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Far er i gang med at lære det der vikle-noget 🙏🏻✨🙏🏻✨ #momporn 😜😜

3 for 3. I call that a win🙌🏻 #momporn #winning #awkwardfamilyphoto

Que amor😍

My #SpankBank of #MomPorn for your personal enjoyment. You’re welcome. My Doula often says “Dad’s way isn’t wrong, it’s just different.” This Dad will continue to test my patience forever (or for as long as he does things his way, instead of mine). But instead of saying to him 100x a day “That’s not how we do it,” I want to make an effort to be an audience to his parenting, instead of hijacking it. I want to give him the credit he deserves. Her happiest smiles come because HE drew them out. Her deepest belly laughs are from something Daddy did. And everyday, when this Daddy walks in the door, his first kiss is reserved for me. As a kid, I grew up in a house where I NEVER saw my parents kiss. I often wonder how it feels for her to see us. I hope she loves it as much as I love slippin' her daddy a little tongue like a horny teenager at the movies. In the same token, I kinda feel bad for her. Our daughter has the big burden of trying to find a partner as good as her Daddy. Good luck with that, Bean. It’s a tall order. He’s good, and nice, and only has hair in the EXACT right places. And he has an ass that doesn’t quit. To my guy on Father’s Day, Decker will never know how lucky she is. She’ll assume every dad does what you do. She’ll assume all dads never miss a game/school event/play/recital/art show/race. She’ll think all dads get mad at moms for leaving closet doors open in the nursery at night (because newborns definitely worry about monsters in closets). She’ll think all dads turn themselves into a human rocking chair to comfort their babies. She’ll assume every dad can do the Dougie, or the Nay Nay, or know how to Juju on that Beat. She’ll think all dads stick around & support/love/commit to their family. She’ll think dads dance with moms in kitchens all over the world for no reason. She’ll think all dads beat their NFL Combine 40-yard-dash record sprinting to comfort tears from teething/nightmares/growing pains/the Boogey Man. She’ll assume all dads are as strong as you, as funny as you, as loving as you. She’ll take you for granted because she knows nothing else. Just know that I never will. I love you, you sexy, funny, kind, charming man. And I see you.

Hey girl, I know you need some time to yourself so why don't I bathe the kids, while you go hangout on Facebook... ☺️#Momporn #MCM #BeauHarper

Missing this guy and his mad dad skills! #momporn #dysondads #babywearingdad #comehome

Unrelated to adorable clothing but this here is #momporn. Could it be the answer to the never ending toothpaste saga...it's crusted over, the cap is missing, it's all over the sink/counter top/faucet/mirror/door...so far it's the most amazing update to my entire house! #whosthelittlecreeper

Vi har helt klart en fars pige herhjemme 😍 #momporn #farspige #elskerelskerelsker #kærlighed #migogfelixholdersammen


Mom mood: Boxed wine, Big Macs and #thebachlorette -xoxo burger moms

💀WARNING this is straight up handmade mom porn! 😛 Aka Nokomis/Nana @mamajaneheise made Hawk the radest "quite book" in the GTA! She is an avid costumer so it's only appropriate that she bedazzled it with Swarovskis and other jewels. 👑 My tiny human has allready had hours of fun with this and as he gets older I am sure he will have many more to come! It's so well made my maybe someday grand beasties could be playing with it still. 😍😍 Keep an eye out on @littlehawkstudio, my store will be live before the month is done! PLUS I have been collaborating with Hawks Nokomis on some awesome heart sewn goodies to accompany my wooden toys! ;) #damndoghair #notforsale #chiimigwetch #blessed #momporn #makersmovement #feltcrafts #quitebook #handmade #handmadewithlove #mothersofig #boymom #activitybook #lifewithkid #nanamade #aboroginalentreprenuer #wemakethings #simpletoys #openendedplay #childhoodunplugged #letthembelittle #craftcorner #durhamregionmom #sewing #luckyboy #learningnumbers #colormatching #abc #123 #playmatters

Me and 38,000 forty year old white women. #NKOTB #thankful4bos #momporn

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