First Summer Morn

Never underestimate the power of having a network of people around you.
People that know, like and trust you.
While building your business, pay attention to your network.
You will find your pathway to success within your network.
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“A fight is not won by one punch or kick. Either learn to endure or hire a bodyguard.: Bruce Lee”.... When we endure one battle in life and get through it to the other side, we feel as though that should be it.. Well that is not realistic and this is where we start to weaken in strength and spirit.. We will fight battles everyday of our lives because that is called living.. no matter how small or big everyday is a battle to be fought. Sometimes you win, sometimes you don’t.. What’s important is that you live to fight another day. Some of us get plenty of days to fight the good fight, but many of us don’t. Remember every day is not freely given.. #youareloved❤️ #fightforit #youareneeded #motivational #prayer #blackgirlmagic #mompoetry #blessed🙏 #bbwgirls #lifeisbeautiful #spiritual #strength #

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When Were You Most Beautiful?

Never think that I don’t love you,
When I shout or cry,
Never think that I don’t love you,
When you make me so mad that I can’t look you in the eye.
You see I will always love you until the end of time,
I chose you, you’re everything, you will always be mine,
Even when you ask me a question for the 100th time,
Even when you hit me, or throw something, or say you wish you weren’t mine.
Nothing that you say or do,
Will ever stop me from loving you.
No amount of trying to push me away,
Will stop me from wanting to always stay,
Near to you, loving you and keeping you safe.
You’re stuck with me now through good times and bad,
We’ll laugh together and i’m sure we’ll make each other sad,
We’ll probably say things that we don’t mean,
We’ll probably shout and we may even scream,
But never forget how I chose you,
And how much you mean to me,
You’re everything I dreamed of when I dreamt of a family.

They can drive you to the edge and pull you back just as your about to topple over. They are the master of button pushing and know exactly which ones to press. Sometimes up is down and down is up and there is nothing you can do to change their mind. But then there are moments that are so beautiful that all the crap bits disappear and all you are left with is love.

This has been making the rounds this week. Look familiar? I might have lived this a few times :)

Read them fairytales 📚Poem from “Another Storm” (link in bio).



Half-Past Four

Memorial Day #Haiku


I’m your angel, you are my fullest job
And I don’t know how to explain. A small human being from my body. You are my peaceful mind. You are the positive energy that I always needed, you light my world with a twinkle light.
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Why did you hided this from me?
Every child have the right to know who their parents are

Why did you always envy me momma?

You were the most beautiful woman in the world, why did you hated me so much for being me?

I want an answer mommy, why all this jealousy?

You tried to brake me, you didn't ever believed in me

Look where I am now mamma, I worked really hard

Are you proud of me, of the human that i'm trying to be?

I thought maybe after all that had happen, you would have tried to learn from your mistakes
But all you do is drink them away

After 4 years without having a talk with you, I tried to clear things up

Why did you did that momma?
I guess you're good for putting the blame on me

You always meant the world to me

I begged all my life for having the love from you that i've always deserved

I did my best to help you

I did my best to have your love

Mamma, I forgive you

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