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Happy spring, y’all!! 🤷‍♀️ #gohomewinteryouredrunk

Did you know children who feel loved, competent turn become happy productive citizens ? To help build your child’s self esteem and self image let’s consider a few things. 1. Allowing them to have choice develops a sense of empowerment. 2. Assigning chores increases children’s feeling of competency. 3. Letting them know no one is perfect, allow them to make mistakes and be sure you’re reaction is within reason of the mistake or disappointment. #confidentkids #mindfulnessforkids #selfesteemboost

No weights necessary. But somehow this workout kicked my butt more than expected. Perhaps it's the sick kiddo waking me up too early. Perhaps it was a long day at work. Either way I'm really glad I press play.#fitmom #teamhealthychoices #timednutrition #fitfam #southerngirl #swimmom #fitat50 #lifestyle #runnergirl  #mommystruggles #80dayobsession #happymomma #marathontraining #eatclean #fitchick #instamotivate #healthyfamily #trainhard #healthyfood #fitmotivation  #crosstraining #looseinches #getfit #fall #runnergirl #fitchick #eatclean  #momlife #militaryfam #armywife #footballseason

How much is it to return a baby? Asking for a friend
#returntosender #babiesofinstagram #romeo #sugar #mommystruggles

Apparently today is #nationalproposalday so I thought I would share the story of mine.
It is by no means romantic, it is just a real life story of how two people came together to start the rest of their lives together.
I have never told the story because. . .well, it ISN'T picture perfect, but, I'm trying to get over that and just share my life AS IS. So, here it goes. . .
We went to the jewelry store on a weekend afternoon in September of 2007, we had talked about marriage but I had no idea what his timeline was for asking me but as soon as we entered the store, I knew we were ring shopping.
The boyfriend asked me to pick something out that I liked and I immediately fell in love with a ring. I was then told to leave the jewelry store because I assumed price was going to be discussed.
I was SOOOO excited and when I met up with the boyfriend a little while later, I was just bursting at the seams but also trying to remain cool.
We got to his house and I seriously wanted answers about the ring. . .like, did he have it already or what? He wouldn't say and it was driving me NUTS! He then handed me a box and I almost died. . .but then I opened it. .
Ummmmm, a string of pearls? No thanks. I literally threw the pearls at him. .
Yeah, I did that. (My not so proud moment of the century).
I wanted the damn ring and I was going to pout until I got it. He said the necklace was to "hold me over" until he could get the ring but I was like "why did you waste money on a necklace?!". Ugh, I was a brat.
I preceded to pout for the next 30 minutes or so until he told me to go "check something on the computer". On the computer keyboard was the ring box with the ring in it! But instead of jumping up and down, I just sat there and surfed the internet for a while and then I finally walked out into the living room and sheepishly asked "is this for me?". .
Well, the rest is history and we will be celebrating 10 years married this fall.
But seriously, I acted like a complete baby for no reason. Real life though. Not all proposals are beautiful and perfect and even those that are aren't YOUR story. So, stop the comparison, live YOUR story, and be proud of it, flaws and

Emilia went through a sleep regression these past few weeks. She didn’t sleep during her nap, she just stayed awake in her crib. She would wake up during the night. I’m so glad it’s over! Today is day three that she has taken her normal nap of 1.5 hours. So this tells me the regression should be over! She’s been sleeping through the night again, 8-8 am. 🙌 Before I became a mom, I had no idea sleep regressions existed! 🤦🏽‍♀️ They’re not cool and it seems like they last forever! The Wonder Weeks app has helped with leaps and the changes she’s going through during her growth. 👧🏻 #emiliarose #momlife #mommystruggles #sleepingbeauty #theresanappforthat #wonderweeks #carters #brandrep #sweetness #mommiesneedabreaktoo #momswithcameras #newmom #firsttimemom #momblog #instablog #love #toddlerstyle

These two. One always standing perfectly and the other...doing her own thing.🤣
I have been thinking a little more about comparison (go back a few posts) and wrote a blog post.
Go and check it out!

The struggle of doing makeup videos with Andrew😂😍 #mommystruggles #mua #realtechniques

Guided meditation is a great tool to add to your self care routine. What do you do? #selfcare #selfcareroutine #momcare #mommyhood #mommystruggles #clearmind #freemind #mentalhealth #mothermentalhealth #bebrave #practice #yougotthis

A smile 😊 is contagious spread the joy!!! It’s #internationaldayofhappiness . Joy is a habit of the heart. Joy is a choice . Take time to nurture your children’s happiness and wellbeing.

S p l i s h S p l a s h🌿
Carlo, Du kleine Wasserratte. Wer hätte das gedacht. In Deiner kleinen #Babywanne fandest Du das Baden immer mehr nur noch geht so. Warst mehr damit beschäftigt, die Wände abzutasten und Dich trotz unserer Stütze aufrecht zu halten, als dass Du das Wasservergnügen mal genießen konntest.
Nun haben wir mal gemeinsam die große Wanne ausprobiert (danke noch mal für den Tipp @my_life_with_milla
Und siehe da: Nach anfänglicher Skepsis fandest Du es plötzlich wunderbar 😄 Gut, mit #Mama im Rücken sicherlich auch ein sichereres Gefühl 💕
Nachdem wir alle Stellen Deines Astralkörpers gereinigt hatten, haben wir Dich sogar noch ein wenig im flachen Wasser allein in der Wanne liegen lassen. Ein kleiner Waschlappen als Stütze in den Nacken - und los ging das wilde Gestrampel. Du hattest recht schnell raus, wie lustig es ist, mit den Beinen und Füßen ins Wasser zu platschen. Herrlich. Wir haben sehr gelacht 😆 Du kleiner Strahlemann💙
Wie ist es bei Euch? Seid Ihr schon mit Euren Mäusen in die große Wanne umgezogen? Oder geht Ihr sogar gemeinsam mit Eurem Baby duschen? Erzählt doch mal 😊
P.s.: Selbstverständlich ist dieses Bild auch ein #dickbauchdienstag Bild - ist ja wohl selbsterklärend 🤣
#badezeit #babywaschanlage #carloliebtdaswasser #happybaby
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Can I please just take a minute to cry over how big my Jett Riley has gotten?? 😭😭😭 He's loving his new big boy bed tonight! ❤️😴 I just feel like he should still be in that baby bed, though!! #mommystruggles #lastbaby 👶🏼

Brussel sprouts in duck fat➕a small grass fed beef patty➕green peppers.
If you aren’t sure where to start with a healthy meal...look to greens FIRST.🥒🥦🥑🥗

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