream the 2nd month and the result is what you see in the bottom right photo--no face makeup in any of the photos except for mascara!
Transforming right--I think so too! I cannot even believe the difference these products have made in the health of my skin. As my derm doc brother told me, it's never too late to take care of the largest, most visible organ of your body!" So do you think using the #1 Premium skincare brand is worth it?
Message me and I'll help you! #free eye cream with NEW PC Perks customers!! If you are ready to get started, follow link in bio to Shop! #shop #beautifulskin #protectyourskin #iloveskincare #lifechangingskincare #realresults #mompreneur #beauty #skin

Boggles my mindddd that these are going away July 31st!!! Any Baltimore Ravens fans-I have never seen a color (Regal) come out SO Ravens purple!πŸ˜‰πŸˆπŸ’œ Colors are already running out and when they're gone, they're GONE!😱😫 Get yours, and don't forget you can bundle 4 and save! #youniquelyamymoon #youniquemakeup #mineraleyeshadow #eyepigments #discontinued #getyours #baltimoreravens #mompreneur #regal #youneedthis #youareamazing #wakeupandmakeup #entrepreneur #bestfaceforward #shoponline #shopping #shopaholic

I was able to snag a VERY limited number of leggings from the Americana collection. There will be some in all sizes - kids and adults. Want an invite to the first sale? You must 1)Have hosted a party with me in the past or 2)Be on my calendar for a party in the future. Both online and in person boutiques will get you an invite into my exclusive Hostess group and once you're there, you're there for life. If your name is not in my calendar by Friday at midnight, you will not have access to the first Americana sale! I still have a few dates open in June and July. Who wants them?
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You can't serve from an empty cup! Showing these mental health providers how to re-fill today! #entrepreneur #mompreneur #doctors #wellness #happiness #mentalhealth

The wind πŸ’¨ is picking up and trying to carry me away! We have more rain β˜”οΈ moving in so I'm going to enjoy the heat AND air conditioning! #summer #summertime #letthegoodtimesroe #teambutterybritches #newlalula #newlamail #teamunicornwranglers #lularoe #wahm #notthebossofme #blessed #boutique #onlineboutique #fashionista #femaleentrepreneur #womencandotoo #iamstrong #mompreneur #coloradolularoe #lularoecolorado


If you aren't on the #HydrationNation train, you need to hop on! Everyone is talking about the Active Hydration Serum. Message me to learn more!

I want your kids and grandkids to look back at photos of you and think "yes! That's SO them! They were always laughing like that while they held hands because Dad was always making Mom laugh!" I want them to see a genuineness in the photos that they saw in real life and have that to hold on to forever.

I want them to have the photos of their parents that show them what true love looks like.

This afternoon's work hour brought to you by this jumbo gluten free chocolate chip cookie and decaf Chemex coffee with too much cream. #mompreneur

It's been raining for 3 days and I am still getting adjusted to summer schedules ... so date night is a nice breathe of fresh air!

Just a few of my favourite beanies for spring πŸ–€ Which one is your favourite?

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