From my workout straight to this one's swim class. #momlife

I now have the option to not be there for Robin's swimming lessons but I love seeing her learning and having so much fun. Even if it means rushing from one thing to another, I wouldn't trade it for anything else. I mean, just look at how happy she is in her swim gear!

Tired of worrying about your kids when they're out and about? @sanicare_ph gives you #OneLessWorry by providing quality tissue products and hygiene solutions to ensure the health and safety of your kids and everyone in the family!! ❤️ They're flying with us on September 1 as we hold #ExpoMomDavao at Abreeza Mall during mall hours!! See you then!! #mommymundo #mompowerment #mmcommunity #topmompicks #sanicareph

#Mompowerment is about the power of sharing stories that connect moms to each other, making us feel we belong to something bigger. We feature these inspiring women to put a spotlight on empowered mom moments, courage to be brave, how they seize the day, own their stories and strive to be better versions of themselves. Here we have @issalitton who shares about being under the the spotlight, not for herself, but for women whom she wants to inspire so they can pursue their dreams! Watch the full video at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9ap8w55lW80 😍 You can watch more mompowerment stories and other relevant videos on Youtube! Just search for Mommy Mundo! #mommymundo #mompowerment #mmcommunity

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Mommy Mundo supports you 💪🏼 We provide you with useful information and empowering experiences to make us better women, wives and partners, and most especially, better moms!! ❤️ We can't stress enough how the core of our mission is to encourage moms to stay mindful, positive, and purposeful through this journey we're all in!! #mommymundo #mompowerment #mmcommunity

An alternative cure for cancer is now available and more convenient.
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One of the perks of being a girl is you get to dress nice, meet up with your friends then eat a good lunch (with lots of wine and laughter on the side), which lasts til mid afternoon then starts again at cocktail hour 🥂 Thank you @leonapanutat @ginsamson @iamkatmaderazo @carmelsparkle for the day that was and the days that will be. It’s such a great feeling to know we’ve got each other’s backs. Loved spending this holiday with you 🌸
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Marielle Reyes is now a proud mom to 9-month old Stella. And as she journeys through motherhood, @craftmnl is taking the ride with her. Watching her students craft their local businesses is like seeing her own babies grow. She’s like a proud parent when she has teachers and students selling side by side at the Maker’s Market. That’s Mompowerment at its most fulfilling! 😍 Read the full story on https://www.mommymundo.com/blog/mompowerment-marielle! #mommymundo #mompowerment #mmcommunity

We've been seeing a lot of posts on #wokeuplikethis and we realized that parents experience this, but quite differently!

Do you practice co-sleeping at home? How about take cozy naps with them? If you do, what's the most hilarious moment waking up to them? 🤗 What's your #MomWokeUpLikeThis moment? Swipe left to see what we mean!

Share your own by using the hashtag! We're starting this because we know moms, dads and their kids have such different experiences when waking up in the morning!! It's always a surprise!! 💕 #mommymundo #mompowerment #mmcommunity

Even if you're all stocked up with baby essentials at home but you just couldn't miss out a clearance sale such as @mommymundo 's, you still end up hoarding some of the best deals from most-trusted mom-baby brands. And that's what just happened to me yesterday, because why not?😁
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Getting up early to commute all the way from north to east was worth all the effort because me and my fellow #InstaMumshies , @honeykochan and @mommyvim (incomplete, though) were able to score great deals on the last day of @mommymundo 's The Ultimate Mommy Clearance Clearout Sale at @funranch yesterday.❤
Too bad we didn't have photos with Ms. @jasstan818 of @orangeandpeachph who accommodated us the most during our stay. Nonetheless, it was so nice to see and chat with you again!😍
PS. In these photos, we were channeling our model-wannabe selves hahaha! Esp at the @ceoemporium 's booth, we were holding our dream Jujube bags.😁😍 thanks to Ate for gamely taking our pic at their booth.
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Look what we’ve got for you, mamas! ❤️ Our page on Facebook will have our first ever "Live! Expert On-Board Series" so you can ask your questions in real time from our all-things mom and baby experts.

For most new moms, these could be some pressing concerns; Does my baby have a disability? What are the signs? What can I do about it? 🙏🏼 Be ready with your questions for August 24, 4-5 PM as our guest, Developmental-Behavioral Pediatrician, Dr. Tippy Sumpaico-Tanchanco, gets onboard with us Live! Make sure to tune in to facebook.com/mommymundo for this!! #mommymundo, #mompowerment #mmcommunity #mmlearns #mommymundoLIVE

We'd like to take this opportunity to thank EVERYONE who supported our #momsale that happened just this last weekend 😍 Thank you to everyone who braved the weather and still made it to shop from our exhibitors. We love seeing your hauls!! 💕 Til the next one!!! #mommymundo #mompowerment #mmcommunity #topmompicks #mmcc2018

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