Yesterday was the perfect day for the beach 🙌🏼

Mommy’s first time on Bourbon Street
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// swipe to listen to this talking little Babe ✨
it’s safe to say that Miss Kynleigh has officially found her voice & has been nonstop ‘talking’ for two days now. I absolutely Love it! my baby is growing up 😢💗 such a bittersweet moment
🌿when did your LO start ‘talking’?

since I had to work yesterday, we were going to go to the pool today. but the weather just decided to be crappy on the day we wanted to go have some fun ☹️ on the bright side, Dada started a new job on Monday at a Honda plant! we are so proud of him. this job is such a great opportunity for him + our family

yesterday was a fun filled day! we took Kynleigh to visit her Oma + Pappy who she hasn’t seen since she was a month old. she also got to see one of her baby cousins.
then we ended the visit with her and I on the tire swing. she absolutely loved it! 💛

we’re a Navy lovin’ family ⚓️💙 I’m so proud of Har + I for overcoming the distance that the military brought us. it was a hard thing to go through, but it taught us a very valuable lesson - to never take the time you have with your loved one(s) for granted. to cherish every single moment you get to spend with them. although we don’t have to deal with that anymore, we will continue to live by the precious moments we share, & teach our Navy Princess to do the same.

well today is already pretty eventful...Kynleigh has managed to poop and spit up on me before 11am 🙄thanks Baby Girl, you’re lucky you’re cute! 💗although she’s giving that look of “haha mama, this is only just the beginning 😏”

angels are often disguised as daughters 👼🏻💗

I am so ready for the weekend [even though I work all weekend & it’s only Thursday] we’re going to hit BabiesRUs to snag some great deals on toys and other baby things for this little munchkin!
🌿 what are your plans for this weekend?
p.s. my daughter loves to eat flowers 😂
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it’s my very first Mother’s Day & I am beyond blessed to have this sweet little girl in my life. she has been the absolute light of my life and the best thing that has ever happened to me. she has helped me grow and become the best person I can be. ♥️
I’ve always wanted to be a Mommy and that’s exactly what you made me. thank you for choosing me to be your Mother. thank you for being the most amazing gift anyone could ever ask for. I’ll love you always, Kynleigh Amara ✨🌷
|| happy Mother’s Day to all of the beautiful Mama’s out there!

it’s such a nice day out. loving this sunny weather with my Baby Girl 🌞

oh happy day 💐
this little girl Loves to go on walks. she’s so curious about her surroundings. I love watching her look around & learn about the world around her.

we are on day 3 of not using the nipple shield! such an accomplishment & I am so very proud of my little girl doing so well without it. we faced a few struggles at the beginning of our breastfeeding journey, some that have made me want to quit. we found out early on that she had a tongue + lip tie, which made it difficult for her to latch. we eventually got the tongue tie fixed to make nursing easier. we’ve been using a nipple shield since we started nursing, three whole months ago. having to always make sure that I had one on hand, especially when we went out to places was so frustrating. on days when I would forget to pack one during our outings, we’d have to cancel the rest of the plans for the day to rush home so she would be able to nurse. many failed attempts of weaning her from the shield that just caused her to freak out and scream. I’m just so glad that now we don’t have to worry about that dumb piece of silicon anymore.
farewell, nipple shield 👋🏻 thank you for helping us continue our breastfeeding journey. you won’t be missed, but you will never be forgotten! ✨
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When I ask her for a kiss and she does this 😭 my heart nearly implodes and I smile from ear to ear 😄

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