💚 Neck hugs, backwards hugs, looking everywhere but at the camera...that’s just how it goes sometimes + that is a-ok 👌🏽Love, love my little tribe, this time of year + all of its surroundings!🌿🌞⛈
Photo Cred: Uncle @curtis_vinish
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Inspo from last night’s cooking class with @oaxacankitchenmarkets I didn’t have any rellenos so regular peppers 🌶 worked! Delicious for dinner tonight! #happyhealthyaloha #momofboys💙 #nomnomnom

He thought he needed all this to wipe his nose 🤦🏼‍♀️ #toddlerproblems #momofboys💙 #hesluckyhescute

Look at that 😜 crazy post workout hair!! Alright, in all seriousness...has anyone ever completed a tough mudder race??? If so, how was it?? Asking for a friend. 🙃😊🤫😉
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Yes, I’m a proud mom of boys... one of which made a new friend tonight. #boys #momofboys #momofboys💙 #myboys #frog #froggie #frogger

Reminiscing on that week @ptbratton and I spoke on the Faith & Film panel at @hufilmfestival and then I spent that weekend celebrating Mr. Leland @thebombdom at @filmfestdc 💗
Good Times
I’ve learned and am continuing to learn the necessity in really going for what you want. It’s hard. You’re often tired. BUT it’s so worth it!
@ptbratton and I never thought that the call on our life for Ministry would lead us to an unconventional marketplace setting. #thankful
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Today is payday in the coaching world and almost every week I think do I really get paid to post on social media, workout, work on myself, and help other women do the same?!? Yep I do!
The best part about today is seeing all my #FearlessTribe girls get pay checks for doing the same. It’s seriously the coolest part of my job. Watching them be able to buy new clothes in smaller sizes or get groceries with their coaching pay checks. It always makes my heart 💗 full seeing this opportunity change other women’s lives!
Oh and how could I forget to mention one coach on my team even quit her job to pursue coaching full time 🙌🏼. Talk about creating a life full of freedom. 😍

So yes this opportunity is real and I am watching it change women’s lives every single day. I want to help YOU do the same! Whether you want to earn a few extra hundred dollars a month or quit your job to have complete freedom I am taking on 10 new intern coaches in June to mentor. I will teach you and walk you through exactly how to build a business like myself and my #FearlessTribe but of course you have to put in the work it doesn’t happen for free.
So if your ready to change your life and motivated to work on yourself while helping other women do the same. Raise your 🙋‍♀️ and I will save one of those 10 spots for YOU 😘

This has been such a fun first week 💙💙💙 Loving every moment with this cutie.

So proud of my Nigel he had his first solo part today in his end of school concert! Can't believe he is on his way to middle school!! This is his group of friends all of them are so smart and sweet!! #cherishtheday #motherhood #Firstborn #momofboys💙

Short on time? I hear ya! We are moms of course we are busy! 🤣

But I'm going to tell you something...if you're trying to live a healthier life, lose that baby weight, get back to the pre baby you... that's just an excuse! Everyone has time to spare! If you stop scrolling the internet, stop binge watching Netflix you can totally cook a healthy meal and get in a 30 minute workout...if you want to!

I'm not going to lie, I'm very passionate about health and fitness but after I had my son, things changed! Freetime got shorter, energy was lacking, not too mention the motivation! So I made a change because my health is SUPER imporyant to me and I knew if I didn't things would only get worse!
So now I SAVE time by not gong to the gym. I don't have the anxiety when I look in the mirror anymore and I look forward to my ME time! It also has saved me money and made me 100% happier. I mean I'm in the best shape of my life mentally and physically and I've done it all from my home!
I'm telling you, if you are ready for a healthier life, ready to be happy in your own skin and ready to stop using time as yor excuse we gotta talk BECAUSE we have to get youi SIGNED up for my next BOOTCAMP so you can see for yourself! I already have 3 new MAMA'S ready and only 5 more spots left! You CAN totally do this!

I'm trying to decide whether to offer sunflower minis this year. Is that something you'd be interested in? They would be at the end of June/early July depending on how much rain we get. Leave a comment with your email address to get updates about sunflower mini sessions or email me at melissacharmainephoto@gmail.com to get on the list.

So proud of Emmett for graduating pre-k tonight from @discovery_corner_preschool ☺️ Emmett is so ready for kindergarten, he loves numbers, math, building, reading and art work! So proud to be his mom! #growinguptoofast😢 #momofboys💙

Good not too hot sunny afternoon.. #momofboys💙 #lovethesekidssomuch

This is the second time I’ve caught my youngest cleaning the shower door. Is he trying to tell me something? (Swipe for singing.)
Also, note to self: maybe don’t use that brush to wash yourself anymore. 😳

So in love with my new coasters. Even though these boys are taking over my life.. #onlygirl #momofboys💙 #outnumbered #racecar

Practice makes perfect. #momof2 #momofboys💙 #summertime

Welp. It’s official. Tomorrow is the last day of school and summer is here! This year I am winging it big time. I’m not sure if that makes me breezy or insane. Will report back. 😎🇺🇸💥 #workathomemom #momlifeisthebestlife #boymomlife #momofboys💙 #summerwithkids #worklifebalance

Kitchen is a hot mess covered in legos....buuuuut my food is on point!
#legostagram #onpoint👌 #veggiestyle

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