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This is what almost #40weekspregnant looks when you're pregnant with #babynumber2 after having a c-section and split abs with the first, and you are SO ready to meet this little nugget! No it's not twins! No the baby isn't 10 lbs (he's 7lbs)! No I'm not past due (yet)! And no, you can't touch it 😂

We are so blessed to be able to have Benjamin baptized today😇🙏🏼Special day for us. He even fit in Mason's baptism outfit mas wore when he was a baby 😍! #familyofchrist #blessed #momofboys

I tried to keep them in order 😂! Happy mothersday to every single Mom❤️#spreadthelove #momofboys #blessed #family #love 📸: @dubaifashionphotographer 💄: @diana_khayat

these two love to look out the window, and some windows are taller than others. bless his heart for trying though 🙊 these two can really push me to my limit, but it's the moments like these that make all of those memories fade away. motherhood is simply the best reward, i tell you! p.s. he carries that little blue blanket everywhere he goes, and i secretly love it 💔matching pjs: @shop.lalasalama #siblinghoodlove

London, what can I say?
My work brings me to you weekly, my heart brings me to you daily with never ending pleas to Adam to make the move from our quiet corner of T'North.
From selfie stick waving wankers taking pictures of themselves with the injured to the hateful individuals who support this attack in the name of religion, we have seen the worst of humanity today. As we do every day around the globe, but somehow, so close to home is crippling.
But London, you are not alone.
There is good in this world and it stands behind you tonight.
We must put away the hateful tweets, blaming innocent members of society and instead stand together, hand in hand to say this will not conquer us or tear us apart.
We must do it for them.
For our children. For their children.
London, Westminster, tonight we're with you. #LONDONonfleek

Giving up on laundry kind of a day- who can relate 🙋🏼 #TheLaundryNeverEnds #TheStruggleIsSoReal #LaundryForDays


☀️kiffany from cottontale here to say that I just need to take a moment and gush about Kansas City! I am crazy about this town I happily call 🏡 home. Some of you know I'm originally from ✨Las Vegas✨...born and raised! I loved that time there, but didn't know how crazy it was until I moved here. I immediately fell in love with the Kansas City weather (it's 100% true), the sports (LV didn't have pro teams, go royals and chiefs forever!) the people (they are actually friendly here!) and the food (🐃jack stack is the best!) I can happily say that I know my way around the city now and I want to be a local SO bad, am I allowed in that club if I've only lived here 4 years? I hope so, because if enthusiasm and passion for this city are the requirements - then I should be a VIP in that club. I'm so thankful we can raise our boys AND grow our cotton candy business, Cottontale, in Kansas City❤️❤️❤️ -kiffany #cottontale #cottoncandy #kc #kcmo #sweets #kclove #kclocal #lovemycity #fairyfloss #dessert #downtown #momofboys #momlife #momboss #reppinkc #reallife #rivermarket #bridges #localbusiness #truelove

Words can't even express how much I freaking LOVE my hubby right now!!! I have dreaded coming home the last week to a disaster what I call my house 🏡
My house is SPOTLESS 😍 thanks babe @coreg0n
Dinner is done and we are relaxing watching Power Rangers before its bed and bath 🛀🏽 time for the boys!! #cleanhousesmell #dinnerdone #spendingtimetogether #icanrelaxnow #rangerranger #powerrangerobsessed #momofboys

This kid... 😂😂😂 He saw me using the sour cream for my burrito, then decided that he was going to use it for his chips. 🙃 There was some beautiful guacamole right next to him, which he wouldn't try, but he was shoveling that sour cream in like salsa. I love him but he's a real weirdo. #pnw #pdx #momlife #momofboys #mexican #salsa #guacamole #sourcream #mazatlan #lovehim #weirdo #toddlerlife

It was a loooooong 10 weeks but now we are at the start of a new adventure & our family grew by one furry guy..Meet Ford, Andrew's partner and the cutest K9 protecting the streets! #leowifelife #momofboys #eventhedogsareboys

Okay....I tried @halotopcreamery for the first time tonight. All I can say is wow!!!! This is one of the best ice creams I have ever had. So creamy and delicious. My husband is the pickiest eater on the planet and an ice cream fanatic. So I was worried what he wouldn't like it.....He ate his entire Halo Top mint chocolate chip and wanted seconds 😜 He was so impressed. Well we both were. I can't wait to try more flavors!!! ❤🍦🎂👅#yum #halotop #icecream #birthdaycake

The simplest snacks can be delicious and energizing at the same time! My McDonalds obsession: large iced coffee......no cream no sugar. Simply coffee and ice then I shake a scoop of my favorite chocolate protein powder in it! #caffeineandprotein #shakennotstirred #coffee #icedcoffee #blackcoffee #nutrition #basefit #coach #wcw #healthy #healthylifestyle #health #healthyeating #eatclean #momswholift #fitfamily #fitmom #fitnessmotivation #wednesday #momofboys #workout #mcdonalds #caffeine #caffeineandoctane #fuel #energy #motivation @basefitnutrition @arrowcrossfit

@joyfulmesses thank you for taking beautiful photos of everyone today for the Little Village launch ! Can't wait to see them on the site !

Someone got in the car after school today and said "I lost my tooth!" And I turned around in shock. He may have cried after pulling his own tooth out but LOOK AT THAT FACE 😍😍😂😂😂 How am I so blessed by this sweet, handsome goofy kid?!

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