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Coming this August: Naptime with Confetti and Crumbs.
Each week we will feature a different momma on the blog and Instagram who inspires us to celebrate life's every day moments (big or small) with our tribe.
Moms, want to get to know you better so if you are interested in participating and sharing your story please message us. #confettiandcrumbsblog

How you sleep knowing that mommy's milk is very near.
Night night loves 💕💕

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I did it! I've been talking about chopping my hair for months! Almost 7inches off! I was so nervous but I LOVE my new cut! Thanks @wright.ways @theboxxbeautybar 💜💁🏽
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"I haven't gone on a date in eight months." "You take your baby everywhere? Yeah, I don't do that." "I can't have nice things anymore."

In the last year I've heard each of these statements emerge from the mouth of another young mom, most with only one child. And it breaks my heart. It breaks my heart because they are missing out on so. much. joy.

Our culture says motherhood is a season where the world stops and centers on your child. But not only is that damaging to your child, it is damaging to your marriage, to your friendships, and to YOU.

When women say these phrases it shows they're believing a lie: the lie that good moms live for their kids. That good moms have to drop everything each time their child has an impulse or demand. That husbands come second, friends come third, and self comes last, if anywhere. The end result is the social media motherhood our single girls are so afraid of - where the resentment and unhappiness seeps out of the heart and onto the keyboard and across the screens of people who could care less what these moms are going through. And so the cycle continues.

But spilling an aching soul onto Facebook is not the solution. To love motherhood, we have to reframe how we view it - and that starts by understanding that our children are NOT the center of our universe. Jesus Christ is. When you stop living for your children and start living Jesus in front of them, you're free to schedule a date night with no guilt - because your marriage is teaching them love. You're free to do the good work of bringing them with you out to coffee or shopping or on "baby dates", as I call them, because "hard" is not "bad". And you're free to make your home beautiful, to host parties, to entertain and beautify and create because God Himself is a Creator.

I beautify my house, my self, my marriage not because of societal pressure to look a certain way, but because it is my absolute JOY - and I want my daughter to see that life didn't stop for her, she joined a life already being lived. And through it, she'll know how to go out and build a life of her own. Joy upon joy. Grace upon grace. I love this motherhood. You can too.

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¡Buenas noches chicas! ¡YA ESTAMOS EN CASA! Se terminaron nuestras vacaciones de verano ... ☹️ ahora nos quedara alguna que otra escapada ✌🏻. Hemos estado genial, acertando de pleno en nuestros destinos ya que hemos encontrado lo que buscábamos. Pudimos disfrutar a tope en familia y en pareja cuando nuestros príncipes nos lo permitieron. Los pequeños se portaron genial, Aday cada día más mayor y con un comportamiento como tal, todo el día detrás de papá con su balón y en la playa y el pequeño Enzo aunque lo está pasando mal con el tema de los dientes también de maravilla. Por cierto, nuestra última semana en el @campingmiramar de 10, si queréis disfrutar de la tranquilidad y la playa, ¡no dudéis! Ahora nos queda deshacer las maletas 🙊. Voy a intentar ir contestando todos los mensajes, aunque la verdad que es muy complicado, pero ... ¡lo intentare! 👌🏻¡os mandamos un beso enorme! 😘
👗Vestido precioso de @lovely__daniela
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Вы верите в карму и энергетику?
Я вот, в свете того, что в последнее время в комментариях и Директе один негатив, призадумалась. Вы же знаете как это работает? Человек и себя травит деструктивными мыслями и портит жизнь человеку, в адрес которого эти мысли направлены. В итоге страдают оба. Такое себе удовольствие😐
Вроде отправляю в бан неугодных, но 💩 меньше не становится.
Откуда в людях столько зла, желчи и времени, чтобы разводить курятники?👿
Почему мне не приходит в голову заходить и гадить в чужом профиле?🤷🏼‍♀️
Будьте добрее, Друзья. Что посылаете, то вам бумерангом и вернётся. Это правило всегда работает, проверено👌🏻
Ну а я постараюсь поскорее выработать иммунитет к 💩 и научиться не принимать к себе близко от вас, злюк, негатив.
Всем хорошего дня!

Someone decided to join Joe and I while we were cleaning out our closet. Decluttering is always good for the soul and the home. 😅 in collaboration with @menswearhouse, we were able to donate some lightly used professional attire that was sitting in our closet, to our local store here in Phoenix. Joe and I were both so surprised to find old clothes that we haven't touched in years. Most that no longer fit us, and we even came across his suit that he wore at our wedding 😭 (cue the tears) It feels good knowing that a small gesture, like cleaning out our closet, can help someone in need. What have you done for someone lately? Join us for the month of July and donate for National Suit Drive. 🌻✨🌿 #GiveASuit #sponsored .
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When u tell the kids mommy has a "meeting" AKA lunch date w this girl 💁🏻#momlife #adulting #ishoweredtoday #mom #blog #monblogger #dc #noma #unionmarket #tvnewslife #sweatyaf #toddlerproblems #parenting #mommytime #lovethisgirl

Changing lives deserves a #fistbump! 👊👊👊
I have a super satisfying job of helping others achieve their health and #fitnessgoals. I get to be home everyday with my kids. I am available to pick up and travel with my wanderlust husband. I am in the best shape of my life and improving everyday. Our family is following a path laid out by God, and we praise him everyday!👊👉👉👉Check out my blog for more of what I have been up to and how you can change your life at www.heartbodtrufit.com or 📲👉👉just click the link in my bio. #changes •••
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What a beautiful evening for a stroll with my munchkins. #mommytime #beautifulday

Today for the first time, in forever, I had the house to myself. My first thought was to tackle the never ending list of chores and catch up on our household to-do list. This is what I ended up doing! #longoverdo #metimemoment #sopeaceful #mommytime


My little snuggle bug 😍 every moment with you is the best moment ever 🙏🏼 he wanted to sit with me while I worked with my clients 😍 baby gets what baby wants ❤️

#MommyTime 😚🏊


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