Tip of the Day:
Stay in the game

I started Block 3 of P90X3 this week. Today I had an option of doing The Challenge or the bonus workout Complex Upper. I’ve never done Complex Upper before, because the first time I did this program on DVD, I didn’t have the bonus workouts.
But now! Now, I have digital access to ALLLLLLLL the workouts, for no extra cost!
So, I chose the new one. And holy Moses! It kicked my butt, well, arms and back.
But, I stayed in the game and did as many reps as I could.
My arms were shaking by the time the “bonus round” was over.
My advice to you: stay in the game, and do your best & forget the rest!

#coworkingspace mal anders und das Knöpfchen ist deutlich gelöster als die Mama mit ihrem Projekt. :-)
Das Sirenchen taucht derweil im Planschbecken oder kühlt mich mit ihren danach kalten Händen ab.

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Last night I had to go delete about 3,000 pictures and videos because my iCloud was full. Not even kidding.
So I was Looking through all those olllld pictures made me sad for a bit.
I was soooooo lost and sad..... with a fake smile on my face. Ugggggh!!!!
Self medicating with food, alcohol and shopping. Those were my drugs of choice.
Am I where I want to be? Nope. I still have more work to do.... mentally AND physically.
But I’m closer than before.
Couldn’t do it without my teammies. On the days Ive searched for the will to keep going. They give me the strength I need every. single. time.
If you’re thinking about joining our online fit family. Just Do it. Send me a message. Trust me. After losing bunches of pounds (losing pounds is NOT my goal.... I wanna be STRONG and feel good naked #truth) I STILL need the accountability too.
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I want her to know that it’s okay to say that she is beautiful. That it’s ok to say that she’s smart... and amazing. To love her body no matter its size. That she doesn’t have to meet society’s criteria. That it’s amazing to be able to love yourself so fiercely that your waist measurements aren’t the most important thing on your mind. I want her to know that it’s okay to believe in herself. that its not conceited to make lists of the things she loves about herself versus picking herself apart about the things she doesn’t. self love is perfected when it’s practiced from an early age and i will make sure she knows all these things every single day so that she is set up for success as a young woman. and i can’t wait to witness it all💕(mommy & me swimsuits from @patpatshopping🌈)

Girl YES!
All. Of. Them.
I'm a napping queen. If there is a 15 minute nap window.....I take it!
Eff those chores lol!
Anyone else a napaholic?!😂😴🙋‍♀️

Ezt azoknak küldöm, akik a tegnapi posztom miatt azt gondolták, hogy szülés után 12 nappal lapos a hasam és bomba alakom van... 😂 Nem. De nagyon kedves üzeneteket kaptam. 😊 Azon a képen hanyatt fekszem és nem is az alakom volt a mondanivalója, hanem a cuki kis striáim és kinyúlt bőröm. Hogy végre napozhatok és nem fogom emiatt takargatni magam. Mert már elfogadtam. Mert 3 csodát hordott ki és ezért nem utálhatom, csakis hálás lehetek. Egyébként 14 kiló maradt rajtam, ami nem kevés. A 6. hét végéig biztosan nem tornázom és a nasiknak sem mondok ellent, de megpróbálok tudatosan étkezni. Szóval nyugodjatok meg, van szülés utáni pocakom, hurkák a hátamon és egyéb huncutságok... 😉😘😜
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Imitation is the highest form of flattery....and from your 11 year old daughter, it’s like better than anything!
This kid asks me everyday if I’ve done my workout, she picks out clothes just like mine, and steals all my headbands. She may be rolling her eyes, but she wants to be strong like Mommy. And I’m proud to be that example for her.

Forgot to post dinner last night! Super lazy-just our frozen green beans and sliced mushrooms in some tinfoil with a tablespoon of melted butter, garlic salt, pepper, a dash of sesame oil and a dash of Worcestershire sauce and threw it on the grill with some 93% lean beef patties (about 2oz. Each) with a tiny bit of shredded cheese. #eatyourveggies #grill #lazymeal #mamaaintgottimeforthat
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These two are pretty proud of their haul of peppers, cucumbers and one tomato from our backyard garden 😋

They were so excited to pick these this morning and are really excited for veggies for lunch #momwin #homegrown
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Do you do FabFitFun? This was my first box. Overall, I'll give them an A...however, they shipped me my trial box just a week or two before, and this box had two duplicate items, which was fairly disappointing, as I was excited about the "surprise! new stuff!" aspect. We don't have it in the budget for me to participate again soon, but I would love to try a Winter box one day. My fave things in this box are the pretty, peppy Yumi Kim makeup bag and the Ish lip palette. My girls are drooling over the beautiful lotions and potions from Tula, Ahava, and Whish. Hands off- they're mine! 😂✋🏻💄👛💦🚿🎁

My absolute favorite place in my house. I love to sit and soak in the quiet before everyone wakes up, read my affirmations and feed my mind truths from God’s word. I find that this is my necessary preparation for each day. Fueling my mind is critical to ward off distraction and keep my focus on what is most important. It helps me determine how to continue to live with intention and say yes to the things that are best and let the rest go. I am learning to cultivate a quiet spirit that is alright with a slower pace of life so I can really soak in the moments with my family. This was not always the case. I am learning that an ordinary day is sometimes my favorite kind of day and am giving myself permission to rest, play and speak life into #myloves💕 .
It’s been a year since I added the #pinkdrink to my morning routine that fuels my body with plant-based🌱, blood sugar balancing goodness that I have found is so much more than causing me to not crash throughout the day. With it in hand each morning, I am able to be a better wife and mom and the best version of myself. Who knew that balancing blood sugar could change my #beingthebestme mood, give me the ability to be a more chill mom, give me the all-day energy I need to get done those most pressing things and live free of guilt for the rest! #byebyeanxiety 🙌🙌 A few months in and I realized it made my chronic #allergiesgoaway and my bloating and #IBS too! That’s when I knew this little drink was a part of my routine for good! I never want to go back to struggling every morning and dragging all day!! I love 💕 waking up and feeling my best all.day.long!! And my family is grateful as well! 😉 Here’s to you moms in the trenches! Cheers for a new day and to making the most of it!! .
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15 years ago today, a sweet friend of mine lost her dad. I’ll never understand how hard that day was for her no matter how many times I hear the story. After his death she dropped out of high school and worked multiple jobs to get by.
Soon after, I met her at one of those jobs. We both had something in common: we were working on Thanksgiving. Neither of us had family to spend the holiday with. After our shift we went to Old Chicago together and she introduced me to a wonderful thing called ranch fries. I knew we’d be friends forever. 😂 love you @kksgbcs 💕😘
I have never been close to my own dad, so I was torn as to why a loving, devoted dad was taken from his family. My father made the decision to leave. Her father didn’t choose to leave, and just like that, he was gone. I know she misses him terribly which is why I lettered these words for her today. How I wish he could see her and eat donuts with his four grandchildren.
As I watch my girls with their own dad, I’m reminded how we never know how much time God will give us to invest in our children. I’m reminded to make that time count. And hopefully if Joe and I do that well, we’ll leave behind a legacy of love that is larger than life.
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Today I will have my 8th surgery, but I'm thankful for everything God has done and will do in my life. I never like to say I'm sick I'm just physically challenged. I know it will get better because if God brings you to it he will bring you through it. I'm doing everything they said I couldn't do and I'm coming for everything they said I would never have. Because what God has for me is for me. Join me on my road to recovery. #God #MomOfThree #Chef #Stylist #Actress #GodIsAmazing

Working out at home getting REAL results with this kid 😍

The EXCLUSIVE group with Joel, the creator of LIIFT4, has been extended until the end of the month!! I've added a few spots to my group. Comment below or message me to snag yours!

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In life.
In marriage.
In business.
You have come to far, to only come this far.

✋🏻HAND-EYE COORDINATION👀 If you’re running out of things for your kids to do this summer 🙋🏻‍♀️, this is the perfect activity! All you need is a spoon, some balls, plastic eggs (and yes....I’m still using plastic 🥚 from Easter 😂) or small objects. I threw the balls, eggs and some small toys in the yard gave my girls a 🥄 and told them they had to find the hidden treasure in the grass & bring it home to their buckets (I set out 2 buckets). BUT........they could only get the hidden treasure by picking it up with their 🥄. Great for practicing balance & hand-eye coordination. 👍🏻 This was so fun & my girls loved it! Next time I’m gonna set out a sprinkler in the yard too. Everyone loves a little added 💦 in this heat. ☀️

Baby Bean's first ultrasound last Friday. The Doctor said everything looks good, though it did take him a little while to find the heartbeat. Confirmed we are due early February, but there's a possibility we could have baby before that since The Youngest was two weeks early.
This pregnancy has some similarities with The Oldest's, the tiredness and nausea, though his was usually around the afternoon time. I've been this way in the mornings, up until 1pm some days. One thing that's different is the 'morning sickness'. During my whole pregnancy with The Oldest I threw up twice, with The Youngest I never threw up. So far baby bean has made me sick five times, always at night. These past couple of weeks I've been so sick, and have even lost a couple pounds. Hopefully these symptoms point to us having a girl this time, but I'm not getting my hopes up.
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da könnte ich jetzt hier so einiges vom leder lassen, aber insta ist ein dorf und ich möchte meine guten karmapunkte nicht an so jemanden vergeuden 💪💥🤘deshalb "nur" dieses und genug.
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