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Currently 169 lbs. Bigger then I was with IZ at 41 weeks. Y'all know I love gaining weight so, I'm happy seeing the number on the scale go up. Def don't think I look almost 170 lbs though. #37weekspregnant #babynumber2 #momofboys💙 #YallImSoReady

Jazz game with my boys! Made it on the Jumbotron for the second time in my life! Now my goal is to get on the KISS CAM!! #familytime #basketball #utahjazz #momofboys💙

Congrats to my son Josiah on completing kindergarten and moving on to the 1st gr. You did it and we are proud of you! #whole360 #momofboys💙 #momof3 #graduation2017

This is how we wind down... in just sitting in their room watching em read to each other. So blessed!! #momofboys💙

Saying by to a car I will miss😔but don't play I love my new baby!!!!!😜 @marcusdampier71 #infinitiqx80 #bmw7series #fitfam #momofboys💙 #lovewhatyoudrive

Way to kick off Resurrection weekend. School Spring Fling. #momofboys💙 #LoveThisSchool

My ❤️ belongs to these young men.

Well May long did not disappoint. We played hard and I loved watching these two together, they are the best of friends. They create mischief together, they carry on conversations that I can't understand, they annoy each other, they laugh hard together and they love each other fiercely. The behind the scenes footage of these memories had me wanting to sell both of them to the zoo this weekend, but in truth, they are the real gems that I will always remember and cherish. Thank you boys for the constant entertainment and ensuring that I never eat a hot meal and that I am passed out by 8pm each night. #momofboys💙

My Mother's Day breakfast from my boys. I heard rattling in the kitchen downstairs and this was the result. Not bad! 👍🏽💕And I just LOVE my placemat. Now off to brunch with MY parents. Happy Mother's Day mommies! #MomOfBoys💙 #MothersDay


Y'all let me be real and raw. Almost 6 weeks ago I had something taken from me.
Do you ever scroll on face book reading horrible stories, and thinking that would never happen to me, I live a normal, everyday life.
I WAS that person. I could have never imagined that I'd go through the death of a child, of a baby.
But I did, it happened, something forever burned in my memory.
I've had several tell me I carry myself gracefully during this time, and that I'm strong. You do see continuing my life, building my business, spending time with those who mean most to me. But don't mistake that as I'm not grieving. I am. I cried from Joplin to Arkansas last night because I was away from Warren, and my anxiety went on overload. Since the event I am extremely on edge and anxious about anything and everything with Warren, for 2 weeks straight after Ezra passed I checked on Warren several times a night to make sure he was still breathing and okay.
I'm learning to roll with what has dealt me in life, I can't change what happened, and yes I get angry when I see baby announcements (this has nothing to do with anyone personally, I just get upset that we can't even try for several months). So I choose to live happy, make memories, be me.
This week is 6 weeks since we lost Ezra, and was the first night I've been able to get in a tub! After a long day of walking, here I sit in a hot tub, relaxing, and continuing to work with my plexus team💕 y'all plexus has kept me going, given me a purpose everyday. I get to connect with other people, make friends, build relationships, and MAKE MONEY DOING IT!! How amazing is that! I am blessed! #6weekspostpartum #lossofachild #babyezra #ezragibson #hottub #relaxingtime #metime #thankful #oneplexus #dallas #momofboys💙 #fortworth #griefandloss #residualincome #gettingpaidtoplay #vacationmode #family

Late night workout ... H&C 50 mins done ... Loving the toning I'm getting in my back not yet where I want to be but making progress to get there😆💪💪 #betterlatethannever #toningup #tryingtogetmuscles #workingontheseguns #momofboys💙 #autismmomsarefittoo #staymotivated #workonyourself #workoutcomplete✔️

My ❤️ belongs to these young men.

"If people are doubting how far you can go, go as far as you can until you can't hear them anymore"
This is a vision of where I can go and no longer hear the naysayers. Create a belief and a vision even if others don't understand. *
What is your vision that you are working towards? Are you letting the negative talk get in your way of creating what you deserve? *
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"In Case You Didn't Know " 🎧🎶🎵 🌹💋❤️#southernstyle #inkedmoms #harleydavidson #momofboys💙

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