This is motherhood. A toddler that wanted to sit in a high chair, and doesn’t want to eat her dinner. No, it’s not a big fancy dinner. It’s a tuna fish sandwich on good bread, with it she had cottage cheese and pears. But she wouldn’t eat the sandwich!!! Any advice on how to convince a toddler to eat is so appreciated. This is exhausting #momofthree #busymom #twounderthree #dinnerprotest #tunafishisnasty #wonteat #thisisexhausting

At what point in our lives do we stop believing that we can be anything that we want to be when we grow up? Our families, teachers, and coaches tell us to follow our dreams and as kids we believe that anything is possible. But then something changes...we start caring what other people think and that we have to conform to what society tells us is the smart and safe thing to do. Go to college, get a degree, get a 9-5 job that we don’t even like, work your ass off for 40+ years, retire and THEN enjoy your life at age 70.
This photo represents so much for me. My brother (tall guy all the way to the left) is my inspiration. When we were kids he would write scripts and make movies using my Dad’s giant camcorder. He did not finish college, and instead he chased his dream hard, and is today starting his third season as Director of Saturday Night Live...and he’s only 31. Paul never stopped believing that he could be whatever he wanted when he grew up and I’m so incredibly proud of him.
He got us tickets on Friday to the Yankee game and I’m grateful for him giving Philip the opportunity to dream big...and for him to know he can have anything that wants in his life too as long as he’s willing to dream big and work hard 💙⚾️.
It’s never too late to figure out what you really want for your life and to go after it. We only get one chance, so why not make it the absolute best that we can.

It’s so very fitting that the picture we chose to color together today said #Mindfulness. This morning she was having a very hard time. Fighting so hard about going to school. She is feisty by nature but this was not the norm. So, instead of putting up my dukes and going at it with her, I stopped and thought about what she might need from me. Maybe there was something she hadn’t been getting lately because I have been so tapped out homeschooling the other children.
So I kept her home and told her she would be bored and that no one could play with her but that we would color together later in the day after we were all done with our work. She looked so delighted and was as god as gold all day long. 😊
Sometimes you just have to stop and be mindful and realize that maybe your child just needs you a little bit more. And that’s OK. It is actually a gift. ❤️

Fall is Officially here...along with my FAVE- #pumpkineverything🎃 and at some point that cool crisp air?🤷‍♀️ #georgianewbie ...and don't get me started on my Apple cider Donut addiction🤤
Thankfully I've Got a Plan....

I'm Kicking off October with 2 New Accountability Groups to keep us on track & set us up for Success as the Holiday Season creeps up!
. 💥8wk Launch Group for a Brand New program: Targeting your Total Body - 4workouts/wk -wts, cardio, abs - Treat meals are Allowed
. 💥3wk Pick Your Program and start feeling Strong, Confident & Hot again Mamas!! I'll be with you every step of the way...You just have to make the decision to Try something new!
Let's chat or check out the links in Bio😘

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6:45AM weather status had me sooo happy.
I mean had a crazy busy weekend so extra sleep was needed.
I thought, I'll do it after work.
After work was my girl's first middle school soccer game.
Then it was child #2's practice.
Next, headed to @aldiusa store for a "big shop". Followed by dinner making, clean up and homework.
It's 9:40.
I'm done.
I'm fried.
I'm ready to start fresh tomorrow.
I have not one ounce of guilt.
I was exactly where I needed, but more importantly wanted to be today.
And I still took care of me.
Remember that.
Go easy on yourself. :
#manicmonday #momlife #momofthree #busymom #workingmom #carpoolmom #soccermom #goeasy #takecareofyou #myjourney #youdoyou

- makeover Monday 💕 the same you... just a little brighter ☀️ it’s just a palette and a brush... no more caboodle, no more digging through half empty bottles, no more rubbing a liquid in with your fingers (apparently I’m the only weirdo that used to do that 🤣)... it’s just makeup, made easy - .
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Look who joined me today after work! It was a long day for him and he asked me to wait for him today! After we were done he thanked me for pushing him and how much better he felt after a good sweat!!

This is what working out can do for you!! It really is helpful in multiple ways!!

✨Ask yourself this: what will I gain by taking care of myself??...mind, body, and soul.✨
Yes we can take care of ourselves for our family and loved ones, so that we can be around for a long time and run and play and all that jazz. Yes! That’s amazing. BUT do this for YOU!!! Do this for the person you want to be and all the things you want to experience...mind, body, and soul.
I want to guide 10 new gals through this lifestyle that has been a life changer for me and so many others. It takes a little bit of commitment but it’s oh so worth it.
Want in?? Let me know and I’ll send you the details on how to claim your spot in my October group coming up! ✨✨ #fierceandfocused

If you get a quick text response from me it means I was pumping! 🤙🏽
ISO of a breast pump? Get your hands on one that offers letdown settings..totally totally loving my breast pump! It has settings to initiate let-downs and I can pump 1.5oz in about 5-8 minutes! 🙌🏽🙌🏽 more time with the kids less time being attached to the wall! #mondaymommytip 👌🏽 •

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Trained these kids well, they knew what would cure mommy’s Vegas hangover- chocolate cake. 🎂

🇨🇦Celebrated Autumn Equinox with the family - enjoyed free gourmet samples at duck fest at King Cole duck farm, picked up yummy apples at Applewood farm and strolled in the forest at King Eldred Woodlands. A lovely day full of sunshine, good mood and harvest vibes. Such a great Sunday! 🇹🇩Отпраздновали день осеннего равноденствия с семьей - попробовали разные блюда из уточки на Фестивале Утки на ферме Кинг Коул, взяли свежих яблочек на ферме Эпплвуд, и прогулялись по сентябрьскому лесу в Кинг Элдред. Такое классное воскресенье полное солнца, хорошего настроения и праздника урожая!

These new oils made for kiddos are simply amazing!! Incredible blends for little or big minds, bodies, and hearts. Who wants to try these?!

We see you!!! .
#Repost @whitneyriv
Hoping they see this!! ❤️#seeAMPandwin #please #momofthree #outofuniversity #katie #ed #morningshow @ampcalgary

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