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We've evolved from diaper bags, climbing out of the cart, and tantrums...to....mobbing the bathroom (without ME🙌🏼), throwing random snacks into the cart while I'm not looking, arguing over who gets to push it, and having big enough man-child muscles to help me carry all this shhit in.. #progressnotperfection #momlife #momofboys

#dickbauchdienstag (womöglich der Letzte?)🙆🏻 Und ich bin so froh, dass wir es am Sonntag geschafft haben ein paar Bauchfotos zu machen... eine bleibende Erinnerung an diese schöne Zeit😌

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Wyatt is 3️⃣ months old today! He is chill, chubby, and puts up with the boys constantly kissing him. (Outfits by @cottononkidsusa) #ministylehacker #baby #brothers #3months

Ok but... seriously, how do people stop having babies?

I mean, most of the time they drive me friggin nutty & some days the only solace I can find is that we're getting closer, every day, to more independence for all of us...
. .
But then I see pictures like this & i get all throat lumpy & melancholy, romanticising the craziness of the newborn days. My uterus starts aching so bad I feel like it's gonna pop out & go on a mission of its own.

Phases of life moving SO damn fast. I sure miss this giant, achy, swollen, rib-kicky belly! 😍

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Don't curse the rain ☔️
go play in the mud! 🙀

I don't know about you
But I don't have enough PLAY in my life. 🤸‍♂️ Somewhere between
raising children 👩‍👦‍👦
Working 👩🏻‍💼
Volunteering as a band mom🎺
And keeping up the house 🏚
I'd lost the play in me. 🤷🏻‍♀️
I didn't even realize it.
Suddenly, I have more energy 🏃🏻‍♀️
I'm happier 🤣even though I didn't know I wasn't before.
In the last month I feel young again👶
And food!
I'm not craving sweets anymore🍭
I'm eating food that feeds my body🍳🍆🥒🥑
I've dropped 11 pounds of fat in a month and I am NEVER hungry.
I want to shout from the rooftops🏢
How awesome I'm feeling.
Who knew what a difference a month could make! 📆
I started feeling these changes the very first day.
So let's go play in the mud when it rains.
Let's have MORE FUN in our lives! 🎡

PS - click the link if you want to find out what's making a difference for me. @mompreneursecretz

This little guy is getting big so fast 😩 mama can't handle it 😭

M I N E 🖤

Bear Hugs 🐻👶🏻🐻

• homeward bound •
Heute war es endlich soweit, und wir durften das Krankenhaus verlassen. Mein Großer hat sich sooo gefreut seine Mama wieder Zuhause zu haben. Der Kleine verhält sich wirklich angenehm und sonst gehts uns auch gut. Mama muss die Zeit noch etwas nutzen um wieder voll zu Kräften zu kommen. Wir sind auf jeden Fall froh, denn, zuhause ist es doch am schönsten. ❤️
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I have noticed that many mothers are willing to go the extra mile to receive child support. They will go to every court appearance, ask for more money, and want arrears. Then when the father wants to be a father and spend time with the child the mother will make every excuse of why the father cannot see the child(ren) or won't answer his calls. You cannot call a father a deadbeat who's trying to make an effort to be a father. Most of the times your pushing him away with your drama because your feelings are involved, but you must do what's best for the child(ren) involved! Children don't remember all the money spent on them they remember the time that you made for them. What do you think moms?

Sunshine mixed with a little hurricane ☀️🌪 use code GREYKING15 At @fivewildhearts

Sandalwood has a calming scent that can calm a busy mind. 🏝These bracelets are unisex and can be infused with essential oils. ✨link in bio @gemmindesigns

My absolute favourite meal from @purejbk 👅the pitaya smoothie bowl. 🍉🥝🍌
#healthyeating #healthyliving #smoothiebowl

Abs trying to make their way around that 3rd baby pooch that I've heard so much about but refused to believe of course until I had baby 3 and he came into the world a 10lb butterball turkey. Slow but sure building the core from the inside out. Because if you don't work the muscles that lay underneath (transverse abdominals and internal obliques) first you'll end up with back issue and just a layer of muscle over the fat. Hence the pooch. The abdominal section is divided into two when one becomes pregnant, it's very important to build slowly after for optimal growth and strength. I jumped right in after my third not knowing this, as I was coached, and hurt my back and was out of the gym for a few weeks. Seeking chiropractor care and multiple X-rays. Only to discover my back issue was due to a weak core. (Ps deadlifts should not be done if your core can't bear the weight) Until I studied and researched then I found my answer (and hired a trainer and new coach) Slow but sure...my abs and I shall be reunited 😜🙌🏼😉💪🏼 #fitness #fitnessmotivation #fitmom #fitlife #slowandsteady #momofboys #momof3boys #absafterkids #workinprogress #slowprogressisstillprogress #mybodyismycanvas #mybodymytemple

Lil man: Draw my favorite game character while I swim!
Me: What do you think?
Lil man: 😐It's ok

#LoveHisHonesty😂 #BrokeItToMeGently #ImNotSureWhatToThink #MomOfBoys #HomeschoolMomma #PenSketch #PenArt #DeeAndHerArt

So all those moms out there, remember that first time your babies really got into a movie, and you could sit down and drink your coffee, still hot?!? Yep, finally happened, mom winning😍😍#happymom #moana #snacktime #momofboys #hotcoffee #momlife #smallthings

Cedarwood has always been one of my favorite oils. When I was a little girl, I would often open my mom's cedar chest just to smell the sweet, warm scent inside. It was always a comforting aroma, and still is. I don’t have a cedar chest in my home, but love to apply a few drops of cedarwood essential oil to wood blocks or cotton balls, and hang in my closet or add to drawers. It keeps moths & silverfish away, and our clothes always have a light, fresh scent.
It is also effective for outside insects, and can be added to DIY insect repellents. I comb a few drops through my hair if I am gardening, especially under bushes where it is easy for bugs to be near my head. An added benefit is it’s ability to promote hair growth, and helps ease a dry scalp.
Cedarwood is a calming oil, and will aid in easing tension, stress, or anxiety. I love diffusing it with Citrus Bliss, or Bergamot and Balance. In our nighttime diffusers, it gets added to Juniper Berry, or Serenity.
It is also highly anti-inflammatory, so reach for it when you are experiencing muscle discomfort or inflammation from a strain or overuse.
Cedarwood's astringent properties make it one of the best oils to add to DIY facial toners, or add a drop with witch hazel to a cotton ball to help remove stubborn dirt & oil after washing.
Emotionally, Cedarwood will help instill confidence in ourselves and our abilities, but at the same time, helps us to see the benefit in connecting to others. It is useful for those who don’t feel they have a support system, or who are lacking in social bonds.
What are some of your favorite ways to use Cedarwood? Message me if you’ve never tried it, I have samples going out this weekend and can send you one!
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