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Yellow polka dot goodness with our fall Ella bows (mustard & pumpkin). I love when two are worn together like that.

I have wanted a son and a daughter for as long as I can remember. I wanted to be able to experience raising each gender, to have a mother-son relationship as well as a mother-daughter relationship. Brooks has been an answered prayer and continues to amaze us. He's so smart, so caring, and so inquisitive. He has a strong personality and knows exactly what he wants, but at the same time, has the sweetest nature about him. Today I'm 22 weeks pregnant with my Esther Jean, the daughter I prayed for. Up until about 2 weeks ago, this pregnancy was completely opposite of the ideal pregnancy I had with Brooks. This has been a stressful and busy season in our lives, we've moved a couple times, had a lot of big life changes, and I wasn't feeling my best. About the time we found out the gender of this baby, things were at the beginning of returning to our new normal. We kept the gender a secret from everyone just because I needed time to focus on my little family and getting us back on track as well as time to focus on this pregnancy. Now that things have settled down quite a bit, I've finally had time to get my mind back in the space it needs to be in to have a healthy pregnancy and I'm FINALLY enjoying this one. There's something so special about putting a name to the little baby you feel moving around inside of you, working on her room, sewing her a blanket, buying that first bow for her hair, praying specifically for the labor that will bring her into the world and praying for the baby, girl, and eventually, woman she will become. This is where I needed to be. I needed to find this sense of peace and rest in Him, and while we've been on a crazy journey, I feel like God has now given it to me. All of this being said, I won't be posting a whole lot about this pregnancy or even discussing it very much just because I need to remain in this place. The words and opinions of others tend to greatly influence my thoughts and feelings, and I only want positivity and peace from here on out. I enjoyed every minute of being pregnant with Brooks, and unfortunately, I honestly can't say the same this time around. (The rest is in the comments 👇)

We had a nice little getaway to San Diego this weekend! I’ve lived in California for over a year, and it was my first time visiting SD. I think everyone’s favorite part was this big fluffy hotel bed. I wish we could have brought it home with us. We had a tough ride home because this little angel hates being in her car seat. If anyone has any tips for traveling with a baby or cheering them up in their car seat, I would truly appreciate hearing them ❤️

Mi regalo de VIDA 💗 #Lucía
#mommyslittlegirl #birthdaymom 🎂

We had the best time ever celebrating my baby girls 11th bday in Vegas .. I hope your days are as beautiful as your heart 💖 #mommyslittlegirl

A little slidin! While we wait for mom to get home from work! #23months #active #strong #healthy #daddyslittlegirl #mommyslittlegirl @roxy_arana

Take care of home first before impressing the streets 👭

#family #dinner #momanddaughter #mommyslittlegirl #mommyandme

My princess 👑


A little slidin! While we wait for mom to get home from work! #23months #active #strong #healthy #daddyslittlegirl #mommyslittlegirl @roxy_arana

Momma gots me a new blankie with elephants 🐘🐘so I is gonna stay here cuddled on her lap until dinner 🍗🍗🍗💜💜. #iloveelephants #sleepyhead #mommyslittlegirl #THEWORLDOFBULLIES #englishbulldogsofinstagram #bulldogsofinstagram

I've been quiet on social media and my blog, mainly because this little munchkin turned 3 today! She is the one that made me a mommy, and the driving force behind me creating my own business. I want to show her that if you put your mind to it, you can be anything you want to be. Happy birthday to my one and only, my first born, the one who makes me happy beyond measure! Mom loves you so much baby girl! #momlife #mommyslittlegirl #mompreneur #momswhohustle #soinlove #cutie #wildchild

Little bugger is getting brave ! I'm not ready for this yet.. stop growing ! ❤
#mommyslittlegirl #stopgrowing #brave #learningtostand #8monthsold #lookathergo #loveher

Small business, big in customer service, product came very quickly, and item is better then expected.
#kid #baby

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