Dieting With Diabetes May Be Challenging But You Must Advocate For Your Health
Diabetic diet? No! I am not talking about a diet with no sweet or luxury items; I am talking about a good, healthy type 2 diabetes diet with plenty of nutrients, pro .. #mommyfit #beyondthescale #goals #igweightloss #healthylifestyle #cut #yummy #fruits #dietmenu #healthychoices #healthymom #weightlossthis #foodblogger #loosingweight #getinshape #bodygoals #freechildcare #boogiebounce

Selvom det er helligdag, så skal træningen passes💪🏼
Brugte formiddagen sammen med Kenneth og Nohr, og heppede lystigt på alle de seje løbere, da de passerede Jægergårdsgade🏃🏽‍♂️🏃🏼‍♀️
Efterfølgende hoppede vi på legepladsen, og så var det tid til en led omgang #bentræning🤘🏻Nu skal der bare hygges, inden arbejdsugen starter igen i morgen💕
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We are truly creatures of habit. What we do daily helps form these habits. I used to not be a breakfast person. Why? Because I just didn’t eat breakfast, I “was hungry.”
The truth was that I had trained my body to not eat in the morning, by not feeding it breakfast! When I decided that I wanted to see my healthiness for me and my family, the number one thing I consistently found was to eat breakfast! It gives you energy, helps you eat well throughout the rest of the day, jumpstarts your metabolism, aids in weight loss, the list goes on!
So how did I become a breakfast person? Simply started to eat breakfast every single day! It really as simple as that! Start small, no need for a huge gourmet breakfast, but start! Work to create this healthy habit and I promise, it will be one that sticks!

¿Buscando el regalo perfecto para mamá? 🎁
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INSCRIPCIÓN TOTALMENTE GRATIS del 14 al 31 de mayo. ¡Ven y aprovecha esta oferta! Porque mamá se lo merece 💪🏽
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We get so laser focused on what we, or society, THINKS our lives should look like, that we can completely miss an opportunity that could give us so much MORE!

Over the next few days, I get to share with some ladies about what I do as an online health coach and why I love it so much. I can’t help but think, though, what all I would have missed out on or how little I would have gained if I hadn’t just said YES almost 3 years ago.

When I made that leap of faith, I didn’t like the person I saw in the mirror. I was complacent, depressed, anxious, self destructive, and felt like a failure. What’s worse is that my daughter would soon start noticing those feelings, those emotions, and I wanted to be a symbol of STRENGTH, not weakness, for her.

Coaching has blessed me in ways I never quite expected, but most of all, it has SAVED me from a very dark place, and I have felt God’s hand at work ever since.

Why do you keep selling yourself short, failing to have big dreams for your life - dreams that maybe aren’t “conventional” in our world today, but can leave you feeling so much joy and ENERGY instead? •
Don’t limit yourself to one, pre-determined path in life, when you have the ability to go in whatever direction you choose. If you think coaching could be something that lights a fire in your soul, then click the [link in my bio] and learn with us over the next few days as we share more about what a BLESSING this opportunity has been in our lives!

Happy Monday 🌞 Rise and Shine everyone today is the beginning of a new week! A new opportunity to start fresh once again! 💕 let’s start with having a Great breakfast! #orangcreamShake # #Getfit #momgetsfit #looseweight #fatloss #healthyliving #healthylife #transformation #makeachange #justdoit #youcandoit #fitness #whatthehealth #excersize #motivation #weightloss
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Boommmm diaaaa com muito amor e com Ayron pensando "me agarra menos por favor mamãe, valeu!" 😂😍💙 #mamaedemenino #mommyfit #gratidāo #SóCoisasBoas #maedeumgrudinho #mamaedeprimeiraviagem #bomdia #morning #love

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