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Sunday Vibes! 😜❤️

Our first family photo of 5! ❤️ Roo is only 3 days old, but he’s slotted straight into family life! Leo and Noah adore him and we’ve successfully transitioned to keeping 3 little monkeys alive 😅 we are so grateful that we can be a family and we are so grateful that we have love at home ❤️ #hisday #sharegoodness #newbaby #familyof5 #dadofboys #momofboys

Today while Matt was doing his best to keep Colton happy, Hayden & I ventured off to the Covered Bridge Festival. We wanted to squeeze in one fun day before switching off again Tuesday. Hayden said his favorite part was walking across the bridge & seeing the waterfall. ❤

We hope daddy likes the t-shirt we bought him! 😊

#ColtonStrong #fournado #bigbrother #bigbro #momlife #momlifeisthebestlife #boymom #momofboys #coveredbridgefestival #batman

We surprised the boys & took them to Disneyland on Friday! I’ve never seen Kannon so happy & it melted my heart❤️ Love these boys more than they’ll ever know!👦🏼👶🏼 #thegregoryfam #disneyland #boymom

Sundays best with my best 🖤🍂My morning may have started with a terrible case of mom brain .. but we were blessed with a sunny one so we ended it with an ice cream date 🍦🍦 Had to take advantage before we're back to another week of rain.
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Skirt @shoptobi #shoptobi

Baby update (warning you now- this is going to be a long one😬) // Friday morning I was heading to my 34 week OB appointment and was rear ended while stopped at a red light. Thankfully, Mason was not in the car with me & it was a very low impact accident–no real damage to my car, air bags didn’t deploy and I didn’t hit my stomach off of the steering wheel or anything else. I started having some back pain and a few contractions on the way to the doctors so they sent me up to labor & delivery to be monitored for a few hours. Shortly after, my contractions started getting a lot stronger and closer together. They were only 5 minutes apart but the baby was doing fine and I wasn’t dilated at all. My doctor came to talk to me and told me that if labor were to progress I was far enough along that they wouldn’t stop it. The nurses started asking me about our pediatrician, if I’m breastfeeding or bottle feeding & talking to me about their nicu staff. It hit me that there was a real possibility of me delivering that day and I’m pretty sure I just froze in that moment because I don’t remember anything else that was said. Thankfully my contractions eventually tapered off and I was cleared to eat, which meant that not only did I become a much happier person🙈 but that my doctors did not think I was going to deliver (I was still admitted to be monitored for at least 24 hours though). I hadn’t had any contractions for awhile but shortly after settling down for bed my contractions started again & got more regular until they were under 5 minutes apart. My doctor basically told me the same thing he did earlier but again my contractions stopped on their own. I didn’t have many more throughout the night so thankfully I was able to head home yesterday morning. At this point, 37 weeks is our goal so I’ve just been relaxing & taking it easy since I came home. It’s been a scary weekend but I’m thankful that both the baby & myself are doing just fine. And a big thank you to everyone that was thinking of me after seeing my IG story! I was a basket case for the majority of the day Friday and you have no idea how comforting all of your sweet messages & prayers were to me.❤️

And we’re off ☀️✈️ 9 hours on a plane with these three, let’s do this 😬👊🏻😂 #family #norrisbros #momofboys #mumofboys #raisingboys #vacation #holiday


Happy Monday friends! I LOVE that I don't hate Mondays...Monday doesn't have to be the worst day of the week. If you don't like Monday create a life where Mondays are AWESOME🤗💎🤗

Ich liebe diesen kleinen Mann so sehr 😍
#momofboys #family #figlio #amore #tesoro #lafamiglia

Mothering my boys will always be my greatest accomplishment ❤️ #myboys #momofboys #pumpkinpatchfun🎃 #fall #proudmama #momlife #cornmaze🌽

Arrancamos la semana con una sonrisa!
#buenlunes #buenasemana
❤️😊❤️ Encontra los baberos más cancheros en nuestra tienda online: https://www.mamato.com.ar/baberos-bandana/

Baberos estilo pañuelo, de puro algodón, con una toalla muy finita en el reverso y doble snap que los hace adaptables a diferentes medidas.
Ideales para usar desde los 3 meses o cuando a tu bebé le empiezan a salir los dientes y babea mucho.
Cuando son un poco más grandes (2/3 años), podes seguir usándolo como abrigo para el cuello en el invierno.
Tenemos variedad de estampas para que encuentres la que más te guste.
Son súper prácticos y le podes sumar una onda al look de tu bebé! 😉

#mamato #baberos #baberosbandana #bibs #dribs #babyboy #babytrend #fashionmom #reciennacido #newborn #momofboys

Some kids want to visit the Toy Department at stores. Mack just wants to see and touch all the Halloween stuff. #mackesham #halloween #meijer #momofboys

New day, new goals. 💪🏻 I'm up and at 'em early - workout and showered before 7am?? Yep - I've still got goals for the rest of the month. .

If you know me... you know that I am a night owl to the core. But you want to know what held me accountable??? My fellow friends and boss babes! 5:45 wake up calls are a little easier when you know you get to see your friends first thing in the morning (gotta love technology). And knowing that they are counting on me too???? Yep, totally can't hit snooze. .

I used to think at home workouts would be so lonely and not very motivating... but I had no idea the huge role and impact this community would make. They are MY people. They are my friends and some are like family. We motivate each other, support each other and inspire each other. ❤️

Thanksgiving 🦃 and Small Business Saturday are just around the corner! #brimmerboys #smallbusinesssaturday

Trying to take photos with three little boys 😂 #whydoibother #myfillywascutetho

Christmas should be fun with a one year old 😬oh, I also wish I could say that I carved this. I didn’t. 🎃

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